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Let’s promote STEEM together!

How is it that a fast, eco-friendly and useful cryptocurrency like STEEM gets so little attention from investors and is listed below rank 30 on crypto-exchanges? The answer is obvious - lack of active marketing efforts. With the majority of us focused on our own blogs, initiatives and Steem-based communities, we rarely take the time to shill our favorite token to the rest of the world.

To remedy that, @timcliff has launched an initiative aimed at blasting all social media and relevant content outlets with facts about STEEM, and what makes it an awesome token on an innovative blockchain - SteemBlast. The campaign is set to launch TODAY, September 3rd, but is due to continue over the week as we work to amplify the message across the Internet through paid promotions.

Image by @midlet

Knowing that paid ads require a budget, Utopian.io has created this task request to invite all marketers and advertisers on the blockchain to take part in this important campaign to benefit us all by (hopefully) creating more demand for STEEM across the crypto-markets.

Campaign Strategy

With a great selection of materials, assets and posts to link, you can feel free to use any advertising platform you choose - Google Ads, Bing! Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other ad exchange or service.

Campaign Goal:
Although the goal of this campaign is creating awareness and reaching the maximal number of relevant users, performance should be measured with click-throughs as the people who click through to read more are an indication of accurate targeting and messaging.


  • English speakers in countries where cryptocurrency trading is legal
  • Ages: Legally allowed to trade cryptocurrency
  • Platforms: Desktop
  • Audience behaviors and properties: Active cryptocurrency traders, followers of related blogs, users of trading platforms that offer a market for STEEM, etc.


  • You can use a link shortening service like bit.ly for more accurate tracking of click-throughs
  • Be sure to review best practices for promoting cryptocurrencies on the paid ad platform of your choice

Message, Ad Copy & Assets

A collection of specially prepared materials for this campaign is linked below. In addition, new materials will be posted over the day of the blast on the campaign Discord channel so be sure to check there before running your campaign.

Some examples:

Make sure the image / video size and format suitable to the channel and platform of your choice. If you wish to use your own materials or copy, please share it first with the SteemBlast team on the SteemBlast Discord server.

Bounty & Deadline

The bounty for this task will be awarded to the top 3 contributors, as scored and selected by Utopian.io visibility category moderators and campaign sponsors. The payout from this post (minus 5% Utopian.io commission) will be distributed among the top campaigns published before September 10th 2018.

Note that in addition to the abovementioned Utopian.io task bounty, the total bounty sum may grow as additional sponsors and supporters add funds to it. Be sure to check the SteemBlast Discord and comments on this post for updates.

All contributions made to Utopian.io as part of this campaign will be reviewed and scored according to Utopian.io Submission Guidelines. The task will run from September 3rd 12:00 am to September 10th 12:00 am UTC.

Got Questions?

Ask us in the comments, get in touch with the SteemBlast team on the SteemBlast Discord, or join the conversation on the Utopian.io Discord #influencers channel.

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Dear 'anybody thinking of participating',

Please do not position Steem as a 'get rich quick' platform (as others have tried to do). This is not the message we should be spreading, because, well, it's not going to.

Yes, talk about how original, quality content can be rewarded, but don't make empty, unrealistic promises. The only people attracted using these methods will soon give up when they realise they're not 'getting rich quick'.

Also, please target carefully:

Successful online advertising targets specific niches, not everybody. If you're making an advert, don't spend all your money trying to reach everyone with an ad appealing to everyone - you'll fail.

Create content, or an advert to speak to a smaller niche, and really zoom-in on their interests and passions. By speaking to a smaller audience, about something they'll find interesting, you'll have a much better chance of getting their attention.

Think beauty bloggers who don't vlog, or beauty vloggers who don't blog, rather than all people in the beauty space.

You might reach a smaller audience, but you'll get higher engagement in your content/ad.

Just my two cents - good luck & wishing you the best :)


Although I appreciate your words, bear in mind Steem and the Steemit Platform are not the same. The way I understand it the bounty is geared to promoting Steem crypto not the Steemit platform.


Yes, they are almost-completely different things, but I'm sure some people will promote the Steem platform, while others will promote the applications which run on it.

If somebody promotes DTube to run against an audience of YouTube creators, that would have more value to the community/blockchain than trying to promote a cryptocurrency, or platform would.

Your message changes depending on the audience you're targeting.


The way I see it, Steem is positioned as a blockchain for dApps like Ethereum and Neo, except that Steem is a DPOS blockchain that is much faster, free to use, and can handle much more in terms of transaction load.

We should be presenting Steem as a very efficient blockchain with many dev teams, and Steemit or Busy.org, or Steem Monsters as dApps on the Steem blockchain.

And SMTs are like ICOs on Ethereum. My 2 cents.


Hey @m-ssed-t
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Thanks for the upvote guys :)

I have actually contributed to Utopian on a couple of occasions - bug report and dev suggestion, but not for a hile now. I do try to get involved where I can...must try harder!

My team and i used to Promote steem every month for one week, and made it an obligation - even when everyone focused on their blogs making money we weren't, because we have low steem power for that, we even went as far as Facebook and reddit doing this for free and we got little support from @steem-ambassador and #promo-steem - we did this for 4months and no whales or witness cared to support us cause every one was busy with nothing, above all reaping or raping the pool (what term is used again?) and seeing everyone as scam with their iniatives.
Well i single handedly sponsored most, paid facebook ads and Twitter campaigns.
But since all whales don't care about our services - we went promoting other ico and crypto projects that pay us for this same services and we doing fine on discord ✌️
Proves here @project-atlas
Steem used to Be powerful until everyone started playing daft and idc on the platform. Now they made the innocent weak.


Uhm... this is a 100 STEEM bounty for doing what you did already. Who cares about whales?


well utopian is the lucky savior. Only this project has had some promotional impact others are busy developing different tools that benefits the platform really but what is a platform without users/true believers?
Steemit inc needs to try improve the whole visibility. ✌️


I am not waiting for Steemit inc. Why should I? This initiative with tim and Utopian was supposed to give USERS the budget to become platform evangelists. I just wish more people took advantage of this oportunity.


Yeah you are right, we don't need to wait for anyone, many people are willing to but same people have learnt that its just a waste of time promoting what you don't invest big on, the bigger players always benefits.
I remember back then when everyone will do anything to promo-steem, be it scam or genuine - even the scammers this days are lazy to act now, lol everything just look cold, take a look at steemit, you all see the reduction of scammers and spammers. Not like before.
Everything on a slowmo.

Hey! Great idea. What about Steemit promotion on Steemit platform? Isn't this included in the bounty?


It says, paid ads-on other platforms 😏., how can one be using Android apps on iPhones. Lol

Take it outside the platform.


It says, paid ads-on other platforms 😏., how can one be using Android apps on iPhones. Lol

Take it outside the platform.

Yes we have to take this topic seriously as an community today I also read an article by @timcliff he also says same thing. As an community we have to promote steem. And for this we have to we a invester rather than only a steem member @utopian.tasks I am also thinking about to write a blog on this topic.

I have always been thinking of a way to promote Steem outside steemit, This is a great initiative by @timcliff and I'm sure our aim will be attained...

With the level of quality content creators support I've seen so far, I strongly believe that more than enough investors will quietly slide in before we notice...

I'm fully in for this.

How Will a twitter influencer be ranked/judged?
I don't see any way of determining the scope of his/her reach and actual traffic driven to steemit. Not everyone likes/retweets but they might still sign up.


Promoted tweets have their own analytics. Besides, it's why I recommended you use bit.ly or similar solutions to measure performance.

Great idea! Fully support you, wil promot it day and night! 😉 😉 😉

Good sense and reflexes all fall together in this work. But Steam and Steemit are not one of the platform.

Woot! Let's get the word out there guys. We've had enough flying under the radar. With so much happening in the cryptospace, we won't get great content creators and investors of we don't spread the word outside steem. Reaching out to other social media sites still remains the best way to do promo-steem.

As a community, let's join to show the rest of the internet what a great platform this is.

Go steem! Let's fly steem high beyond the sky.

Thank you! @utopian.tasks

so are participants supposed to buy adds for the steem blokchain ?


Sort of. The idea is to amplify the content spread organically through paid promotion.

Do You want to promote Steem blockchain, Steem cryptocurrency, Steemit platform or Steem-related projects?


Cryptocurrency, mostly. Check the project Discord.

i love steem
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