Utopian.io Weekly - [September 8 2018] - Full Steem Ahead!

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With the return of our delegations, the meetup right around the corner and great new collaborations, this was a big week for us in Utopian. Let's get into all the updates!

In this post:

  • Delegation returned!
  • 20% extra vote for VIPO club members
  • Fundition campaign (SteemSTEM/Utopian meetup)
  • Sndbox's SMTs Question
  • Terrific Task Requests
  • Build Utopian.io v2 with us!
  • Another Awesome Episode Of our Radio show

Delegation returned!

With our delegation returned, and our voting power back to full, we've reset the voting percentage, and returned everything back to where it was. It's been a trying time, but we feel that we got through it stronger than ever.

20% extra vote for VIPO club members

We love our Very Important Project Owners, and we want to show them some extra love. Therefore, posts by VIPO club members will now be getting an extra 20% added to their votes.

Utopian Meetup Update

We are so excited that our meetup and hackathon is only two weeks away! We're preparing for it, and we want to help you prepare for it. So we're introducing you to some of out people who are going! And if you're still trying to decide whether or not to go, the comics in this post may sway you.

Sndbox's SMTs Question

Every Monday, our friends at @sndbox publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain. This week, they partnered up with us to ask folks what their SMT would look like, if they created one. Our Blog category moderators have been scoring these contributions, and some of them have been great.

We definitely recommend that you check out the replies to @sndbox's post to see the answers.

Terrific Task Requests

We love collaborations here at Utopian, and one of our most prestigious partners is the European Commission EFTG Project, for whom we posted another task request this week. The TR is about adapting existing web front-ends for the Steem Blockchain, such as the Steemit Condenser, or busy.org, in order to work with a private Steem blockchain.

We're also taking part in @timcliff's SteemBlast effort, with a TR of our own, looking for paid ads to promote Steem. We're offering a 100 Steem bounty for this one.

Build Utopian.io v2 with us!

As you probably know, our development team has been hard at work in creating the base for the next Utopian.io, with features and functionalities requested by the community.

If you are not a developer - you can still help! We are still accepting applications for the Utopian v2 closed beta, and will gradually onboard more applicants. Visit beta.utopian.io/ to read more and sign up.

Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show on MSP Waves

This week's show featured @followbtcnews, who told us all about Steemtipper and @the-dragon, who gave us all the cool news about @the1ramp and their cool dApp.

In addition, we also raffled off a Torchwood series of audiobooks and bundle of books about machine learning, and caught up with some interesting news from the Open Source world.

Be sure to tune in text week at 6PM UTC on Wednesday on MSP Waves!

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I'm glad you've regained your delegation thanks to @misterdelegation some of the great supporters of this community.

I have a question how do I join the VIPO club?

Another question I not a programmer but I would like to work with utopian-io. What can I do to work with you?

utopian-io v.2 is a great stride. Though am yet to start contributing with utopian-io, I know that #steem's future is great with @utopian-io on board. Thank you for your support and encouragements.

Thanks a lot for being such good witness, I updated my vote, I do that every 2-3 months and I'm still voting you as a witness and I included you in this post to introduce you to a very good steemian : One of the best steemians


Hello, thank you for your support. We appreciate that you vote for Utopian witness and thus support what Utopian.io is about and empowers.