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RE: The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 3 - Zionist (and Jesuit) agents driving the Trump / Q narrative

in #truth3 years ago

Wow! That's one damn expensive PDF at Amazon.

Thanks a lot for offering to email it. I'll have a quick read through on Scribd first and let you know.

Have you read it already? Did you find anything significantly new in it?

It's 600 pages - zionism, jews, religion, fake history - I thought I knew most of this stuff - but at page 100 I've already learned a lot!

I can send you the whole thing if you let me know your email - its really quite something!

Thanks again! I actually found already it on another site and downloaded. There's some interesting stuff in it for sure. It's a monster.. (like that bike in the photo)

It really struck me that in 94 he was saying various things would happen - and they have! - which is a good sign, got me paying attention

I haven't gotten that far yet.. what did he correctly predict?

(BTW, I've dropped out an interesting new post that I think you'll like. It's partially about Google..)

In a way he said that America would help Israel to establish Jerusalem as the center of the new world order!

I'm just looking at your new post now!

Yep.. The Rothschilds purchased Jerusalem in 1829 for just this very purpose. No surprise that Trump the Zionist stooge is happy to help them bring it to its final Luciferian fruition

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