DLUX Open Token - The SMT Alternative

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A few weeks back the crypto-sphere was rocked when yet another bottom fell out and the the price of STEEM tumbled. We are one of the hardest hit cryptocurrencies on the market; falling in to the 50s for overall market cap. Steemit Inc. also announced 70% layoffs and a delay of the Smart Media Token feature set.

Today I am announcing the features ready for testing, as well as the features nearing implementation. Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences, dlux, is a platform for tomorrow. Decentralizing and distributing the infrastructure necessary for our interactions. Ad free, censorship free... a global public free-speech utility that also pays for participation.

DLUX Deck2.jpg

Blockchain technologies have revolutionized currency systems; allowing for the first time a global p2p payment system. No 3rd party required. Ethereum again revolutionized the marketplace by building a decentralized computer. However useful ethereum is, it's a million times less efficient to run because everybody is running all the same transactions.

DLUX token is a computing architecture for the distributed web. Allowing nodes to run code, authorize transactions, and facilitate collateralized open-ended transactions. Institutions built around providing such services today; brokerages, casinos, clearinghouses, banks, lenders, insurers, and government social programs, etc... where pooling capital allows a utility, can now be democratized with an ad-hoc voluntary computing system.

Running a node allows the following:

  • Top 20 producers receive credit for signing consensus reports.
    • These reports require about 150SP in the node runner account as they post a custom_json to STEEM every 5 minutes.
  • Running a node should queue them to be elected to run code chunks.
    • These are smart contracts that include fetch.
  • Running a node allows others to send escrow transactions to the decentralized exchange to place open ended bid and ask orders... as well as fulfill them.
    • If a node doesn't have the required amount of liquid DLUX when required the transaction fails and funds are returned.
  • A private CMS system can now be utilized.
    • Tiered access
    • Automated subscriptions
    • Ban and unban users
    • Automated starts and recovery
  • Transactions can be scheduled
    • DLUX STEEM and SBD transactions for subscriptions
  • DLUX content voting
  • DAO and other organizational accounting.
  • (planned) DLUX Contract voting - fund contract proposals from reward pool

How easy is it to run a node?

Running a node requires your active key, memokey, account name, and the API domain.
4 config vars... that's it:
ACCOUNT = disregardfiat
DOMAIN = https://dlux-token-disregardfiat.herokuapp.com
active = 5activeKey
memo = 5memoKey
It automatically calls out and sees if you've run a node in the past. If you have a private stash it automatically grabs your stash and the last good block you posted. Allowing your private CMS and subscriptions to stay up to date. If you haven't posted a private stash it starts your node from the latest head block... allowing <5 minute starts and restarts.

Once your node is running it will sign queued transactions. So when consensus about a transaction is agreed on the node completes it and everybody updates their tx queue at once.

This is like going to the bank... and instead of waiting in line, everybody talks to everybody else in line and they help each other finalize their transactions.

Here are the step by step instructions for installing a node and operating it:

  • Clone the github repo
  • Have Node.js installed on your computer
  • In the project folder open index.js and fill in lines 2-4(and 5 if you're gonna leave this running providing API)
  • Save that file.
  • In the command line:
    • Navigate to the folder
    • Type the following commands
$ npm i
$ npm start

There are a few commands available:

  • balance your balance
  • sign-off deletes your node from the queue system and allows for a safe exit after about 45 seconds(will be announced as @username has signed off their DLUX node. If you do not exit the node will rejoin in 5-10 minutes.)
  • send disregardfiat 1000 (sends 1.000 DLUX to @disregardfiat | NO ACCOUNT CHECK)
  • dex-place-ask 1000 100 [sbd] builds a DEX contract to sell 1.000 DLUX, for 0.100 STEEM[SBD]
  • dex-buy-ask DLUXQmhash buys a contract from the DEX order book
  • dex-place bid 1000 100 [sbd] builds and escrow transfer that places a bid on the DEX
  • dex-buy-bid DLUXQmhash buys STEEM or SBD from a contract for DLUX
  • power-up 1000 places 1.000 DLUX in to a powered account
  • power-down 1000 schedules a power down of 1.000 DLUX

To test this DEX software more people have to run it. I recommend keeping transactions in the 0.01 steem and sbd range as these are all real transactions. Not all features work... but I'd like to figure out whats doing what and how people are breaking things. Please join me on discord to run some tests with me: https://discord.gg/Beeb38j

https://token.dlux.io/dex also pulls up the latest order books so you can test the orders.

Additionally the private CMS has the following UI:

  • add-user disregardfiat 1 30000000 adds @disregardfiat to tier 1 access until block 30,000,000
  • ban disregardfiat bans @disregardfiat and prevents him from paying to subscribe
  • unban disregardfiat Removes the subscription ban
  • add-model 864000 1 1000 Builds a subscription model for 30 days (864000 blocks) at tier 1 for 1.000 DLUX
  • delete-model 864000 1 1000 Deletes the subscription model for 30 days (864000 blocks) at tier 1 for 1.000 DLUX
  • add-tier builds a new top tier(user stays in tier 2, empty tier 3 now exists)
  • delete-tier 2 removes all users from level 2 access and places them in level 1, deletes tier 2(tier 3 is now tier 2)
  • add foo.txt how to post to your CMS: foo.txt is file name in project directory
    • foo.txt: {self:'permlink',level:1,title:'Clear Text',body:'To be encrypted'}
      • self: A permlink, how your post will be url addressed
      • level: 0 Is stored in clear text, 1 and higher will be encrypted
      • title: You guessed it
      • body: Markdown or text (encrypted and then posted)
  • delete permlink removes content
  • set-level permlink1` changed access level of content, changing to 0 decodes data

These all build and send steem transactions!!! Ensure you know what you are doing and this is all tested before you post sensitive information!!

Content can be found in json format at DOMAIN / localhost:3000/priv/list/:username
This is being built as the back end to a react-static app. So users can pull up a dApp that is aware of who the user is. Gets content and decrypts it if the user has their memoKey. All lightning fast after initial load time. (body are encrypted to steem user keys, no interface exists yet to decrypt ... so build it)

Smart Contract features are still being implemented... But I'd like to finalize the dex processing before I utilize the same structures to pass more complex instructions around.

Don't forget to donate to @robotolux or delegate to @dlux-io to claim some DLUX before our tokens go live!!!

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I’m going to check this out more. Is it easy to run a node?

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Yes. I think small nodes might be able to run in browser with zero setup... and currently they only take your account name/keys plus the domain your API is at.

Let me update the README real quick. I'll post a step by step guide to heroku deploys as well... but you can't use the above commands there.

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

This sounds like a great idea from what I can understand with no real technical abilities. Will resteem and best fortune to you with this project. I so greatly appreciate this creative initiative that helps us all.

Nice man this is an interesting idea. The more dapps we can get on steem, and the more varying shapes they take, the greater the whole ecosystem will be. Steem is definitely a very powerful platform.

I just donated to help the cause. Keep it coming!


Cool! The software already tracks donations and at the end of the auction period(check tomorrow) you'll see how many DLUX you have at https://token.dlux.io/@doon

This will be an accurate number (with out decimal places), and will be what your account starts with when we finalize the software(stop running test transactions). The same will be true for anybody else who hasn't donated to robotolux yet. :)

Thank you so much! I hope you find your tokens useful in the future.

Since your going to have a token...
Want to try your luck with this exchange?
It'll offer free listing:

@disregardfiat, this is the most advanced DAPP on STEEm. Great job, resteemed, can you post an update on the auction results sometime? cheers

The different is amazing.

One side: the steemit inc. with lot of resources and skilled coders, developers, and a big delay in smt project.

And on the other side: a few men with small budget, who make their work with love and passion, and the result is bigger, much bigger, what the big company can do.

Im sad, but i cant vote more than once.

And when we have talking about the noob-friendly guide to a running nodes... you know, i tought, there won't be a node.js or text command lines... :D
Or im a bigger noob, like i imagined :D


This will be a webapp shortly. I don't know how long it will be able to stay a webapp(how big the head file will be) but at least for a time you'll be able to do most things with simple confirmations.

I don't fully understand most of this, but it sounds amazing!


It's kinda like the bitcoin lightning network... but it uses steems escrow transactions to hold capital, allowing much more complex transactions than payments. Such as feeless auctions. :)


Not really. It more like a sidechain with a mix of metachain material.


Yes, there are some meta-chain aspects with the CMS. DLUX itself is absolutely a side-chain. Queuing nodes to approve or release escrow, transfer steem and sbd, and running smart contracts is what i was referring to as the lightning network... a group of participants that elect themselves to sign processes to facilitate trade. Still multi-sig, just ad-hoc.


That not the LN...
There are no groups of participants that elect themselves to sign processes to facilitate trade in the LN.
That is a Federation Sidechain.

The LN is a meshnetwork of diff rules that all agree on basic principles. Yes LN is multisig but LN uses Payment channels which DLux does not.

The proper term of what your are proposing is a Federated Sidechain (with Metachains properties).


Cool! It's minimally federated. My eventual plan is to give the @dlux-io node it's own github keys so it can sign PRs via consensus in smart contracts... all the processes the individual node signs don't effect governance in any way(and there are no protections to keep @dlux-io in the runner group)... and except for resteem rewards and delegation rewards everything is done via vote/participation. If those go away I don't believe it would be any more federated than any other consensus algo.


Hey.. It's late tonight.. but I want to ask you about an smt.


So you are locking up STEEM in an escrow and issuing certain amount of DLUX proportional to the STEEM in the escrow ?


Yes. DEX trades use escrow to lock capital. Any contract that gets purchased will have an information symmetric transaction to use as collateral. If its a steem/sbd ask for dlux that transaction requires collateral to complete. The collateral amount is moved to limbo while the node issues the steem transfer to the winner.


Ok. IMHO, few diagrams or infographics will be helpful


The CMS system allows you to run a node that serves private content to authorized users. So people can have subscription services ... and also get paid to run the server.

While I little unsure of whether this is a good idea.
I impressed. I mean every chain is bound to get sidechains once in a while 😉
Do you have an estimated count of how many tx/s the sidechain can perfrom?


It uses steem to do most RC type things. Individual transactions can be queued and executed, 1 per block. Network executable contracts(where processing is cheaper than verifying... auctions, and equity deposits, etc) might not have a transaction limit due to this. Custom/distributed contracts will likely have a 1 minute lag time between executions, but this is per contract. The DEX should process transactions in 1 block or 1 minute to up to 3 minutes... depending on the complexity.

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Again, this is way more technical than i can comprehend, but getting excited about it. Following you guys now.


I try to make diagrams but end up writing better code as I'm looking at it. I'll try really hard to get something up today.

I don't fully understand, but it sounds awesome. Resteemed!

Thanks for following me! I love your name!

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