Big thanks to @nathanmars - The investor, the vlogger and one of the best steemians - Day 147 on Dtube !

in dtube •  6 months ago

In this video I thank @nathanmars for delegating to me 777 steem power and for other steemians as well.

Big thanks also for delegating 10,000 steem power to @dtube .

@nathanmars is the second delegator to @dtube after @misterdelegation.

He is supporting a lot of steemians to grow and to improve.

I want to let @ned know about this awesome steemian.

I want to let all witneesses voted by me know about that :

The witnessFunction
@jestaCreator of the wallet Vessel and
@good-karmaThe reator of Esteem
@timcliffActive in
@aggroedThe creator of @minnowsupport
@pharesimThe creator of
@curieThr curating of quality content
@utopian-ioThe project of open source contributions
@teamsteemOne of the most active steemians
@ocd-witnessThe creator of @ocd
@steemitboardRewards steemians for their achievements
@arcangeThe project designer of @steemitboard
@jrswabThe creator of ''Steemit Creators' Guild''
@mahdiyarithe creator of
@blockchainedThe supporter of the Russian Community
@krnelThe supporter of quality posts
@steemgigsRun by @surpassinggoogle the creator of
@justyyThe creator of
@gtgOne of the most supportive witness
@pfunkThe supporter of artists in steem blockchain
@cervantesThe supporter of Spanish community
@roelandpThe organizer of steemfest
@anyxthe creator of @guard
@netuosoThe provider of good information .
@roadscapeThe creator of
@drakosThe creator of
@blockbrothersThe creators of Steemify
@stoodkevThe creator of SteemPlus
@scottcbusinessVery active witness
@brandonfryethe founder of @minnowfund

I want also to let powerful steemians know about @nathanmars , to support him in his mission : @thejohalfiles , @wackou , @acidyo , @yoo1900 , @ausbitbank , @v4vapid , @transisto , @rok-sivante , @hendrikdegrote , @xeldal , @kpine , @adsactly , @davedickeyyall, @vladivostok and others who will see this.

I hope all minnows, dophoins and every steem user will follow @nathanmars and resteem his posts and show him the appreciation. He is traveling the world, he is inviting people from all around the world to steem and all the apps that we have. He will delegate to more people and more apps in the future, he is really one of the best steemians.

I hope we will have more people like @nathanmars and I hope steem price will go finally to the moon.

Thanks for watching and reading.

You are also always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

You can also support our initiative to watch and comment and like our video on youtube to make it trending on youtube to promote @dtube and steem blockchain there.

Here is our amazing video :

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to follow our curation trail, you can do it here . Find ''dcooperation'' in ''Curation trail'' and follow us.

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.


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The music used is from :

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Thank you very much, really appreciated!


You are very welcome. ☺

Good one, a 'crowdvideoing'. Wait, let me guess the next series you about to drop name...Ladysday or something.

@clixmoney, congratulations! @nathanmars is really a great Steemian, and although I have never met him in person, I think he is also great person!


Yeah, of course, anyone who cares about the community but not only about him self is a great person. ☺

Thanks for your support =)


You are very welcome. ☺

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I am really thankful for @nathanmars work and really appreciate every single step he is making here but your thumbnail triggers my a bit :D

In my opinion:

E v e r y single active member
on the blockchain is

one of the best steemians :)

And every creator on @dtube shall delegate some power to this account :)


Thanks for the nice comment, and yes more people have to delegate to dtube.

I hope you are not counting spammers, because they are also active on blockchain by sending their links everywhere and their non sense comments as wel. lol ☺


Haha of course I count them also lol
.. no not really. but we have a mass of active and engaging users and I think they are worth the same :) Equality = Love