Why you may want to go to the SteemStem/Utopian meetup in Italy

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Why you may want to go to the SteemStem/Utopian meetup in Italy

Gosh I’m totally biased about this but in this post I will try explain why you would want to go to the SteemStem/Utopian meetup that will take place in Italy this month. These are two of the most supportive communities on our blockchain. If you have been around for a while you may have learned how important it is to connect to people here. You won’t get many chances to find members of SteemStem and the Utopian community all in the same place. Plus they will be in a wonderful place, Italy (again I may be biased here since I’m italian). The meetup will be held 20-22 September at the Virgo research laboratory in Pisa. It’s a place where they conduct research on gravitational waves, so not only you may see cool people but you may learn something interesting. For the occasion, I commissioned a comic about what I guess it’s going to happen sometime during the meetup:

Image created by @pab.ink

To be honest the idea of this comic came from an episode of the Utopian Open Source Radio Show where @jedigeiss, @techslut and @buckydurddle interviewed @lemouth. During the interview they mentioned the meetup and don’t ask me how but @techslut and @lemouth ended up challenging each other in a drinking contest. Also, if you are wondering why in the comic @lemouth is wearing an helmet in the comic here there is a clue:

Image created by @pab.ink

By the way, I love Bucky’s “office” in the first image.
I also wanted to thank @pab.ink for doing such a great job with the comics. Enjoy the meetup!


Grazie a voi che apprezzate il mio lavoro:-)
thank you all for appreciating my work

Great comics. I am heading to your blog next!

I would love to go to Italy for the Steemit Meet-up!
Where do I get tickets?
I am a newbie, hope it’s okay to ask on your article.

It's ok, you can contact suesa on the SteemSTEM Discord server and ask her if there are still free spots

Sign up ended July.

Hahahahahsh I love this. Really hilarious!

I wish I could go there too 😞
Anyway, those who make it to the meetup, I am sure you'll have a great time! (the rest of us will be waiting for your posts to make us even more jealous!)

@pab.ink is an amazing artist! This image rocks! 🤩

Those who cannot go should all join Bucky :)

The post is 8 days old, so I upvote this comment!

Unfortunantely, I am not sure the airline will let me check in the helmet :D

That's too bad, but you have a cool t-shirt! (and no labcoat this time)

Yep! Much closer to the reality :D

Pienamente d'accordo, spero veramente di andarmi a fare quest'esperienza!

Sara' sicuramente positiva ;)

Funny comics...thats a good development ,though

I saw your blog on @shortsegments blog, I am now following you.