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2018-07-06 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@indigoocean59Stopping Spam on Steemit without Hurting Minnows - Equilibrium Scores
2@yongleantonio52Autism: a look at the world, from an augmented plane
3@anixon37Colorchallenge Friday white: wedding Decoration tree
4@elpoliglota54[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (1040 words) (Part 6)
5@anixon37Pencil drawing
6@enm145Are You Sure You Are Still In Control Of Your Steemit Account
7@zularizal60Logo For Notes
8@anixon37Some Stories do not end well
9@sucona11The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [SteemPress Resource Poster]
10@kretorkk49The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [SteemPress Resource Poster]
11@anixon37Pencil drawing art
12@viralasia34World Cup 2018: England hero Jordan Pickford
13@anixon37Period over Comma
14@anixon37This Is How You Love
15@anixon37Reading" in Three Colors
16@sharinglife35Torrey Pines CA
17@analealsuarez50Producto escalar de vectores
18@mrgeeksunited31Affiliate Marketing Course#4 - Are Businesses utilizing Affiliate Marketing?
19@onepice48Routing Operations with Jquery and Sammy.js
20@anixon37Good morning
21@mocosh42Gerdan "The Legacy of the Scythians". Ґердан «Спадщина скіфів».
22@adelsz37الشيخ يوسف القرضاوي
24@sweettais51 Portrait of good man- @exyle
25@kretorkk49Steem Smart Contracts: save and load the blockchain
26@mkt64Developer Looking For Work!
27@viralasia34Neymar or Hazard!!
28@viralasia34Maradona want to be a free Argentina coach!
29@tobaloidee63My logo contribution to AZTabBarController (merged&used)
30@ceruleanblue46An Ethical Hackers Guide: Part 3 - Virtual Machines, and Kali Linux - CrackBox Setup
31@mkt64SteemConnect Plugin for Vue.js
32@adelsz37فوق السلطة
33@adelsz37شبكة سرية للمخابرات الأمريكية
34@joserafaelhf52La marquesita (Cuento) Sexta parte
35@adelsz37العالم الاسود للعسكر
36@hispeedimagins56Steemer Release and update
38@adelsz37فضائح المشير عبد الحليم أبو غزالة
39@smhp201639//Tech Talk//The way wireless technology turns the world into the efforts of Marconi
40@lasocia52Ciencia en casa! Divertidos experimentos caseros para los más pequeños. ¡Aprendamos sobre la Refracción de la Luz!
41@ammarraisafti58Add Feature Scan File ROM in all folders, and feature Create shortcut game in the Mupen64Plus FZ
42@mightypanda57[busy.org] White Button in Power Up and Power Down modal should be labeled Cancel
43@amulla50550HackerRank - largest learning and competition community for programmer
44@utopian-io68Utopian Weekly - [July 6th 2018] - Our First Meetup, Tips, Translations, Giveaways and more
45@napa52My pictorial carpets ✔
46@neutrinoguy25[steemhunt.com] .DS_Store file is publicly available to anyone.
48@adelsz37الجزيرة تكشف لأول مرة
49@ray14788056Top 5 Underrated hunts in SteemHunt - 在SteemHunt頭5名被低估的產品 2018-07-06
50@zoltarian64Application to Become a Member of Utopian/DaVinci Translator Team Witness Project as a Language Translator
51@aafeng61Chinese translation of Steem White Paper (Genesis) - 1132 words completed (5)
52@abdulmath52Estimación de Error y Convergencia de los Métodos en Diferencias Finitas y el Método de los Elementos Finitos usando GNU-Octave - GMath
53@adelsz37جنوون الشوالى
54@hafiza14356LOGO for Kahi
55@adelsz37Chef Food
56@adelsz37Several amazing scenes taken.
57@carlgnash60Analysis by author SP on impact of proposed changes to curation reward under HF20
58@johnesan58Building a Hotel Management System With ASP.NET Core(#9) - Storing and Displaying Room Images
59@sndbox73The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [Steepshot Selfie Station + Poster]
60@kit.andres63Copropiedad Integral - Development update

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