SteemWhales has officially moved to SteemitBoard Ranking

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The website and its data have not been updated for over a year now. Still, we have often seen many users refer to SteemWhales as a reference when it comes to ranking.

Even @themarkymark initiated a so called “steemwhales 2.0” project, even if this project is far from complete in terms of features, usability and amount of available data.

All this despite the fact that, a few months ago, @steemitboard introduced its new ranking tool which enable you to compare yourself to your fellow Stemians and provides all key indicators you need.

It looks like many too many people missed introduction post! Let’s make some noise...

Introducing SteemWhales 3.0

We are proud to announce that has officially moved to SteemitBoard’s ranking website!

If you go to, you will be automatically redirected to the SteemitBoard ranking.

This will give more visibility to the existing tool and allow those who were not yet aware of its existence to discover it.

We would like to warmly thank @heimindanger (the creator of SteemWhales) for the trust he gives us by doing this. His work with the various projects he made for Steem has always been a source of inspiration for us. We will take care not to devalue what was done with SteemWhales and if possible to do even better..

Quick reminder of SteemitBoard Ranking features

With this tool, you will be be able to compare yourself to your fellow Stemians.

The ranking displays all the values you are used to view on SteemitBoard and on several Steem blockchain clients.

All columns are sortable

You can also sort the ranking by any value by clicking on the column heading.

Quick jump to user’s page

Each user’s name is clickable and will open his/her blog on in a new tab in your browser.

To the right of each name, you will see a small icon with the current level of the user. Clicking on it will open his/her board on SteemitBoard’s website.

Searchable ranking

The SteemitBoard Ranking has a convenient search box to help you find yourself or any other user among the millions of users registered on Steem.

Type any name in the search box. Steemitboard will search the user in the ranking given the current sort order and highlight his/her data row.

For example, let’s search for @blocktrades

If we click on another column to change the sort order, the page will update itself to display the selected user.

Double decimal reputation

SteemitBoard ranking displays your reputation with 2 decimals. This way you know more accurately how far you are from the next step.

Columns description

RepUser’s reputation
PostsNumber of posts published
CommentsNumber of comments written
RepliesNumber of replies received on posts or comments
UpvotesNumber of upvotes made on posts or comments
UpvotedNumber of upvotes received on posts or comments
PayoutsTotal of all the posts and comments rewards earned, expressed in SP even if it could have been split to 50% SP and 50% SBD at payout time
Steem PowerVested STEEM. It does not include received/delegated SP
Followers1displays how many users are following an account
Following1displays how many accounts a user follow
Resteem1displays how many post have been resteemed by the account
Resteemed12displays how many times posts from the user have been resteemed

1. These values are not updated in real time. They are recalculated approximately every hour, so it might differ from the value displayed on your Steem client (,, partiko, eSteem, …)

2. This is a cumulative value for all posts and all resteems
Alice publish a first post. This post is resteemed by Bob and Charles
Alice publish a second post. This post is resteemed by Bob
The value in the Resteemed column will be 3

Future roadmap

Here are some features we plan to add to the ranking:

  • Display who is powering down
  • Display account UA
  • Split payouts to author and curator
  • and many more…

Support the SteemitBoard project: vote for its witness!

Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange

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Cool that is very useful information @steemitboard also I really love the projects and the look of the prizes like I am in a game and I want to get to the next level.

I appreciate the information provided and I send you a warm greeting.

I hope things get better little by little

Thank you for making SteemWhales available again! We appreciate this reference tool.


Thank you @coingecko.

You're wellcome! :)

Thx for your work here on and for Steemit Community.
Mostly steemians like, (and i'm too), the achievement of a next award!
cheers, 🤠


Fixed. Thanks for notifying.

Very useful information and I congrats you @steemtboard.
It's very good change and it make a sense of competition among steemians.

Is @steemitboard still going to keep the custom posts so I can send beneficiary rewards to some people who help me with my content?

If not then could someone let me know where I can do this? I used to use this link ( so please if anyone has an alternative or has any information regarding beneficiary rewards and creating them then please let me know!

Nice update now everyone can watch there rank i am going to watch mine now..

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Very useful tool! Thanks for all the work. It makes our progress visible in a very nice and concise way.


Thank you @actifit-peter

Very useful! Great to start merging and including useful tools. Keep it up and looking forward to those future add-ons

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How comes there is no curation column like on Steemwhales? Still waiting on that one please @steemitboard


Yay! thank you @arcange for not forgetting about this one,much appreciated.

Thanks for keep growing your project adding more and more.

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Congrats for keep growing your project adding more and more 😊


Thank you for your unfailing support @sergiomendes


It is a pleasure 😊

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good work, this is a very use full post. @steemitboard

Hey steemitboard that ‚s Realy cool this Project

Future roadmap

Here are some features we plan to add to the ranking:

  • Show ranking of actual active users (dropping bots, bid bots, curation bots, exchange bots etc...)

Filtering of users based on such criteria would be censorship. This is something we will not do.

The ranking is an alternative and informative display of the blockchain activity.
One may want to compete against bidbot to prove human superiority. Another would would like to see the impact of bots activity on the blockchain. This is where an uncensored unfiltered ranking provides useful information.

Should we exclude ourselves from the ranking because part of our work is automated?


I'm not saying to completely block it, but allow for a user filter. A user filter isn't YOU censoring, but the user viewing the information how they would like to see it.

You could even filter it based on witnesses, maybe to see which witnesses use Steem.

As for your bot that posts comments when people reach certain criteria, I guess that would also have to be filtered in a "bot free" view.

Another would would like to see the impact of bots activity on the blockchain.

One would have to know whether or not the account was a bot or not.

Really useful information. Steemit goes on!

@steemitboard I really love the projects and the look of the prizes like I am in a game and I want to get to the next level.

I liked Steemwhales for the graphs and stuff, but your site looks great too. I shouldn't really worry about my rank, but I'm a sucker for stats


We plan to add "graphs and stuff" in the future ;)


You'll make an old man very happy :D

Congrats to you buddies!

Thanks steemiboard.

Thank you so much for all the information. I appreciate!!

thanks a lot for a easy access to achievements, friend :) I like it ^^ its very usefull √

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