Analysis of SBD payment amount for "Promoted" section

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You will feel that SBD payments for "Promoted" section are decreasing.


This refers to the SBD payment used to post in the "Promoted" section on the STEEMIT platform, as in the case above, rather than using the bidbot or resteembot for promotional purposes.

Indicate trends by year / month / day to see how much is actually used for this purpose, and find out the top 20 accounts by payment amount.

Finally, consider implications based on the results of the analysis.

The data analysis period (in UTC) is from the start date of the STEEM chain to January 26, 2019.

Contents of Analysis

  1. Trend of SBD amount paid to "Promoted" section (by day / month / year)
  2. Top 20 accounts
  3. Conclusion

1. Trend of SBD amount paid to "Promoted" section (by day / month / year)

① Daily Trend

The chart below shows the daily trends for all time periods.


The amount is gradually decreasing. More specifically, we will only look at data from 2018 onward.


The maximum was 700SBD per day, and the fort stayed at the level of several tens of SBD a day.

② Monthly Trend


It is the lowest level in recent months. Recently, STEEMIT.COM's pageviews have declined significantly from peak, but given the fact that they have risen sharply from the beginning, it's hard to say that this is simply a result of a decrease in pageviews. There seems to be a more fundamental cause.

③ Yearly Trend


SBD payments in 2018 are significantly less than in 2017. Since 2018, the number of STEEMIT.COM users and page views increased considerably compared to 2017, so this can be considered as a reason for users not to use it due to the low effectiveness of the "Promotion" section.

In addition, SBD payments are cumulative to 200,000, and after 2018 to only 50,000.

2. Top 20 accounts


In order to register for the "Promoted" section, we have arranged 20 accounts in the above table in the order of payment of many SBDs.

The left side is based on the whole period, and the right side is based on 2018 or later.

Either way, the top 20 accounts have only 17% to 19% of total SBD payments.

As a result, we do not see any particularly prominent accounts.

This means that the user paying for the SBD to post articles in the "Promotion" section is unspecified.

3. Conclusion

The SBD used to register the "Promoted" section will be incinerated. This contributes to reducing the SBD balance.

However, the amount of SBD payments for "Promoted" section registration is declining.

On the other hand, the SBD supply balance has been declining for several months, but it has increased significantly compared to the past. For reference, the remaining SBD balance is about 10.5 million units.

In conclusion, the amount of SBD payments for "Promoted" section registration is gradually losing its influence.

This is probably due to the fact that even if we post in the "Promoted" section , there is really little "publicity" effect. Users do not read the "Promoted" section separately.

So, just as STEEMIT_INC recently introduced the "Google Advertising" feature and its own advertising features, the "Promote" section is also time to change.

The Data and Queries

I did this analysis by connecting to the @steemsql db with MSSQL client(Microsoft SQL server management studio), Excel.

Refer to My Github

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Hi @lostmine27

Thank you for your latest contribution to @utopian-io.

Well it looks like the 'promote' button is dying a slow death, and it's not surprising given the rise of promotion options that will return pretty much all (if not more) of the original investment - Promoted posts via 'promote' burning the send of course.

It would be interesting to see on the graphs when the delegation fork arrived, and when each of the major bid-bots showed up, to see if there was any correlation between their introduction and the decline in use.

Personally, I am not sure what the future holds for this feature, and the analysis shows a clear lack of interest right now.

I suggest this to be a fairly straightforward topic to look into, but one of some interest at least.

Thanks again

Asher [CM - Analysis]

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Thank you pennsif :)

I strongly agree that promoted section should be completely renovated. Thanks.

Yes. This section has been left untouched for too long.

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