Knight-A twentyfourhourshort story.



Going home in the dark is a scary thing for a seven year old girl especially when you live downtown. Terrible things happen here after sundown. The rabids come out to play, feasting on the flesh of errant humans who should know better than to wander in the dark.

Melinda was frightened, a little sound in the brush before her made her freeze in fear. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw it was a rat. She surged forward with caution, ears open to detect even the slightest noise as her eyes moved back and forth in the darkness.

Over the rows of dilapidated buildings, and the wide barren open fields, she saw the great wall which marked the entrance to the city. The tunnel that led into the city was just before her. She descended into the black hole which dropped into sludgy black water that trickled merrily down the tunnel. It reeked of something terrible.

She knew this stretch of the tunnel well and so wriggled her way quickly but at alert for anything unusual.

Then she heard it, the deafening silence! The only noise she could hear was the one she was making! She slowly rose from her crouch looking about her in fright.

Something shrieked into the night, a sound of pure animal fury. Things that looked pale and terrible rose from the grass behind her. They were all limbs, claws and teeth. The sound of multiple running feet in her direction made her run for dear life.

She could hear them behind her. She cried for help but she knew she won't get any.
She thought of her sick mother who depended on her little girl for food. Her daily search for food would take her life tonight.

Rabids were the result of medical experiments gone wrong. All the scientists that could make a difference to the situation were all dead. They fed on human flesh and only came out at night.
She saw the small wall that would take her above ground just ahead of her. As fast as her tiny legs could go, she reached it and vaulted over. Her bag of finds got stuck in the barbed wire. In desperation, she yanked at it madly. Her eyes were huge and frantic. Without food, her mother would die leaving her an orphan.

She saw them more clearly with the moonlight.

They had been human once, that was evident. They had emanciated bodies with pale white skins that stretched across bones making them look more like skeletons. Tattered threads of what had once been clothes hung off their frames.

The eyes were a blank dead white well that seem to hold her in place. Two fangs dripping blood and saliva completed the terrifying look.

It was too much for Melinda.She just stood there and accepted death. She closed her eyes, anticipating the pain to come.
Mournful cries made her open her eyes again and she saw a funny sight.The rabids were turning back from a bluish creature!

It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. It was all blue that seemed to glow in the light of the moon. It hissed at the rabids and they just stopped! They cried in pain and slowly turned back in the opposite direction as if the sight of it hurt them badly!

She leapt back when the creature turned to face her and found herself lost in the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. It had the shape of a bear and the size of a little cat. She felt kindness radiating from this strange animal.

Summoning courage, she crept forward and touched its head. It leaned back on her hand and purred. She laughed in delight.

"You saved my life tonight.I would take you home with me."

She got her backpack and headed for home with her protector.

"Mummy, see what i found! He saved my life this night! Please i want to keep him!"

Of course her mother agreed after hearing the story.

"Thank you for saving my daughter tonight," she told him.

"Call him knight!" Little Melinda said.

Written for twentyfourhourshortstory writing contest


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Great short story, @barakexpansion. I always prefer a happy ending even if Halloween is today (or tomorrow depending on where you are in the world).

I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead so this struck home as a similar kind of story. A world of horrors would become normal for a nine year old, terrifying none the less.

But now you got me wondering about the creature that saved her! I'm imagining something like a Smurf but in Care Bear form. Much more fierce though. I like the idea of a zombie apocalypse where good creatures were created, not just bad ones.

Thanks again for sharing! It's perfectly timed with Halloween. Cheers!

I am so sorry I am replying your comment late. I was actually thinking of hallowen when I wrote this story. I love the smurfs too so I thought of creating the hero to be a little like them. Thank you for the great compliment.

No problem at all man! I could feel that Halloween vibe. I know it was a popular theme across short story contests and posts. I was honestly thinking about how original your hero was. It reminded me of the smurfs but you don't hear about too many heroes like the one you described. It seemed like a fitting hero even if it was a little bit out of place for the world it lived in. That's what I loved about it, I thought it was perfect. I wasn't expecting it and I love stories where something happens that isn't expected. So good on you for thinking outside the box on that one.

Thanks again for sharing!

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Hi @barakexpansion, suspense invaded me from beginning to end, difficult situation of a girl facing such terrifying characters, yet courage runs through her veins.

i like that you use the element of the rabid as a failed lab experiment, it seems more of the same, but i find it fascinating if we connect the story with the experiments they do in real life in the labs to which citizenship is denied information. no doubt your story is a classic of suspense and terror. thank you very much for sharing these terrifying lines, i'm in a dark room that gave more drama to the reading.

greetings peace and love <3

Thank you for those nice words. I am glad my story had a great impact on you. I hope it wàsn't too scary either. I am sorry I am replying this late.

Hi barakexpansion, i could sense and feel the fear of a little girl when walked in a dark night with rabids in surrounding. I could feel my goose bumps in my hand when the rabids behind her, tried to run but her bags stucks in the barbed wire. The story was well written, the ending maybe you could put in some suspension to the readers instead of just end in a simple way.
Your story has attracted me to read more and more, want to find out what happen to little Melinda. It amazing that you able to finish this story within 24 hours. Wow. I like the little girl shocking eye image in this story, it compliment your story very well.

What gave you the inspiration to write this story?

Thank you, I really appreciate your compliments. It all started with the prompt and walking home after dark. I am glad you enjoyed reading.

I'm afraid to walk outside during night, so I can imagine what she was feeling. That creepy silence is the worst - you know that something bad is waiting for you. I'm so glad that she was saved and able to bring food to her mom. And now she has a little friend who will protect her anytime she has to go out during night. What a lovely story.

It started as a horror story and I was afraid to read further but I continued and I'm so happy I did. I'm glad you kept it without killing this little girl :) it would be very sad :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you for the nice compliment. I imagined the whole situation out walking out at night. I love the night, it doesn't seem scary at all to me though I would be careful not to go around deserted places alone. I am glad you enjoyed reading my story. Cheers

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