Schedule of radio shows, podcasts & social broadcasts, supported by DSound - week beginning 7 January 2019

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We're firmly in 2019 now and we're getting back in saddle on the steemwaves.

Existing shows are revving up their engines again, and new ones are coming over the brow of the hill.

Last week I had great fun with the one-off 'Looking Forward to 2019 show'.

This Thursday the SOS Forums are back ... this week it's all DApps, Apps & Devs.

The State of Steem Forums - Thursdays, 8pm - 11pm UTC on MSP Waves

The State of Steem Forums resume after the festive break this Thursday.

Forum #3 will be all about DApps, Apps and Developments. Topics such as business plans, delegations, marketing and some tech stuff will all be covered.

The people that have so far expressed an interested to come on this forum are @anomadsoul,, @disregardfiat, @hightouch, @hr1, @imacryptorick, @jarvie, @kaliju, @paulag, @prc, @shredz7, @starkerz, @thecryptodrive, @therealwolf and @upheaver.

If you are a DApp/App owner or developer, or if you are involved in running one, and you would like to speak on the Forum this Thursday (10 January) please message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) or in the comments below.

The two State of Steem Forums held so far have been well received. Each has had well over 100 people attending.

The first was an 'overview' forum with 19 witnesses and community leaders giving their view on the current State of Steem including @aggroed, @anarcotech, @anomadsoul,, @exyle, @fredrikaa, @hr1, @imacryptorick, @llfarms, @lukestokes, @nathanmars, @paulag, @project7, @shadowspub, @starkerz, @taskmaster4450, @themarkymark, @therealwolf and @yabapmatt.

The recording of the forum is available if you missed it...

The second forum focussed on Steem Technology and covered topics such as nodes, RocksDB, SMTs, RC Delegation Pools, Account creation. It also explored the decision making mechanisms to move development forward as Steemit Inc pulls back.

The speakers on that forum included @blocktrades,, @helo, @knowledges, @shredz7, @someguy123, @starkerz, @themarkymark, @therealwolf, @upheaver, @ura-soul and @yabapmatt.

The recording of the forum is available...

There are six more forums coming up...

  • Forum 3 (10 January) : DApps, Apps & Developments - nodes, business plans, delegations, marketing

  • Forum 4 (17 January) : Steem Economics - steem inflation, attracting investors, revenue streams, advertising

  • Forum 5 (24 January) : Marketing, onboarding, PR

  • Forum 6 (31 January) : Communities, content creation, curation, retention

  • Forum 7 (07 February) : SteemCommerce, shopping with steem

  • Forum 8 (14 February) : Pulling it all together, where have we got to, where are we going, how are we going to get there

If you would like to take part in any of the forums please message me on Discord @Pennsif#9921

Pennsif's Festive Season Specials : The Look Forward to 2019 Show

Last Thursday's Look Forward to 2019 Show was great fun.

The guests in order of appearance were witness and @dsound developer @prc, UK drum and bass musician @nickyhavey, and @dreemsteem from the Spunkee Monkee project.

Then we had @jonyoudyer, @fracasgrimm and Dan @qwoyn from Canna-Curate, GHRO and HashKings. Husband and wife entertainers, show hosts and Steem Monsters lore keepers @carrieallen and @chrisroberts were next on.

@futuremind and @horpey talked about the Decentralized Football Academy @dfacademy, along with Matt @starkerz of @oracle-d and @agfacademy. @jpphotography finished up the show telling us about the TravelFeed DApp he is developing.

The recording is available in case you missed it...

Support from DSound and Witness @prc

Pedro of DSound very kindly supports these listings. His generous upvote for the post allows me to dedicate many hours each week maintaining and producing these listings.

In case you didn't know Pedro runs a witness. The witness was previously on his own account @prc but he has now relaunched the witness under the @dsound account.

If you have any spare witness votes please do consider giving a vote to @dsound to show gratitude for the support for this listings service.

You can read his latest witness update here...

DSound is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. The new instant play facility works perfectly, and at SteemFest 3 Pedro announced some amazing new features for the imminent DSound beta version. Keeps your ears and eyes open for more details coming soon.

If you know of any other relevant shows that I haven't included please do put the details in a comment below or DM me on Discord @pennsif#9921 . Also please let me know of any changes to the shows already listed

The times for the shows are all shown in Coordinated Universal Time UTC/GMT - which is currently UK time. There are numerous sites on the web for converting UTC to your local time. This one looks particularly useful

SteemRadio : schedule of shows for week beginning 7 January 2019

DayTime (UTC)StationShow
Mon 07 Jan12am - 1amMSP WavesSteemit Musicians with @isaria
Mon 07 Jan1am - 3amMSP WavesMinnow Mayor’s Town Hall with @aggroed & @llfarms
Mon 07 Jan8am - 11amGreen House Radio OnlineTribute to Art Bell with @qwoyn
Mon 07 Jan6pm - 7pmRambling RadioCreatives Coffee Hour with @artemisnorth
Mon 07 Jan8pm - 9pmAirhawk-ProjectAirhawk-Project Curation Hangout with @emekasegun & @samest
Mon 07 Jan8pm - 9pmBuddy UpDrop In The Ocean with @penderis & @calumam
Mon 07 Jan9pm - 11pmWhalesharesWhaleshares Curation Show with @nikflossus, @breezin, @lindahas and @kotturinn
Mon 07 Jan11.30pm - 1.30amYou Got SnekkedYou Got Snekked Monday Madness Curation Show with @poeticsnake & @thebugiq
Tue 08 Jan2am - 5amMSP WavesFreezepeach Radio with @r0nd0n
Tue 08 Jan3am - 4amGreen House Radio OnlineCuration Show with @bluntsmasha & @jonyoudyer
Tue 08 Jan11am - 1pmSteemit Music AssociationRadio Spaced with @tom-orrow
Tue 08 Jan6pm - 7pmRambling RadioCuration Corner with @artemisnorth and @shadowspub
Tue 08 Jan6pm - 8pmMSP WavesHacking Mental Performance with @WipGirl
Tue 08 Jan7pm - 8pmUtopian DiscordUtopian IdeaHub with @jedigeiss
Tue 08 Jan8pm - 10pmMSP WavesThe Music and Money Show @ScaredyCatGuide
Tue 08 Jan8pm - 10pmWhalesharesWhaleshares Christian Curation Show with @seyiodus and @stevenmosoes
Tue 08 Jan9pm - 11pmSteemit Music AssociationKnow What I Mean with @termitemusic and @onemedia
Tue 08 Jan10pm - 11pmThe Alliance CastleToo Nuts with @enginewitty and @jackmiller
Tue 08 Jan11pm - 2amSteemit Music AssociationViscosity #DnB with @movement19
Wed 09 Jan12am - 1amGreen House Radio OnlineSMASH!! with @asonintrigue
Wed 09 Jan12am - 2amMSP WavesThe Decentralized News Show with @truthforce
Wed 09 Jan12am - 2amWhalesharesWhaleshares Hangout with @krazykrista & @powerpics
Wed 09 Jan1.30am - ?Vimm.TVThe Steeming Pile with @johnspalding
Wed 09 Jan7pm - 8pmRambling RadioHungry Hungry Hump Day with @crazybgadventure
Wed 09 Jan7pm - 9pmMSP WavesUtopian Open Source Radio Show with @jedigeiss & @techslut
Wed 09 Jan9pm - 10pmSteemit Music AssociationBMC with @d-vine & @inthenow
Wed 09 Jan11pm - 2amSteemit Music AssociationThe Roadblock with @movement19
Wed 09 Jan11.30pm - 12.30amContestKingsThe Steem Monsters Show with @coruscate & @littlescribe
Thu 10 Jan4pm - 6pmRambling RadioPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Thu 10 Jan6pm - ?pmWhaleshares AfricaWhaleshares Open-Forum with @samest
Thu 10 Jan6pm - 8pmMSP WavesThe Mix with @WipGirl
Thu 10 Jan8pm - 11pmMSP WavesState of Steem Forum with @pennsif
Thu 10 Jan11pm - 1amRambling RadioPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Fri 11 Jan12am - 1amGreen House Radio OnlineThorsday Seshjuan with @jackdub
Fri 11 Jan1am - 3amInformation WarThe Decentralized News with @gregorypatrick
Fri 11 Jan1am - 4amMSP WavesFull Force Thursday with @crimsonclad
Fri 11 Jan2pm - ?Vimm.TVMorning Coins with @johnspalding & @crollo3
Fri 11 Jan3pm - 4pmRambling RadioBarbarella with @ravijojla & @anutu
Fri 11 Jan6pm - 8pmMSP WavesSpotlight On The Artist with @d-vine, @darrenclaxton & @onemedia
Fri 11 Jan7pm - 8pmRambling RadioWords With Witty with @enginewitty
Fri 11 Jan8pm - 9pmRambling RadioBarbarella with @ravijojla & @anutu
Fri 11 Jan8pm - 10pmMSP WavesBring Your Own Choon with @d-vine, @darrenclaxton & @onemedia
Fri 11 Jan9pm - 11pmGreen House Radio OnlineThe Real Resistance with @gregorypatrick
Fri 11 Jan11pm - 1amSteemStarThe Playhouse with @carrieallen & @chrisroberts
Sat 12 Jan12am - 1amGreen House Radio OnlineFried Radio with DJ Danny P @qwoyn
Sat 12 Jan12am - 2amWhalesharesWhaleshares Promocionate with @ChuckyFucky
Sat 12 Jan12am - 3amMSP WavesThe Chaos Show with @globocop
Sat 12 Jan3am - 5amMSP WavesVoices From The Mountains with @lpfaust
Sat 12 Jan5pm - 7pmMSP WavesMeadows & Makers with @makinstuff
Sat 12 Jan7pm - 9pmMSP WavesSteemwaves Saturday with @crimsonclad
Sat 12 Jan9pm - 11pmMSP WavesFrequency Waves 432Hz with @globocop
Sat 12 Jan11pm - 1amMSP WavesNo Bull with @gregorypatrick
Sun 13 Jan1am - 2amGreen House Radio OnlineFull Metal Jacket with @inthenow
Sun 13 Jan1am - 3amMSP WavesThe Peace Academy with @aggroed
Sun 13 Jan3am - 4amGreen House Radio OnlineGHRO with @koH & friends
Sun 13 Jan5am - 7amMSP WavesCoffee and Philosophy with @clayboyn
Sun 13 Jan2pm - 3.15pmVimm.TVTeh Tarik Sessions with @zord189
Sun 13 Jan7pm - 9pmMSP WavesDecades Radio with @carrieallen
Sun 13 Jan8pm - 10pmWafrica DiscordWAFRO Party Show with @mediahousent
Sun 13 Jan9pm - 10pmSteemit Poets UnitedPoets United : Friday Poetic Live Talk Show with @angelveselinov, @madevi & @trumanity
Sun 13 Jan9pm - 11pmMSP WavesLazy Sun Daze with @mckenziegary
Sun 13 Jan10pm - 12amGreen House Radio OnlineGrowing The Greenhouse with @fracasgrimm
Sun 13 Jan11pm - 12amMSP WavesSteemit Creative with @swelker101 & @isaria
Sun 13 Jan11pm - 1amWhalesharesPromote Your Whaleshares Post Live with @breezin

This show is supported by DSound

[just click on the image to the right to vote for the @dsound witness via SteemConnect]

[ graphic from @pennsif & DSound ]


Looks good, and thank you for all you do!

im really looking forward to the next forum, thanks for this @pennsif. You are doing a lot behind the scenes and I want you to know its really appreciated

Thank you Paula.

It should be an interesting forum. @mcfarhat and @arcange has joined the 'guest list' today.

Thank you Sir @pennsif . On behalf of #GHRO, we appreciate being on your show and you listing us on this prestigious list of "Steem Radio".

You are welcome.

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