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The Best Way to Control the Opposition is to Lead it Ourselves ~ Vladimir Lenin

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Truth Fears No Investigation – Let’s Investigate!

Controlled Opposition - What Is it?

Controlled Opposition is a Protest Movement, Opposing or Dissenting Voice that is actually being led and controlled by the Government.

Throughout history almost all Governments have used this technique to trick, subdue and divert attention away from the actual opposition - aided and abetted by the same complicit mainstream media that funded the political campaign of the elected official whilst also managing and controlling his/her public perception - wake up!

It's primary goals are to dominate, lead and control the 'opposing narrative' and divert the publics attention away from the facts i.e. it is not opposition in any way, shape or form - it is manufactured opposition designed to look like real/true opposition.

The deeper that you dive down the rabbit hole the closer you will be to realising that you have been programmed since birth - it's a very harsh reality, but it is true!

COINTELPRO - COunter INTELigence PROgram


COINTELPRO (a portmanteau derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations.

Wikipedia COINTELPRO.png

Insights into Controlled Opposition

  • If a good number of people know it - they most likely want them want to know it.
  • They talk a lot of truth - if they didn't they would be easily identified.
  • They never tell the whole truth and there are some recurring topics that they will never touch - that is the easiest way to identify them.
  • The more awake that you are the easier it is to recognize one of them. It is an on-going process of awakening.


Examples of Controlled Opposition

I am going to go out on a limb here as some, or many of the names on this list are going to suprise, and challenge some people - nonetheless please allow me to add some context. I encourage you to do further research and to keep asking questions.

AgentReasons and Areas to Research
Communism & StalinWho funded Marx? Who was behind the Bolshevik Revolution? What groups did Stalin target and kill? What group did Stalin not touch? The West always needs a bogey-man and a threat. Once it was Communism, today it is terrorists of any kind.
China & MaoCommunism was funded by the West (see 1). Mao Zedong got his start as editor of the Yale China Association Student magazine re-focusing it on 'thought reorientation,' and operated a bookshop out of its medical college. (source: Wikipedia)
Al-Qaeda & ISISAl-Qaeda was created by the CIA to fight a US proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan. The program went underground (black) after the war ended. ISIS is essentially Al-Qaeda re-branded.
Wikileaks & Assange"I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." What about the Bilderberg conference? "That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes." - Julian Assange, Belfast Telegraph (source below). Assange doesn't talk about western state sponsored terror and while he has talked about banks he hasn't attacked the central banks, BIS or World Bank.
Edward SnowdenHe told us that the NSA spies us - didn't we already know this? Snowden doesn't talk about, or release documents on western state sponsored terror, illegal wars and occupations, torture, 9/11 or even a corrupt politican or banker - if he did have top-level clearance he should have been able to find some evidence. The US Gov't even allowed his pole-dancing fiance to fly to Russia and marry him.
Donald TrumpConsistently and intentionally self-sabotages his presidential campaign so as to pave the way for Hillary Clinton to win office - and she will win office and there isn't anything that we can do it seems.
Bernie SandersHis campaign was sabotaged by the DNC and manipulated by the super delegates and Bernie didn't speak up about it and demand change. He played his role becasue his job was simply to ensure that Hillary won the nomination. He was also used to open up the debate about socialism which is where the US and world is headed (see point 1 about Communism).
Alex JonesAlex talks a lot of truth and he has woken a lot of people up but there are topics that he won't touch that I am not prepared to go into at this stage other than to suggest that you research who Stalin didn't target and kill (point 1). Alex often loses it, watch his rant with Piers Morgan on CNN. These rants are intended to make him come across as crazy and he saved it for CNN so that the masses that saw it will more easily dismiss him as a looney.
ALL Mainstream Media and HollywoodThey all spread lies, there is no such this as true investigative journalism. 90% of US citizens get their news from 6 media companies. Hollywood movies pre-program the masses.
Musicians, Actors & CelebritiesResearch Aleister Crowley and the role that the Illuminati and Occult plays in music and movies etc.
RT NewsRT lobbies for cultural Marxist progression, UN Agenda 21 and global warming propaganda. Larry King now works for RT after working for many years with CNN. Max Keiser also comes across as a little crazy at times, just like Alex Jones does. Watch the video below of Max Keiser doing an interview with Alex Jones in a car (under sources).
Almost All Alternative MediaRussell Brand, Jesse Ventura etcPaid actors and clowns. I can't even be bothered wasting energy on them, it's so obvious.
Almost All Alternative MediaThe bigger and more popular the alternative media organisation is the more it is controlled opposition. They speak a lot of truth but once again, there are some topics that just won't touch.

And so many more - most of we are told is a Big, Fat Fabricated Lie!

Don't Believe Me? I Encourage You to Do Your Own Research!

Communism by the Backdoor (Part 1 of 21) - Watch the Full Series

Hillary Clinton Admits that the US Gov't Created Al-Qaeda = Controlled Opposition

Obama Admits that the US Gov't Trained & Funded ISIL/ISIS = Controlled Opposition

Edward Snowden = Controlled Opposition

The Gov't Wants Us to Rise-up and Wake-Up - That Gives Them a Reason & Cause to Take Our Guns Away and Implement Martial Law - You Know This Because They Want You To Know It and They are Using their Controlled Opposition Agents to Do It!


Woodrow Wilson Admits Passing Control Over To Bankers

Woodrow Wilson Unhappy Bankers.jpg

Elections - What Elections?

vladimir_lenin_about_the_oppressed controlled op.jpg

The Matrix

We literally live in the Matrix and most us of will live our entire lives never having realised it.

George Carlin American Dream.jpg

George Bush Admits that the US Gov't Creates the News That You See

CIA Media Control Program - Gov't Has Always Been Making the News

If You Seek Truth You Have Found a Home - Join Me on a Journey of Discovery!

I understand that I am pushing the boundaries with this post (this is possibly far too much information for some people to take) - but that does not mean that the information that I am (and will continue) to share is not true.

Very few people will ever share this information with you (I will) - many of those that claim to be Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers are Controlled Opposition, DisInformation Agents & Paid Liars.

I challenge you to find fault in any of my research - I Aim to Only Share Truth - No Matter How Uncomfortable It May Be to Hear It!

It's Not all Bad News - I Intend to Share Solutions in Future Posts

Stick With Me - No Topic is Too Big, Controvsial or Off-Limits!

Yours in Truth, Peace, Love and Knowledge


If this Post Resonated with You Please Considering Sharing!

All Comments, Upvotes and Follow's are Greatly Appreciated - They will Allow Me to Keep Sharing Truth with You!

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Images: 1 2 3


Assange - Belfast Telegraph 7/19/2010

Max Keiser & Alex Jones - Car Interview


This post is brilliant. While some controlled opposition is pretty obvious, like Alex Jones, I have to admit I only just really woke up to Wikileaks very recently.

The one that really perplexed me is David Icke, because over 80% of what he says is bang on true, but he manages to make himself look like a nutter by spouting on about reptilians all the time. And even though he is now even doing presentations with Alex Jones about reptilians, it only just went click....

Meanwhile, for consistent accurate information I always rely on James Corbett -

Ah yes, that's another thing that looks suspicious, although I can't decide whether it's a proof of guilt or not - the first time I heard about him (David Icke) was something like "that crazy reptilian hunter". It was only much later when I actually listened to the guy and was surprised by how much sense he does make. But the reptilian thing? The three extremes are a) it is really the truth (I don't believe it), b) it is something he believes to be true, c) he is an agent and doing the trick of associating the 80% of truth with reptilians, making the truth unbelievable or ridiculous by association. I choose option B in this case, but it's my personal opinion :) Actually, one more thing to add is that options B and C can be simultaneously true, and he's using planted evidence without being aware of it.

Thanks for the kind comment sift666.

I'm with on James as I've been following him for a good while now and he has certainly contributed to my awakening on a number of topics. I did read somewhere recently where someone accused him of being CO but I can't recall the details which means that it mustn't have been very convincing. To be clear, I am not saying that James is, he hasn't given me any reason to believe so - he's one of the best out there but in saying that we should always remain vigilant.

I've been following James for more than five years now and used to email him with q's before he became bigtime - I really am convinced he knows his stuff. One of the people he has exposed is Noam Chompsky.


I felt this was related so, here is the Music Video I made for the Chris Geo Song "C.O.I.N.T.EL.P.R.O" :

that's a nice addition to the article and a really good video.

I've updated the post with some fresh content. Thanks for your contribution.

Well done article! So glad people are awake and on it when it comes to this stuff. I've upvoted and followed you. Keep it up!

Thank you for commenting, upvoting and following.

Hello, Your post does resonate with me and touches upon one of the most interesting questions regarding opposition - how can we know who is authentic freedom fighter and who is just a distractive puppet? And... is there any certain way of proving that one isn't? How would you yourself convince your audience that you are not an agent?


Russia being communist was propaganda all the way.... they were state capitalist and just pretended otherwise.

Capitalism is used to build the armies and infrastructures for Communism to exist - this is why they've always been hand and hand. Once Those infrastructures and armies are built then it becomes Communism.

No capitalism is needed, prior infrastructure helps any system. Armies are not needed either, with no state you will have no army.

True - it's all an illusion.

Good list of State Actors. Sounds about right. Respect.

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