Verge (XVG/BTC): A V-Neck is Still In Fashion with Cryptos!

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The extended 5th wave of prior impulse drove the current correction to deep retracement levels. However, the resulting breakout has also been impressive for Verge (XVG/BTC). The symmetrical triangle broke out after completing the wxyxz complex correction.

The V-Neck reversal is quite unusual for Altcoins but let this be an example of how some Cryptos might change their direction from down to up. The rise has thus far been in five waves and so a minor correction is expected. The MACD shows how as it got closer to the apex, it resolved to an upside breakout and that has made all the difference.

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i see XVG @ .50 cents by end of June

Verry nice post big thumbs up and a resteem from my side for hard work and dedication.

Haejin, as an alternate, do you think it could be completing 4 of (5), rather than already being done (5)? Like this:


much agreed on this one. This is my primary count including both fundamentals and EW.

After 17th April Verge will drop to zero.

except if the partnership really is amazing. Which it may very well be....

Verge to Zero? I see sarcasm in your post. But almost guaranteed, many will sell off, take profit, then try to buy back in on the cheap. Corrections in this nature always seem to happen with proposed good news. BUT, if for example, the partnership is as high profile as Verge claims, such as Amazon or eBay high profile, Verge will go nowhere but UP.

Thank you. A sharp turn indeed! I now project the minor correction to finish around 1050.
Or would the level of prior wave 4 also be considered?

I'm trying to figure out the same. I have ladders at 1050 and 850 after selling off most around 1300

I sincerely hope for the appreciation from you and we want also our reputation goes up so please please help me

Learned, very deep, but feel very reasonable, forward, just came to steemit community, if you can please pay attention to me @ Chinese

I think XVG will be worth a whole lot more in the future, so don't sell all your portfolio off!
Im just selling a small portion to get my original investment back , keeping a tonne! :)
Watching closely however, fundamentals are getting better as well.

Token pay said this...

Derek Capo
18h18 hours ago
There is a lot of speculation that @tokenpay is the mystery partner for @vergecurrency the answer is no. However, we do have a lot of plans to integrate $XVG into a lot of services we plan to offer soon. The crypto community needs more partnerships to increase adoption of crypto.

Even better, Tokenpay will be using Verge and there is still the partnership to come as well on top of that..

Nice analysis

düzelsin art zararımızı çıkartalım :)

I like it

Nice analysis of a BTC pair...Really got long term goals for Verge...3000 Satoshis!!!!

It's gone up because Sunerok is going to announce a major partnership on April 17th. They are saying that this partnership is a household name and that it will bring Verge up into the top 3 coins...

excellent analysis

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I feel bad for all of the people who shorted these cryptocurrencies. It's been a bad day for them, with huge losses across the blockchain network. I'm glad I wasn't one of them. I lost enough when they went down from the December highs.

Its is quite appreciated that there people who use their brain to creat a post that we can put thoughts and see the feature from another understanding. Great job you deserve to be followed.

Very Good posting. I like it. Even It is a saying of newbie, I believe you dolphin and whale gonna guide us for better way to gain success.


Haejin Lee is a well-known con man and Steemit abuser, stay clear of him and his technical analysis, please flag him and report him on any other social media platform he is on.

Hi Haejin, could you please do an update on this? I am not so sure if the recent impulsive subwave is introducing the three from the recent outbreak, which started mid March or if the second wave goes lower.

I have my counts, but would want to see, how you would approach that.
Thank you!