The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 3 - Zionist (and Jesuit) agents driving the Trump / Q narrative

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Firstly, Kudos to Blackstone Intelligence Network (@morphonios) and Matthew North on calling out the same information as in my previous posts in this series. The Trump connection to Meyer Lansky, Mossad, and the Rothschilds is now being brought into far greater public view via their exposure of the front company Mary Carter Paint that Trump purchased after its transformation into Resorts International, a casino investment company. If you want to know more about Trump's background with these nasty characters have a watch of the above video as well as a read of part 1 of this series. If you want to understand more about the Q psy-op scam to get people to "trust the plan" from Trump and Q, please have a read of part 2 of this series.

In this episode of the series we are going to have a look at the Trump and Q analysts and "crumb" decoders - people like Jerome Corsi and his employer Infowars (i.e. Alex Jones) as well as Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media. What we'll show is that these guys not only have very questionable backgrounds, they have "disinformation front" written all over them.

Alex Jones / Infowars - alternative gatekeeper news

Alex Jones has been called out as a liar, a disinfo agent, and a gatekeeper pretty much since the start of his Infowars organization in 1999. I won't post all the statements throughout the years from people like Bill Cooper (the consummate truther - shot and killed by the US government), Christopher Bollyn (one of the most thorough 911 researchers), Wayne Madsen (another serious historical researcher), and many others that have called out Alex Jones, but suffice to say that it's been a hell of a lot of people with the same basic message about Jones - he is not to be trusted.

Jones connections to the CIA, Zionists, and Mossad are littered throughout his past. Jones has openly admitted numerous times that his family has significant CIA connections (just a coincidence I'm sure) and that he gets visits from Mossad on a regular basis, but this is just the start of Jones' intelligence agency connections. Jones' companies also have some very interesting connections when you scratch a little deeper. Victor Thorn (a "suicided" truth researcher that had written a number of major exposés on the Clintons) also called out Jones' show being on the Genesis Communications Network which is an ABC network affiliate (hmm, this doesn't sound like an alternative news channel to me.) But it gets significantly more interesting than this.. the Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, a Mossad operative according to ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, appears to own Genesis communications network (along with a hell of a lot of other "Genesis"-titled businesses.) Jones also appears closely tied to an apparent CIA / Mossad-intelligence front organization Stratfor through Molly Maroney, a previous Stratfor analyst, who is now Infowars editor in chief. Lastly, Jones appears as well to have a connection to the Israeli mob-linked, Zionist Bronfman family (think Seagrams empire and Rothschild family partners) since all his companies are addressed and run out of the office of the same power attorney, Elizabeth Schurig, as that of Holly Bronfman Lev and the Bet Lev Foundation. (The half-sister of the other Bronfman sisters, Clare and Sara, recently identified as driving the NXIVM sex cult.)

All of this is not even yet touching upon Alex Jones' shady regular guests. Since Jones' conversion to being a total Trump-ite, he regularly has on Zionist, CIA, and other highly questionable "insiders" such as Roger Stone. Hell, even calls Roger Stone "Literal Human Garbage" and justifies it quite well. It's not just his participation in the "alternative sex scene", but also his Zionist and political dirty tricks background associated with arch-dirty trickster Roy Cohn (see episode 1 for much more on Cohn.) Then there's Steve Pieczenik, the CIA intelligence expert that generally sounds reasonable until he slips in the 5-10% BS that will really trip you up if you don't catch it. A classic example is when Pieczenik was on Infowars and made a call out to how great Henry Morgenthau, the Secretary of the Treasury under FDR, was. Clearly Pieczenik thought that he was dealing with ignorant buffoons that had never heard about the Morgenthau "death" Plan that starved and killed as many as 15 million captured German soldiers after WW2. (Naturally, Alex didn't call him out on this either..) There are also the recent additions like Mike Cernovich who is a alt-right propagandist that is the typical loudmouthed Trump and Zionist cheerleader going along with all the standard Christian Zionist narratives. Yet the most important fairly recent addition to the Infowars team is Jerome Corsi, but Corsi requires a separate section on his own which we will get to next..

Who is Jerome Corsi?

Jerome Corsi has been working as the "Washington D.C. correspondent" for Infowars probably for about as long as Trump has been in office. Corsi is also a regular writer for the very right wing Zionist / Christian Zionist publication WorldNetDaily. Just to be clear, there is no hiding the Zionist nature of WorldNetDaily. It is as much of a right wing Zionist / Christian Zionist mouthpiece as any other publication out there. WorldNetDaily includes writers such as the totally unhinged Zionist Pamela Geller (even named to the Zionist front, Southern Poverty Law Center's Hall of Fame) who has provided an interview and email publication platform for the likes of John Bolton (archetypical Neocon Zionist war warhawk) as well as the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik (a Freemason and ardent Zionist who was most likely the fall guy for a Mossad action to punish Norway for supporting the Palestinians as well as to drive neo-nazi hysteria and further gun control.) Geller has also been connected with mob money laundering through her dead husband's Long Island car dealership (which has also apparently helped finance her full floor Upper East Side, Manhattan condo.)

Corsi's personal background is as the child of a Cleveland union labor leader (surely no mob connections here..) that just happened to be able to hire the infamous Edward Bernays (see my previous post here for a much more in depth view of Bernays) to run help organize his efforts as a railroad union leader. It appears that Jerome Corsi not only got to know Bernays, but that Bernays became his personal mentor over the years. Apparently Corsi thinks Bernays was an upstanding guy despite his long associations with CIA covert propaganda wars on countries like Guatemala and Iran. (Bernays literally wrote the book on propaganda and weaponized history.) Corsi appears to even have been groomed by intelligence agencies and Bernays himself as he used to regularly visit Bernays at his home in Cambridge, MA while he was going through Harvard on a full National Science Foundation (typical CIA front) scholarship and living stipend to get a political science doctorate. This was naturally following Corsi's original studies and work at St. Ignatius (a Jesuit) high school, Case Reserve Western University (with their rising sun logo and interesting alumni), and his career start at the oldest public relations firm in the US called Edward Howard and Company. (Certainly a propaganda firm, and potentially a COINTELPRO contracting firm.)

Following Corsi's PhD at Harvard, he started getting involved with a number of other interesting "associates" and "ventures" that Corsi typically only mentions as his previous work in "investment banking." What Corsi obviously doesn't mention is any previous involvement with B'nai B'rith, Mossad, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Russian oligarch affiliated deals. A fairly well known deal gone awry that may have involved such characters was one in post-communist Poland where Corsi was sued for losing $1.2 million in investor funds. At, Mel Rockefeller (an out-of-wedlock son of Nelson Rockefeller) describes the following about this Poland deal and his experiences with Corsi:

Corsi immediately told me that he already knew my identity because “being in the anti-terrorism business, me and my partners routinely track Rockefeller family members.” Introducing himself as creator of the B’nai B’rith Mutual Fund in Israel, Corsi proposed that we establish a similar fund in Poland relying on Pyszczuk’s contacts. As usual, I gave everyone benefit of the doubt while also anticipating this could be pre-staging for yet another fraud. I could have walked away. Instead I chose to proceed because the link to Poland suggested this would provide an opportunity to profile those at the core of this ancient duplicity. My intuition proved correct. Corsi was also the first person I heard use the phrase “preparing the minds” to describe what I had been profiling, including their use of cinema to manipulate the national consciousness.

Mel Rockefeller writes further:

Jerome Corsi who I outed as a Mossad asset/agent in a 1997 sting operation in London. Corsi and Piper Jaffray broker Brad Ahmundson were integral to a fraud that took Minnesota investors for $1 million that the FBI refused to properly investigate. Instead, agents sought to portray me as responsible. Corsi is named as the author of several best-selling Israeli psy-ops books, including Unfit for Command (2004), Atomic Iran (2005), Minutemen (2006), The Obama Nation (2008).

Following on from the above described overseas "activities," Corsi appears to have ramped up what looks to be a COINTELPRO-styled gatekeeper / disinfo role with such Zionist gatekeeper outfits as WorldNetDaily and Infowars, and most recently as Q "crumb" interpreter in chief. Despite Corsi's claims of harassment by Google and YouTube, it's fascinating how he always comes out in searches and videos as the de facto Q interpreter in chief. His latest Q disinfo has involved his recent tweets where he calls out Q as being compromised after Q warns people to be careful who they follow. For more on this story, you can follow a bit of it here, but there is more where that came from in the video below.

Another strange Q decoder.. Douglas Gabriel a.k.a. Thomas Paine

Douglas Gabriel, a former Jesuit priest (yes, here we go.. Jesuit involvement - beyond Corsi's educational ties) has also entered the Q fray under the pseudonym of Thomas Paine as part of he and his wife's "American Intelligence Media" YouTube channel. Apparently Douglas Gabriel has a fairly interesting past since it covers a lot of "interesting" forays including:

  • As a cryptologist and systems analyst in signals intelligence for the Army Security Agency (or NSA)
  • As a Jesuit priest where he received his PhD in philosophy and comparative religion
  • As a leader and teacher of Waldorf schools worldwide and specifically a headmaster in Hilo, Hawaii (a place with a hell of lot of CIA spooks as we know from Obama's family history)
  • As a consultant to George Lucas in developing the (Luciferian) Star Wars story. At least this is what Douglas Gabriel claims in the video below
  • As a neo-gnostic spiritualist along with his wife Tyla Gabriel that have produced a book series on the Gospel of Sophia and the divine feminine

Is it just me or is it getting a bit weird here? (You can't make this shit up..) I won't bother going down the massive Jesuit rabbit hole. (Perhaps that is going to be a later post or series of posts.) What I will however focus on to start with is the loony tune rant of Douglas Gabriel to Jason Goodman as can be seen in the video below. (You can also watch the first minutes of an incredibly long interview of Douglas Gabriel talking about his background with @lifttheveil411.)

I'm not even going to try to interpret the conversation between Gabriel and Goodman because Douglas Gabriel went totally unhinged for some reason that I still don't understand. You can decide for yourself what that was all about and what you therefore think of Douglas Gabriel. What I will say however is that Jason Goodman is at bare minimum an unintentional disinfo agent and an aggressive attacker of other Steemit and YouTube posters such as @titusfrost. Some serious disinfo examples from Goodman include his regular hosting of blatant disinfo stooges such as Quinn Michaels with his crypto/AI takeover BS and George Webb, an admitted Mossad collaborator (if not a full on Mossad operative).

Whatever the full constellation of disinfo going on here, one thing that you can be sure of is that since most it centers around Trump and Q, it's all part of the Trump / Q theater that is being put on for us. So enjoy the show..

And we're still not done with this story..

I thought this story would last just a couple of posts, but we still need to cover another rabbit hole of this Trump / Q Zionist psy-op story buried within the recent outings of Facebook collaboration with Cambridge Analytica and their parent company SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group, Steve Bannon, the Trump campaign, and further associations with other shady characters including former Mossad operatives at Black Cube.

If you liked the story here, please do upvote, resteem, and comment below. I'll be back again soon with the next episode in this saga. Thanks!


Wow! That's one damn expensive PDF at Amazon.

Thanks a lot for offering to email it. I'll have a quick read through on Scribd first and let you know.

Have you read it already? Did you find anything significantly new in it?

It's 600 pages - zionism, jews, religion, fake history - I thought I knew most of this stuff - but at page 100 I've already learned a lot!

I can send you the whole thing if you let me know your email - its really quite something!

Thanks again! I actually found already it on another site and downloaded. There's some interesting stuff in it for sure. It's a monster.. (like that bike in the photo)

It really struck me that in 94 he was saying various things would happen - and they have! - which is a good sign, got me paying attention

I haven't gotten that far yet.. what did he correctly predict?

(BTW, I've dropped out an interesting new post that I think you'll like. It's partially about Google..)

In a way he said that America would help Israel to establish Jerusalem as the center of the new world order!

I'm just looking at your new post now!

Yep.. The Rothschilds purchased Jerusalem in 1829 for just this very purpose. No surprise that Trump the Zionist stooge is happy to help them bring it to its final Luciferian fruition

Highly rEsteemed.
It's an overload for sure...

This Article you reference is not supporting evidence BTW. It's an interesting theory, JG being a Agent, but it's unprovable and ultimately unimportant. JG is an Inept investigator who is compromised and easily misled. Mossad wouldn't waste a paycheck on such a Bad Actor. It's far easier to just blackmail or threaten him to do the VERY INEPT things he has been exposed doing.


Thanks very much! I think you are correct.. Point taken and updated accordingly.

Yep, lots of interesting stuff packed into this one.. potentially too much, but hey, better then too little.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and that you'll find interesting all the linked pages and videos provided.

I dont believe Alex Jones is CIA - no CIA shill would have exposed Bohemian Grove way he did. People can disagree with Alex all they want hell I don't listen to him right now b/c he endorses Fake Base but dude ain't no CIA.

Just to be clear, I never said Alex Jones was CIA. I've instead pointed out that Alex has surrounded himself with CIA and other COINTELPRO-type operatives. Alex is in my view not cunning enough to be CIA; Steve Pieczenik however is. He has instead become an incredibly loudmouthed, self-serving, and attention seeking opportunist in my view. Furthermore, he has become a disinformation tool and gatekeeper for those that are indirectly controlling him and Infowars.

Regarding Bohemian Grove, Alex certainly was exposing some things early on even if he was already then still a fear porn monger and manipulative opportunist. I don't however need to speak to Alex' character because I've provided plenty of videos above on that. if you take the time to really listen to them, they will demonstrate with many clear examples (far better than I can here) what Alex Jones has done in the distant and recent past and why he is not to be trusted today.

I’m aware of many of joneses theories, but ... regarding the buisiness that he is in, i do not think that it is weird that he has himself surrounded with people from the intel community, to me jones was a lot like a person that creates horoscopes ... if you shout out a lot of bs, mixed with truth. Once or twice a week, you will be right. But after his popularity rose a couple of years ago, he just went to be a part of the mainstream. Controlled opposition so to speak. Great article, i shared

Thanks a lot.. I guess it's not surprising that he's surrounded himself with these types, but the fact that people aren't constantly calling it out is the part that amazes me most. It's now so in your face that it's tough not to see it.

Indeed, but people are calling him out for a couple of years now. But, we should also not forget that infowars have been a huge influence in the awakening of people. A nice thought experiment would be, so if Alex has been controlled opposition from the start, and he was also one of the reasons of (mass) awakening, how much is this ‘awakening’ controlled, and how much does these awakening help the powers that be??? Btw
Do you know there’s a theory online that he’s actually Bill Hicks, the comedian?

It wouldn't fully surprise me since they always look to control their opposition from the beginning. They also seem to have a requirement to tell people what they are doing even if half of it is BS meant to screw people up.

I don't buy the Bill Hicks disinfo story. If you go look at old photos of Alex through the years, it's the same loud-mouthed Alex, just a lot fatter. They wouldn't have any need to replace him and his humor is as bad as it gets. At least Bill would have thrown in a few decent jokes now and then..

Have you ever looked into the royal bloodlines?

Yes, to a degree, but not extensively. I think this is mostly a red herring, and it's not as big of a deal as it's made out to be. Intermarriage was always part of building a familial empire with noble families. This doesn't mean there's some major mystery to it. I know all the Icke stories as well, and I think the reptilian bloodline stuff is total disinfo BS meant to Pied Piper people down dead end alleyways.

Amazing post! I just re-steemed Part 3 and offered you more comments in Part 1. Well done!

Thanks very much! It's much appreciated.

I also referred to your Part 1 in the latest SGT Report post, but nobody has yet been up to my challenge of debunking any of your claims. Check it out as it's grown into a very interesting thread.

Thanks a lot. I saw it and it's a great comment!.. Just too many still being lulled to sleep with "trust the plan" unfortunately

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