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RE: The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 3 - Zionist (and Jesuit) agents driving the Trump / Q narrative

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I dont believe Alex Jones is CIA - no CIA shill would have exposed Bohemian Grove way he did. People can disagree with Alex all they want hell I don't listen to him right now b/c he endorses Fake Base but dude ain't no CIA.


Just to be clear, I never said Alex Jones was CIA. I've instead pointed out that Alex has surrounded himself with CIA and other COINTELPRO-type operatives. Alex is in my view not cunning enough to be CIA; Steve Pieczenik however is. He has instead become an incredibly loudmouthed, self-serving, and attention seeking opportunist in my view. Furthermore, he has become a disinformation tool and gatekeeper for those that are indirectly controlling him and Infowars.

Regarding Bohemian Grove, Alex certainly was exposing some things early on even if he was already then still a fear porn monger and manipulative opportunist. I don't however need to speak to Alex' character because I've provided plenty of videos above on that. if you take the time to really listen to them, they will demonstrate with many clear examples (far better than I can here) what Alex Jones has done in the distant and recent past and why he is not to be trusted today.

I’m aware of many of joneses theories, but ... regarding the buisiness that he is in, i do not think that it is weird that he has himself surrounded with people from the intel community, to me jones was a lot like a person that creates horoscopes ... if you shout out a lot of bs, mixed with truth. Once or twice a week, you will be right. But after his popularity rose a couple of years ago, he just went to be a part of the mainstream. Controlled opposition so to speak. Great article, i shared

Thanks a lot.. I guess it's not surprising that he's surrounded himself with these types, but the fact that people aren't constantly calling it out is the part that amazes me most. It's now so in your face that it's tough not to see it.

Indeed, but people are calling him out for a couple of years now. But, we should also not forget that infowars have been a huge influence in the awakening of people. A nice thought experiment would be, so if Alex has been controlled opposition from the start, and he was also one of the reasons of (mass) awakening, how much is this ‘awakening’ controlled, and how much does these awakening help the powers that be??? Btw
Do you know there’s a theory online that he’s actually Bill Hicks, the comedian?

It wouldn't fully surprise me since they always look to control their opposition from the beginning. They also seem to have a requirement to tell people what they are doing even if half of it is BS meant to screw people up.

I don't buy the Bill Hicks disinfo story. If you go look at old photos of Alex through the years, it's the same loud-mouthed Alex, just a lot fatter. They wouldn't have any need to replace him and his humor is as bad as it gets. At least Bill would have thrown in a few decent jokes now and then..

Have you ever looked into the royal bloodlines?

Yes, to a degree, but not extensively. I think this is mostly a red herring, and it's not as big of a deal as it's made out to be. Intermarriage was always part of building a familial empire with noble families. This doesn't mean there's some major mystery to it. I know all the Icke stories as well, and I think the reptilian bloodline stuff is total disinfo BS meant to Pied Piper people down dead end alleyways.

I was not hinting on the Icke stories. The Dutch royals created Bilderberg, nowadays heavily promoting blockchain etc etc

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