Introducing members of the SteemSTEM / Meetup - part 3

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In a couple of weeks, we will all be in Florence to enjoy our well-planned gravitational visit. The meetup scientific agenda is now public, all flights and accommodation are booked and afterwork activities are almost setup as well. In addition, we will visit the gorgeous cities of Florence and Pisa in Tuscany, and enjoy in particular the Natural History Museum of Florence.

We will try to broadcast as much as possible from the meetup, and provide fresh information to all those who were not able to participate.

SteemSTEM Community Relations Manager - @suesa

She started out with fiction stories that had just enough science to get her noticed by SteemSTEM, of which she then quickly became a part of the management team. After the first steemSTEM meetup at CERN, @suesa was excited for setting up another one, and started planning the meetup at Virgo Labs with @bendelgreco.

The German woman loves to socialize with Steemians and can often be found on or lurking in random comment sections.

@suesa supervises the steemSTEM honor member crew, which are an integral part of the steemSTEM community, as they are mentoring members, fostering engagement, checking for plagiarism, and helping out with whatever problems new steemSTEM authors might face.

She's also really looking forward to the food in Italy. If you ask her in private, that might be one of the main reasons for having the meetup there.

SteemSTEM Co-Founder - @lemouth

Professor of physics at Sorbonne University in Paris, @lemouth is a theoretical particle physicist who is in addition one of the few theory members of the CMS collaboration of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

His research spans varied topics including precision computations in quantum chromodynamics, beyond the Standard Model phenomenology, LHC and future particle collider physics, dark matter and the development of high-energy physics computing tools. He is currently running state-of-the-art particle physics research on Steem, in partnership with and programmers from Steem.

Shortly after having joined Steem more than two years ago, @lemouth founded SteemSTEM with @justtryme90 in order to increase both the quality as well as the visibility of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) posts on Steem.

Today, the direction aimed by SteemSTEM is much broader. As will be officially announced tomorrow (hehe), we are marching towards SteemSTEM's grand goal of building a scientific communication medium running on Steem. We indeed believe Steem has a significant role to play, through SteemSTEM, for improving and ameliorating science communication worldwide!

Buildteam CTO - @reggaemuffin

Computer science student and entrepreneur @reggaemuffin joined Steem more than one year ago and immediately saw the potential of the platform. He developed multiple automation services and initiatives, most notably @minnowbooster, and quickly became a witness to support the blockchain.

Together with @thecryptodrive and @cryptomancer he founded @buildteam, a blockchain innovation company that is currently spearheading many projects with the goal to make Steem a better place.

He is supporting the SteemSTEM project in every way he can and believes that science communication is one of the things that will make Steem flourish and bring positive change to the world. As a witness he is always helping users understand the technical aspects of Steem.

Metting everyone in Florence will be the highlight of the trip. Meeting all the utopians like @techslut and @helo and finally putting faces to their online identities is something he is very much looking forward to. That and food!


Wow, suesa's image is so pretty. Though, the eyes are little bit scary :D

When she looks at you with these eyes, my advice: RUN :D

That doesn't sound like anything I heard from techslut.

She wants techslut too for her experiments ;)

Reminds me of Medusa's eyes, from the "Clash of the Titans" :D

Lol! Didn't see this one as well :D

Omg! These were the movies that made our childhood awesome.

Lol... I told you, I am not really a movie person.

She's just a German witch. All she needs is your soul

I will not give up my soul.

Souls are overrated

@atopy made it, she's wonderful!

I like that Suesa may just be going for the food. If I have the opportunity, I'd go for the wines :)

May? :P

And I don't drink, so pasta is all I got

Not even a little? I heard red wines are good for the heart. If not for anything, follow this good doctor's prescription :)

Do it for the heart :D


Not even when it's for steemstem? Haha. Do it for steemstem, I'm rooting for you :)

Nope. I find alcohol disgusting, so there's nothing you can say to convince me ^^

Have fun guys! We will be with you but won't really be with you. Hope someone understands.

We understand why you can't be with us. It is fine, as long as you will try to be with us the next time ^^

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

What's amazing bios. Great team, great people! Success with the meet up!


Rare icons and impeccable personalities. Wishing the very best from this end!


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@stemstem extraordinary, success always #steemstem community.

I really hope I can meet you guys at the next meetup. Feel like I'm really missing a great opportunity here. :(

Don't worry, there will be other opportunities!

You guys should have fun. But don't forget to bring back enough pictures for us to; at least; see what Virgo looks like :D

i am pretty sure you can count on the participants for a huge photo book! :D

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