Although I rarely say thank you, I upvote each notification vrom @steemitboard. You do great work especially for those of us who don't really keep track of our own stats. So, a very big THANK YOU for everything that you and the team do.

Thank you so much @fionasfavourites, makes warm at heart to the whole team.

I rarely say thank you

Makes your comment event more appreciated!

Now I feel awful. I should have said it better. My vote is gratitude. I should say it more often. Now I shall 😁

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If there's anybody to say "thank you", it's us, the users!

Thanks for providing your time, energy and money to the community!

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Thank you for your kind comment @argalf.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Thank you @steemitboard!! I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. I just voted for you!! :-)

Thank you for all you do!!

Do we only get the badge if we vote for you and not through proxy? I am sure my Proxy vote person votes for you. But nice update.

Unfortunately yes, this works only for direct witness votes and not through proxy.

It is a good service worth supporting.

For the stack of ideas:

What about a personal badge for the steemians who own one of the physical steemit silver ounces and proofed their ownership via a short post including coin & certificate?

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Ahhh great I'm gonna check it out tomorrow I got my first day of work in 78 days I want to stay home again🙈 must go to sleep now because the alarm rings in 7 hours.

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