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Utopian for European Commission (EC):

Utopian.io is running this task request on behalf of the EC Blockchain Competence Center (BLKCC).


GitHub Repository:


Project Background:

The EFTG Project background and scope are being described here:
European Financial Transparency Gateway (EFTG) EC Initiative

Estimated Task Complexity:


Task Specifications:

Successfully adapt existing web front-ends for the Steem Blockchain, such as the Steemit Condenser, or busy.org, in order to work with a private Steem blockchain that has a custom chain ID and assets different than SBD/STEEM.

a) Preliminary Work:

Some preliminary work has been carried out already. The Steemit condenser was selected for that purpose but we are open to use a different one if it meets the requirements.

The following are examples of modifications that were carried out in the package.json file in order to use a custom ChainID and prefix:


b) Challenges:

The above preliminary work have highlighted that further code changes are required to enable a web front-end (condenser) to successfully connect to a private Steem Blockchain.

c) Proposed Work Activities:

  • Come up with all the necessary code amendments required to enable a full successful adaptation of an existing front-end to be used with a private Steem blockchain.
  • Focus must be on the connectivity part (using secure web sockets). A user must be able to login using different keys (e.g.: posting/active) and post via the frontend.
  • Document in English all the changes carried out.


Three (3) weeks starting once the candidate selection is made.

How to Register Interest and Gather Further Information:

Please contact us on: https://discord.gg/pV5hgDA

Rewards Information:

Rewards generated by this task request will be sent as Liquid STEEM to the task solver once the task is completed, as decided by the Project owner.

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Wow, I guess this should be great news for the steem blockchain even though this project just uses it's technology


it proves the versatility of the steem blockchain and the quality of the engineering

That's a very nice opportunity, thanks @utopian-io for offering all those tasks!

This looks like a herculean task, but it'll be solved👍 Great decision for upgrades👏

Its a great opportunity for all of us, thank you @utopian-io for nice chance

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Fantastic news. Every high-level project that instantly boosts STEEM's visibility and respectability in the traditional non-crypto business space is a huge boon to the platform!

Utopian living up to its name, huh.

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