The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 2 - Q the Zionist psy-op

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In the first of this series of posts we covered the Zionist swamp thing Donald Trump that has been swimming in the slime with lots of unsavory Israeli mob ("Kosher Nostra"), Mossad, CIA, and other "alternative sex scene" buddies for his whole adult life (and likely part of his childhood as well.) If you truly research the characters that Trump likes to play in these polluted waters with, you realize that either Trump is the most amazing secret patriot double agent (a.k.a. Agent Orange) in the history of mankind, or he's a man that has sold his soul to the Zionist kingpins he's played with for the billions of dollars (and alternative sex scene "benefits") he's received in return. (I'm personally voting for option 2.)

On Oct. 28th, 2017, a new "mystery" character appeared on the scene to supposedly back up Trump and his supposed war on the swamp. The mystery character appeared on the Internet backwaters of 4chan and 8chan (essentially a couple of virtual swamps known to be filled with heavy disinfo, porn, and general BS), and claimed to be an in-the-know intelligence asset (supposedly with Q level clearance) that is revealing all the greatest secrets of Trump's super duper secret agent plans and the 4D chess he's engaged in to take down the "Deep State."

What is most interesting about Q-Anon narrative is its links and similarity (think "Q crumbs") to the annual Cicada 3301 mystery puzzles that have been circulating on the Internet. Cicada 3301 is believed by some to be run by an intelligence group that creates extremely complex puzzles to be decoded by incredibly well versed cyber sleuths. What's most interesting though is that in the short video below, Cicada 3301 is seen to essentially call out Q-Anon as a LARP (a Live Action Role Play game) and more specifically calls it a "neurotic display of grotesque fanaticism."


Q-Anon is gaming the populace

Regardless of whether you believe Cicada 3301 or not, what can't be denied with all the dropped Q crumbs to date is the gamification effort in play with Q. In gamification (just like with Cicada 3301), the intent is to engage and addict people to games that test the intelligence and problem solving abilities of those that engage with them. Gamification is one of the biggest trends in psychological manipulation of populations and employees today due to its addictive nature. As an example, China is currently engaging in one of the biggest gamification projects in the world called the Social Credit System in which every Chinese citizen gets a single score representing their trustworthiness. I suggest you watch the above videos on gamification to get a much better idea of what its about and what it suggests about intended psychological manipulation when it is used.

The fact that Q is employing gamification is a significant red flag pointing to Q as a sophisticated psy-op that is intended to screw with people's heads and addict them to passively following Q. The real underlying Q motive is to keep people playing along and all the while to get them to stick with and "trust the plan" of Q and Trump while passively ignoring the actual duplicitous actions of the Donald and his Zionist war hawks getting ready to attack Iran. Even Q has stated in his "Q-tips" that the next target is Iran, but of course this is totally OK because its just part of the super duper Agent Orange plan that you just need to trust.. naturally..

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The Trump / Q narrative

We've been led to believe that the Zionist / CIA media collaboration that owns basically every major media and entertainment outlet on the planet hates the Donald and are out to get him because he's some "white hat" that they can't fully control. Are you f'n kidding me?? The Donald has been working hand in glove with the Israeli (i.e. Meyer Lansky) mob and well known Mossad agents and heads of Israel for the last 40 years at least. The Donald's direct and indirect family as well as his closest friends are nothing but Zionists, dual Israeli citizens, and Chabad Lubavitch devotees. Yet despite everything screaming his Israeli allegiance other than him not wearing a "Make Israel Greatest" baseball cap every day, he's somehow a target of Israeli mob run Hollywood and Zionist run major media?? No f'n way..

Conveniently, despite the Hollywood theater (remember that's what they DO), Trump has very conveniently been left just one news organization that backs him up on just about everything - FOX - a supposed highly conservative (i.e. Neo-con) news organization that believes in Trump and his MIG...err... MAGA message. This is the same FOX owned by Zionist Rupert Murdoch. This is the same FOX whose name in kabbalistic numerology is 666. This is the same FOX that airs the TV show "Lucifer." This is the same FOX that shamelessly pushed the Neo-con (i.e. Zionist war hawks) agenda and deadly lies all through the Bush years. This is the same FOX Entertainment complex this is known for producing the predictive programming Simpsons that pre-announced 911, Trump's election, and much more ahead of time.. I could go on and on..

Despite all of the above, Trump is still very conveniently painted by the alt-right as a complete outsider that that doesn't have any dirty, swampy connections and is therefore the perfect business guy to make the right "business" deals for the US and clean up the nasty DC swamp. Trump looks to me much more like a swamp-soaked, Israeli-controlled "Don" that plays by Mossad rules with lots of other NY real estate moguls, mob buddies, and media stars. He sure can make deals alright, but many appear to have been the types of deals where he gets as dirty as he needs to in order to get what he wants, and he's certainly as compromised as anyone else in DC so as to keep him fully under control in case he gets any interesting ideas.

With all of the above in mind, Trump is never in a million years going to allow some supposed intelligence operative regularly announce to the world on 4chan and 8 chan some super duper special ops plans he has for taking down the same underworld that has built him up for over 40 years. Could there instead be an approved Zionist plan that his masters have agreed to and that will throw some famous pedos under the bus? That could very well be a possibility and one that I would be extremely happy to see, but that would only be a limited hang out so as to clean up some loose ends like the disaster train wreck known as the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic Party. Don't expect any other major changes from this that would in any way, shape, or form jeopardize the long-term Zionist plan though.

Q-Anon BS, nonsense, and strange observations

Let's just call out some of the most ridiculous Q crumbs and failed predictions:

  • The original bogus Q posts - On the 1st of November, 2017, a few days after announcing himself on 4chan, Q states that over the next several days a John Podesta arrest will be announced before an Emergency Broadcast system announcement to the entire nation that military control of the government will be put in place to prevent left-led public riots. Never happened - nada - not a single f'n arrest. What was circulated instead was months of crumbs rumoring of coming arrests - all of which never happened just like the first failed prediction.

  • The sealed indictments - So as everyone realized that the arrests weren't happening as Q announced, the next part of the super duper plan went into action.. sealed indictments. Supposedly there are close to 29,000 sealed indictments across the US at this point, yet all the usual suspects that are supposedly ready to be picked up like Hillary, Obama, and Huma are still travelling around the globe like they are on a constant vacation. Some fake news also came out at some point claiming that Delta Force went after Obama in some secret hide out in Thailand and missed him.. hmm, I wonder why they didn't just then pick up Hillary and Obama when they went to Barbara Bush's funeral while Melania was hanging out and laughing along with them? Well, you guessed it, no one can prove that any of these sealed indictments exist since there is no evidence of them anywhere. Hmm, maybe they are double super secret, hidden sealed indictments?

  • The dropping of stale conspiracy photos scavenged from the Internet - Apparently after a while, Q got a little content starved after most of his predictions failed to come true. This is when Q started with dropping photos that were supposed to be serious clues about who Trump and Co are going after. Some of these for example included rehashed Pizzagate photos, Illuminati hierarchy diagrams, and pics of Orgy Island (that Trump may have even taken himself when he was hanging out with his buddy "Jeff" there.) None of these "crumbs" have been of anything that we didn't already know, but they sure do build lots of hope in all those waiting to see the Pizzagate and Pedogate perpetrators do a perp walk to the gallows. Again "show us the money!"

  • Q claims about going after the Rothschilds - So Trump who has already proven to be essentially a gofer for his biggest donor Sheldon Adelson (e.g. the Jerusalem embassy and the Iran agenda) and therefore indirectly for the Israeli (Mossad/Meyer Lansky) mob. Is the Mossad and the Israeli mob really going to take out the Rothschilds, the single most important founders of Israel and the Mossad itself? Let's be clear, Mossad is basically the personal intelligence agency of the Rothschilds. This is when we realize that Q must have a some serious screws loose to even imply this.

  • Q NEVER mentions Israel - The Rothschilds have indirect control over Trump through the Mossad, Bibi, Sheldon Adelson, Jared Kushner, and many other Zionist plants - never mentioned. Jeffrey Epstein works a honeypot operation for Mossad - never mentioned. Soros works for Israel - never mentioned. An Iran attack is solely an Israeli agenda - never mentioned. ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Agency) is run by Israel - never mentioned. Huh? I thought Q is supposed to be working for the best interests of the US? Then why isn't Q dropping any of these crumbs? (You know why..)

Beyond the above Q breadcrumb BS there are some additional interesting points to keep in mind:

  • In intelligence parlance a "Q-ship" or a "Q-boat" is a decoy vessel - The British Royal Navy used to outfit merchant vessels to sink German submarines that got close to them thinking that they had no attack capabilities. In other words, the Q terminology already indicates a baited trap

  • Q is also the James Bond Quartermaster - Q was the role that would provide Bond with secret weapons or Q-devices and this again was in reference to the above terminology of baited traps or Q-ships

truth.jpg red.jpg

glasses.jpg disobey.jpg


There is still more to this story

In the next installment of the story we are going to look at some of the Q decoders and Trump alt-right analysts out there and their suspicious backgrounds and agendas. These guys that are pushing the Trump as "savior" agenda either need some serious smelling salts or they already smell wretched enough themselves from swimming in the swamp that they claim Trump is draining. We'll also eventually have a closer look at the big data control of the overall left / right Zionist shell game being played upon the populace to ensure people keep participating in the big psyop game.

In the meantime please leave your insights and questions in the comments section below, and please upvote this post if you've found it interesting. Thanks a lot.


Great post. It is good to see that at least some people have a bit of sanity left and use their brains and some common sense.
The whole Q thing is a frightening example of the state of intelligence of the people. How can anyone be so stupid to fall for this crap? The general population is already so fluoridated and dumbed down that they fall for anything. On one side of the spectrum the believe in the MSM propaganda, on the other side for the most grotesque psy-ops. Cognitive dissonance on all sides. Meanwhile the agendas of the parasites go ahead full steam. It's disheartening.

Thanks very much Mr. Leeb. Much appreciated.. What actually scares me the most is the level that many otherwise quite intelligent people have fallen for this psy-op. Many are so desperate for their hopium fix that they are willing to ignore blatant contradictions and lies. I think SGT Report is a perfect example in this respect (or at least I hope that's all it is with Sean, and not another disinfo effort..)

Absolutely agree with you. Had the same thought about SGT. The question is what would actually be worse. Genuine stupidity or subversion? Both is equally bad. But it could also be just a result of a guy being in an echo chamber trying to cater to his audience. The fan boys can get nasty if you don't agree with them and he probably does not want to lose subscribers :)

Agreed, not good either way. Sean just being an echo chamber could certainly be the case as well, but it sadly doesn't bode well either with him being a supposed "truth telling" news source.

Daniel Liszt aka Dark Journalist summed up his thoughts a few days ago concerning "Q":

At 2:29:24
Anyone who has the IQ & posses an Intellectual Reasoning capacity sees immediately it's an psy-op.
I've come to the conclusion that Sean-SGT isn't as smart as we would like for him to be & his Christian compassion + indoctrination is responsible for his distorted view of reality.
Regardless, I don't appreciate at all his demeaning statements in his last interview.
Ridicule is NOT a virtue.
Good-Call herrleeb & N&V.

So far I've given Sean the benefit of the doubt, however the longer and more intense this Trump / Q theater goes on with him, the more I start to doubt it's just a question of him being "not too bright". There's a point where you need to question why he's not digging any deeper than the "white hat / black hat" narrative. And this is not just with Trump, it's also with other "good guy / bad guy" narratives like those from Bix Weir as well as the "everything about crypto is good" narrative from Clif High.

The problem with all these regular stories that Sean is carrying is that they encourage people to follow very simple alternative media narratives with no real deeper analysis or thinking. At a certain point, Sean starts to look more like a limited hangout gatekeeper rather than a serious truth researcher and truth teller. I don't want to believe this is true, but over time, facts eventually start to speak for themselves. Let's see how Sean's videos further develop with the latest "Q implosion" with Corsi and see if Sean just keeps playing along as usual or not..

In my opinion it does not even matter if someone is a gatekeeper or just stupid. The result is pretty much the same. My strategy is to simply stay away from these people. I've made the experience that it is nearly impossible nowadays to change anyone's mind or opinion. We truly live in a post-fact society. Q-Anon or Flat-earth folks are pretty much the same kind. It's not a good idea to start a discussion, there is no end to it and mostly it ends badly. So I usually comment only on posts I essentially agree with and stay away from stuff that is too dumb or obvious disinformation. Unfortunately there are only very few out there I really agree with. We seem to be an absolute minority. Generations of fluoridation and indoctrination take it's toll. As someone said "You can't cure stupid" :)

I certainly agree that you can't cure stupid, but sometimes you can help people realize that they need to think differently and deeper (if it's not just a stupidity problem.) Not sure if that's possible here, but if it is, then sometimes it's worth trying to make a difference. The question is then when to just give up trying..

X22 report does the same thing SGT Report does. All they do is bat these stories back and forth about the "deep state" being on the move and Qanon taking out the pedos. It's quite laughable, really. I feel sorry for them at this point. There's nothing that will correct our present course except for the worldwide population to go E PLURIBUS UNUM on every HQ with an obelisk, and that's just the opening volley.

I agree with you. X22 has over 170k subscribers. What does that tell us? The light at the end of the tunnel is a speeding train...

We keep writing, we keep sharing. We become more emboldened than the propagandists that blatantly lie and obfuscate both truth AND reality. I've gotten to the point where I know I'm not on this Earth to make any friends other than men like us. I'm here to make the people open their minds, to shake them off their zombie fluoridation foundation and pull them into the mirrorworld.

I agree to an extent. SGT Report at least delivers some meaningful content now and then (albeit far less lately). X22 Report (by the way, this name has a definite kabbalistic meaning) just bats around total BS at least twice a day about how the economy is about to collapse any minute. I think he alternates his ridiculous content with Gregory (Freemason) Mannarino who regurgitates the same basic storylines but without the crappy intro and lame music.

X22 with 170K subs says to me that he's getting counter-intel bots driving his traffic (and likely Mossad.) The scary part is that I think I'm more comfortable thinking it's Mossad than it's people dumb enough to subscribe to that tripe.

But I digress.. A mass awakening is what is what is truly needed and if that happens the "deathguards" of the cesspool swamp will be dragged through the streets regardless. The real difficulty is waking enough people so that it's no longer possible to tell some lackey police and soldiers to round everyone up. Considering the complete indoctrination and constant psy-oping of the masses, I'm not sure how this is going to occur. However, I just keep writing and hoping that it helps..

This is frigging brilliant

There are people right here on Steemit who appear to believe this Qanon bullshit.

When they resteem it I wonder if they are working of the CIA? But there are some that I'm sure are not, and those ones freak me out :)

Thanks again for all your support!

When seeing all these Qanon followers, I also start wondering if they are just that asleep at the wheel or if they are working for someone else behind the scenes. The one that I've been wondering the most about lately is SGT Report. I used to really like the vast majority of Sean's work, but lately he's become pretty much a Trump and Q cheerleader.

I find it a bit confusing and disappointing considering some of Sean's excellent previous coverage. In the past, he even went so far as to cover the Mossad art student operatives that clearly wired the WTC with explosives before 911 while they were living in the Towers. Now he often just regurgitates the same tired story of Q and Trump taking down the pedos and the Clinton crew (I guess that's redundant) even though nothing substantial has ever manifested from it. I can't tell if he just doesn't want to face the facts based upon a steady intake of hopium, or if he's potentially feeding people with a line as well.

This is the type of excellent honest coverage from Sean that I used to appreciate:

Yeah - I've been noticing a few like that - they are like the new Alex Joneses...

Jones was very likely controlled opposition from the very beginning. He openly talks about his CIA family ties and of course never mentions significant Zionist involvement in anything. Bill Cooper had Jones' number pretty much from the get go. Cooper was the real deal and called out Jones regularly. It's such a tragedy that he was killed:

Cooper wasn't afraid to call out other famous BS peddlers as well:

! ()

Steemit is a gamification.

They certainly use it along with all the other social media platforms..

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Are you sure you are commenting on the right post?

Looking at your history of comments @cryptoindex, it seems like a bot just posting motivational poster quotes everywhere?

I'm pretty sure you are correct on that one

I'm sorry I gotta bother you N&V, but, I just posted a reply to 'sean-sgt' here:
I'd appreciate your support concerning this matter.
Cheers X-
L-O-V-E is probably the best 4-letter word I know, and try to command, in the English Language.
Let's kill'em with kindness.

No bother at all. I've added my two cents as well ;-) Unfortunately, I'm not sure it will help, but let's see..

Hi X-, now I can bother you to comment on my last comment to Sean here:

I don't mince words on this one. Please tell me if you see the same pattern.

Just saw this N&V.
Responding NOW!

Thanks a lot X-. Am I misreading things here? I don't know how to interpret how he is responding, ignoring, and deflecting. He's certainly not stupid, so I can only interpret this as a deflection tactic..

Sean knows exactly what he's doing.
Don't forget he got a degree in Marketing and subsequently worked for the low-price chain TARGET selling cheap shit to the masses.
His nonchalant attitude to his serious commenters is at best a D+.
You are going 'overboard' being as considerate as you are with him.
The best WE can do is continue our legitimate criticism.
Your excellent answers and blog contributions are always the best medicine for this type of malady-misfeasance-malfesance.
:))) & ;) X-

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the support X-. It's very much appreciated.

You may very well. be right. I suspect- with a sick feeling- That YOU ARE CORRECT. But let me ask you this-

Did Kennedy publicly warn the American public os the CIA- secret societies & a plan to Enslave every Man, woman &. Child in America?

Did President JFK try publicly announce a plan to Destroy the CIA & scatter its pieces to the wind? Did JFK publicly announce he would destroy the FED- by having the USA Government Print its own money?

JFK wound up with a bullet in the head.

I personally have mingled with low-lifes. I never invited them into my life- but I certainly found the whole OCCULT world- to be WTF is this? I spent several years around various occult groups in the CHICAGO AREA. I did it to learn what it was all about. I could not believe how wide-spread it was.

I've spent time with whores, drug dealers, people who ran whore houses, people who put up internet porn sites. I kept all at a certain distance.

Just becuase Trump- or any person mingles among a certain Neffarious & & oderous group of people does not AUTOMATICALLY mean he is exactly 100% the same as them- or agrees with all they do. Trump is a Billionaire. You're not going to get to be a Billionaire- during the years Trump did- without- SHMOOZING with those types of people.

Also I have several brothers. 1 brother is pure scum. The other is a genuinely decent human being. So a person's family is not ALWAYS proof that an individual person is scum. (although I do concede that in MOST CASES- who you associate with & they type of people your relatives are- are Usually Indicative - of who a person is- this is not 100% true all the time)

So what if Trump really did want to take actions- to clean the swamp & get Israeli Zionists- OUT OF THE USA? How would he go about that- WITHOUT getting a Bullet in the head?

Especially when VAST NUMBERS of the American People- are CLUELESS about Pedogate & all the rest?

I fully agree that NO ONE can assess the soul of another person. The best we can do is try to fairly assess the actions, motives, and background of another and of those that they choose to regularly associate with and support. With this in mind, is it possible that Trump is actually against these people and is really trying to change things secretly? Sure, this is definitely possible, but based upon his past and recent actions and associations, he is certainly not what I would call trustworthy for this and the probability of this is fairly close to zero. If he were planning on doing this, he certainly would not do it publicly with some secret Q character announcing all their efforts to do so. In addition, his ability to do so would already be fully compromised by the massive amount of leverage they most certainly have on him from his past involvement in their "business" and "activities" together. With these points in mind, I can only conclude that it is nothing but a massive psy-op as described in the post - as depressing as that is for everyone that is believing we have can hope in some part of government again.

Thanks for the support!

These days, we probably need to just assume that all oppositions is basically somehow spun from "controlled opposition."

Thankfully, habitual clear thinking can begin to spot the shilling more consistently... thanks for posting this brilliant article @newsandviews!

Have shared it to my other social media.

Habitual clear thinking can solve a hell of a lot of issues. Sadly the many global indoctrination and propaganda programs that people are exposed to from childhood onwards have been quite successful at eradicating it from the capability set for most people.. Time to awaken it as far as possible in those that can still be reached..

Thanks a lot for the support and the resteem!

Hello N_& V_.
I read your part#1 a couple of days ago and skimmed this part#2, which I will check out completely this evening.

Before continuing, I'd like for You to consider 'extrapolating' a wee bit regarding ....
"In the first of this series of posts we covered the Zionist swamp thing Donald Trump that has been swimming in the slime with lots of unsavory Israeli mob ("Kosher Nostra"), Mossad, CIA, and other "alternative sex scene" buddies for his whole adult life (and likely part of his childhood as well.)"
And then listen to this...
'Jeff & Gordon Duff - Amazing Campfire Stories, Oh My!'
-Jeff Rense Published on May 4, 2018-

True or False?
Whatever it is, it's most definitely food for thought.

I saw the -Activist-News Published on Jan 7, 2018- video when it first came out. And I had the chance to watch the -Anonymous Rebels United
Published on Mar 27, 2018- video which you recommended I should look at a few weeks ago.
Both of them are very good at questioning the "Q-question".

Did You listen to Sean's latest ??? HERE:

Hi X-, It's great to see you back online! I hope everything is going well with your recovery after your time out.

Thanks a lot for the video. I listened to this Duff interview even though I always do it while holding my nose. Duff has been called out by many as a disinfo agent and although he very legitimately jumped on the train calling out the Mossad / Zionist organized crime octopus some time back, I still never know what to fully believe with him. He and a number of other writers from Veterans Today are very confusing because sometimes they have some great info and sometimes they push BS. (Actually Rense and his obsession with extraterrestrials is many ways the same thing.)

However, what I can say is that his comments on the massive power, incredible corrupting influence, and disgusting honeypotting activities of Meyer Lansky and the Kosher Nostra certainly ring true in my view. The Kosher Nostra IS the head of the global mob octopus. Lansky was the godfather of all godfathers and all the other "Dons" essentially answered to him at the top. If you then add in the fully intertwined and supposedly "legally legitimate" power of the state of Israel itself, the Mossad and other Israeli intelligence orgs, it's massive Sayanim and Bodlim network, the global lobbying and NGO network they run, as well as all the other media and Hollywood control they influence, then you start to realize what a "Leviathan" we are talking about.

The fact that the Donald has had loads of close buddies in these corrupt circles, and a great preponderance of them that are/were known Mossad operatives and/or sexual deviants such as Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, Paul Mannafort, John Bolton, Liberace, Guiliani (the on again off again drag queen) and on and on, the suggestion by Duff that Trump is potentially a sexual deviant / "switch hitter" is unfortunately not too difficult to imagine. It could also help explain (other than the Stormy Daniels story) why Melania might not want him touching her any more in the case she happened to recently find out some potentially more interesting history as leverage is being applied to him.

Regarding the interview with Kerry Lutz, Sean is clearly still blowing the Trump horn. He says that he's looking for a leader in Trump and not a savior... what's the difference? There will be no genuine leadership from the corrupt government we have today..ever.. The faster that people realize this the better. The genuine effort has to come from people on their own in a groundswell calling BS on all the lies and deception that we are being pushed daily. Expecting anyone in government to do this at this point -especially Trump - is total fantasy.


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