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Jason Goodman, you want to play old west gunslinger with peoples reputations?
Been building a case on you since you asked me to look you up. , and your connections to child pedophiles, and Mossad.

CIA SOURCE: Deep Throat confirmed by @frankbacon

Jason Goodman is on the payroll of a man named Arnan Milchan. Arnan has Jason doing work partly out of blackmail. Jason was at parties with a producer named Brian Singer and there were underaged boys and girls. Jason was being paid $2.788 a week and its now up to $3500 a week. Laura Loomer is making $7000 a week from Milchan. Black Cube feed them info. Jason found out that Milchan is paying Loomer twice as much as him and thats why they had this fight. Please do not tell anyone how you got this info. Goodman's job is to deflect attention from Rahm Emanuel , Chuck Schumer and DWS. Rahm secretly paid Pakistani prosecutors 3 million in hush money in March 2009 to make a ton of fraud charges go away. The money came from Israel. The Awan's have been spying for Israel since 2007-2008 with Schumer as the king pin. Now Milchan works with a guy named Avi Hersh. I know you and T and others know some of this stuff, but now you know the full story. Also, Alan Dershowitz has over 7 hours of Orgy Island vid hidden and his vid file is called Insurance, the same name as Schumer's boy Anthony Wiener. Avi is deeply involved in pedophilia in hollywood and the purpose of these parties was to bring in kids for "fun and games". You will want to explore the below video. At 7 53, there is Jason Goodman's "13th" birthday party and "Avi" procuring a 13 year old china girl.

There is a growing consensus that you are a Mossad helper who is creating a Rabbit hole with admitted Mossad helper George Webb and the purpose of the rabbit hole is to distract people away from the fact that Russia did not influence the election, Israel did.

Folks, Jason worked for over 20 years as a camera guy. Let's start looking into his friends and affiliates.

Arnan Milchan.

First off there is his backer at about $3500 a month for Crowdsource the Truth. Mossad past, seems to be a good source for some of the interesting information Jason Gets from time to time and looks down the barrel at George's Breadcrumbs.

Jason worked on Xmen, the super hit created by Bryan Singer, who was later convicted of child pedophilia after he repeatedly took advantage of teens Singer has been accused numerous times of being a pedophile. He is openly bisexual. He called you a criminal. How will he like being forensically linked to the DNC and also convicted pedophile Bryan Singer?

Avi is Avi Nesher. He is a unmarried guy connected to being a pedophile who also happens to be Mossad and has close connections to New Regency. As far as Avi, he is also known as "Hershel Levy" I would not reveal his last name because he could come after you legally.

He has a alias he uses called Patrick.

Jason is also connected to convicted pedophile Bryan Singer. They worked closely together, Bryan was also obsessed about 13 year old children being used for sex.

I have also just learned Jason is close with someone named Todd Solondz, and they are both grads of Tisch NYU film school. Jason was also in the sony leaks.

The Goods on Goodman


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