The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 1 - Trump the Zionist stooge

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So I've been digging into this whole Trump and Q-Anon topic for a while now and I've become quite convinced it's part of a much larger psy-op to get the masses to keep trusting the government "just a bit longer" (of course it's always just a bit longer) while they make their final preparations to get to a one world government in place which is to be led from Jerusalem. I would like to be wrong on this, but there is far too much evidence pointing in this direction.

In this episode, I'd like to start with some clear evidence that Trump's real mission is not to "Make America Great Again" (MAGA), but rather to "Make Israel Greatest" (MIG). He will likely be allowed some leeway in the meantime to make a few popular changes in the US to keep up his image as the MAGA president. This includes potentially throwing some very famous pedos under the bus to make it appear like he's really drained at least part of the DC swamp (but course this will not happen in his end of the swamp that sits in NY..)

In this post I won't bother arguing the point that Hellary is a satanic witch - according to Larry Nichols - who used to be the chief operative for the Clintons. I also won't argue that pretty much ANYONE would have been a far better choice than having Hellary in the Whitehouse. She would have been ready to start WW3 with Russia on day one in office. This also means that voting for Trump was the logical lesser evil choice in such a shitty situation. However, this DOES NOT mean that anyone should have the complete fantasy notion that Trump is some "white hat" savior that is going to save the US from the Luciferians running the show behind the scenes. I will instead make it clear why Trump is in fact heading to the same Luciferian end goal, but simply via a slightly different path that cons the people again into giving the incredibly corrupt US government "just one more chance".

Lets recap some things we already know about Trump's deceit to date:

  • Trump has bombed Syria twice - both times in a mad rush before any "gassings" evidence was ever made available, yet real evidence did eventually prove that both gassing events never happened
  • Trump expelled Russian diplomats - based upon the totally bogus UK Skripal case and again in a rush with no tangible evidence whatsoever having been presented
  • Trump is back pedaling on the TPP - and now claims he is looking at enacting the Trans Pacific Partnership as part of a potential upcoming trade war with China
  • Trump states he is ready to ignore due process in taking guns - as a knee-jerk reaction to the blatant Parkland shooting false flag. He initially claims it would be for the mentally ill, but remember that pretty much anything can be classified as mental illness today (at least 1 in 6 Americans are on psychiatric drugs)
  • Trump blocked attempts at non-Obamacare insurance coverage - even though Idaho made the bold step to try to make it available
  • Trump has surrounded himself with hard core Zionists and Neocons - He's taken mass amounts of money from the likes of arch-Zionist Sheldon Adelson. He's a long time family buddy of arch-Zionist Bibi Netanyahu who could be indicted in Israel at any minute on corruption charges. He's appointed arch-Neo-Con John Bolton as the National Security Advisor. And his Zionist son-in-law and daughter ("Javanka"), in a blatant display of nepotism, have been given official seats in his cabinet
  • Trump has announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - helping fulfill a Zionist-Rothschild-Luciferian wet dream - so much so that Sheldon Adelson will help pay for the new US embassy there
  • Trump, his cabinet, and the Q psy-op are now all making clear threats on Iran - a pure Zionist play that has nothing to do with MAGA


Trump has been in bed with far more unsavory characters than Stormy Daniels

Trump's latest Stormy Daniels fiasco (albeit already pretty gross that he would sleep with that silicon sack) is small beans compared to all the nasties that Trump has been in bed with in his day. Trump has a serious history of associations with very evil and total degenerate swamp things. Of course he would never tell you that while he was campaigning to drain the swamp.. why complicate the psy-op narrative?

Let's take just a few examples:

  • Roy Cohn - Roy Cohn, an important mentor of Donald Trump, started his career in Washington and eventually ran dirty tricks for the likes of Tricky Dicky Nixon. Cohn, himself a homosexual that eventually died of AIDS in 1986, appeared to specifically have a behind the scenes CIA / Mossad (via Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky) role in setting up gay and pedophile honeypots for politicians and others that needed "influencing". (Think Nebraska Franklin Scandal and the Conspiracy of Silence documentary.) Cohn was even on the board of Permindex, the infamous CIA/Mossad front company that was instrumental in operations for the JFK assassination. When Cohn eventually returned to New York, he was a regular attorney for the likes of major mob leaders such as Tony Salerno of the Genovese crime family, Paul Gambino Castellano of the Gambino crime family, Carmine Galante, and John Gotti. Eventually, Cohn got cosy with the Donald and helped him "build relationships" and numerous deals with these mob bosses along with other underworld elements of New York. And remember, NO ONE gets into major casinos without Meyer Lansky / Mossad mob involvement - the mob that sits behind none other than casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, the ultra supporter of Trump. Cohn also introduced Trump to the likes of the two political swamp things and well known "swingers", Roger Stone and Paul Manafort (that also very likely collect dirt on other political opponents considering their own depth in the NY and DC "alternative" sex scene swamps - along with.. wait for it.. John Bolton!)

  • Liberace - Liberace was another very strange mentor for the Donald (although it comes across pretty clearly if you look at Trump's hair as well as Trump's penthouse decor in NY.) The reason Trump's historically close connection with Liberace is even more strange and somewhat disturbing (other than him simply being another gay victim of AIDS and the "alternative" sex scene just like Roy Cohn), is that Liberace was one of the earliest members of the Church of Satan and a very close friend of Anton LeVey. That's no joke. Just look it up if you don't believe it

  • Jeffrey Epstein - Despite Q's apparent recent "crumbs" on Jeffrey Epstein's "Orgy Island" (a place that Trump has been identified as visiting as well), Q never mentions the close ties between Trump and Epstein over more than 15 years of hanging out together. Epstein's island comes across very clearly as a Mossad honey pot operation that filmed its guests doing lots of very nasty things just as Roy Cohn used to have the job to do. Another likely Mossad connection and the "procurer" for Epstein was Ghislane Maxwell, daughter of previous Mossad operative, UK Parliament member, and media "titan" Robert Maxwell. Maxwell even got to know Epstein at Trump's Mar-A-Lago property in Florida. However, we are never clued in by Q on Trump's past involvement with Epstein, which was pretty damn close according to a rape allegation made against both Trump and Epstein jointly. Yes you read that correctly, a woman in NY named Katie Johnson gave an affidavit identifying both men raping her at the same parties when she was 13 years old. The rape affidavit can be found here. (Don't forget that former ex-wife Ivana Trump, accused the Donald of violent rape of her as well.)

  • The Rothschilds - Yep, Donald has some important connections to the Rothschilds despite everyone wanting to believe that he's "clean" of their influence. Although the Donald didn't have $100,000 a plate fundraising dinners with them like Hillary did with Lynn de Rothschild, Trump instead got hundreds of millions of dollars from them (via his now Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross) to bail out Trump International. (This is of course also without mentioning Ivanka's previous long affair with Nat Rothschild before she married Jared Kushner.) Trump didn't get this money without strings attached. Trump clearly got the deal because of his previous acquisition of a CIA/Mossad front company called Resorts International that was owned and operated by Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum (working for both Lansky and the Mossad), William Mellon Hitchcock (heir to the Mellon fortune), and, of course, the Rothschilds. Resorts International used to be called Mary Carter Paint but for some reason decided to spin off their paints and focus on casinos.. yeah, a very common and logical business model. (As a side note, Permindex, as mentioned above in connection with Roy Cohn, was jointly owned by these same ultra Zionists, but also included Louis Bloomfield who was working for both the Bronfmans and the Rothschilds. Funny that Oliver Stone never called out any of these Israeli mob / Mossad connections in his film JFK, especially with so much of being incredibly obvious - e.g. Jack Ruby, a.k.a Jacob Rubenstein, who silenced Oswald, worked for Meyer Lansky. However, with the Israeli intelligence operative and arms dealer Arnon Milchan bankrolling the film, I guess this was part of Stone's deal.)

  • Trump's Bonesmen - Oh, did Q also forget to tell us that Trump has Bonesmen working for him in extremely key positions? Yep, the infamous Skull and Bones of Yale University where the Bushes and Kerry were initiated is also a part of the Trump "swamp cabinet". Steve Mnuchin, the ex-Goldman Sachs banker and off and on Hollywood movie producer is Skull and Bones, and now, thanks to Trump, the Head of the US Treasury. (Yay.. thanks Trump!) Additionally, Trump has Stephen Schwarzman of the infamous Blackstone Group as the Chairman of his Business Advisory Council and the "Strategic and Policy Forum." One can only assume that he and Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary are hatching the next plan for the TPP together as well.

  • The Kushners - Let's first remember that Jared Kushner (like Trump) grew up with Bibi Netanyahu as a close family friend. Charles Kushner, Jared's father, has something in common with Bibi.. they both have been charged with corruption; the difference being that Charles Kushner has already gone to prison for it. Charles Kushner, the New York real estate magnate, was prosecuted (by Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey) for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and witness intimidation as part of Charles Kushner's attempt to honeypot William Schulder (Kushner's sister's husband) so that Kushner's sister would not testify against his corruption with their brother Murray Kushner who Charles had stolen vast sums from. This is the same Charles Kushner that obsessed over owning 666 Fifth Avenue, the former 6th floor headquarters of Lucent (read Lucifer) Technologies. Lucent is one of the key originators of human chipping RFIDs and has some very interesting product names such as "Inferno", "Limbo", and "Styx" as well as the Luciferian "red circle" as their logo. (Think also of the Rothschilds whose name means "red shield" from the sign over their historical business door in Frankfurt, Germany")


Trump 10.jpg Trump 9.jpg

Trump 11.jpg Trump 1.jpg

Trump 6.jpg Trump 2.jpg

Trump 8.jpg Trump 3.jpg

Trump 5.jpg Trump 7.jpg

stone 2.jpg stone.jpg

What does it all mean?

I could go on almost forever on the nasty Trump connections, but we'll stop it here for now. (I'll also get to the Q bit in the next episode of the series.) The point is finally this.. The full story is always far more complex than a simple "good guys" vs. "bad guys" narrative (that Q is now pushing.) We all know that the Luciferians always look to run both sides of the dialectic and then run them against each other to distract and confuse the masses while they achieve their goals. (This is the two headed phoenix of "ordo ab chao.")

The Luciferians are also master manipulators that will readily throw each other under the bus (i.e. Hellary & Co) whenever required to get to their end game of an anti-christ on the throne of a one world government ruling from Jerusalem. They tell you clearly their willingness to throw each other under the bus in their predictive programming movies. The Joker (the same as the Pied Piper, Loki, Trickster, and Lucifer) explicitly shows this at the beginning of the movie "The Black Knight" where he gets all the other criminals to kill each other while he walks away in the end.

This is Trump's role. After the "Hope and Change" failure of Obama, the masses of Americans realized that they were conned once again. So now the Luciferians have dreamed up a far more elaborate psy-op with Trump and Q that makes people hope again that someone that is not part of the system has gotten in and is going to clean up the system. This is pure fantasy and can be seen with Trump's connections and close relationships over the past and today. Will Trump throw some of the pedos under the bus.. probably, but only for sideshow purposes. The real purpose of Trump and Q is to keep the masses enthralled at the possibility that a real change is coming.

In the meantime, Trump is preparing for new wars against Iran and others with the explicit goal of helping the Zionists achieve their wet dream of having a third temple and a messiah placed upon the throne of Jerusalem. Since the lead Zionists are Luciferians, this is basically the same as the Luciferian final goal of Jerusalem as the final home of the United Nations, a one world government, and an anti-christ king of the world as well as the leader of all religions on a throne in Jerusalem. As long as Trump helps them to achieve this, they will pretty much let him stage whatever theater he needs to in the meantime to get there.

If you you would like more proof that this is plan, below are the words of David Ben Gurion, former Prime Minister of Israel from a Life magazine and Look magazine article of January 16th, 1962:

"All other continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.." -


Great article. Exactly how I see the situation. Glad I am not alone with my opinion. I also do believe that there is at least some involvement of the Mossad in the Q Madness. They have the means, the intelligence, the motive. The internet is actually already firm in the hands of our Best Friends Forever. All security software and backdoors in the hardware give them access and control wherever they want. Once 5G rolls out, we are f@cked.

Thanks very much Mr. Leeb. You are certainly not alone in this opinion. I think more and more people are beginning to see that the Trump train is another con. Yes, the lesser of two evils in comparison to Hillary, but still on the road to the same end game. Perhaps there is still some chance that the luciferian plans will be delayed, but they will never stop until they get to their end goal, that is for certain..

Yup. These suckers are relentless. And right now it looks as if they are winning. What could we possibly do? Vote harder next time?

The problem is that as long as the masses are under their spell it's almost impossible to escape the two party control. Voting in such a situation only allows the ability to select the lesser of two evils as was the case with Trump.

A third party that can be proven not to be under luciferian control should always be the candidate of choice, but the only way to get such a third party candidate elected is to wake up as many people as possible to the reality of the situation. I can't think of another way, but this is not an easy path. It takes masses of people teaching the truth to others and thereby creating more and more masses of people doing the same.

I agree. This is a very difficult way, but probably our only chance. Can't think of a better option either.
After all, we are billions and the parasites are only a few. We outnumber them vastly...

Men: This is a great strain. Well thought out; well presented. But don't you both believe the hardcore Christians who participated in the 1776 Declaration had to deal with pretty much the same things? The talmud wasn't written yesterday!

Assuming so, these devout men KNEW that something had to be constructed to give their posterity a fighting chance in future generations. And that's exactly what they did...

Most of us are beginning to understand how diabolical the Constitution of 1789 became; whereas the Articles of Confederation would have never allowed this concentration of power to run roughshod over America's hardworking people. However, with the addition of the Bill of Rights, our "out" is always there... and NEVER needing a top-down "voted" cabal of magistrates to "grant" us liberty. There are some men assembling outside the Steemit forum (although having found each other in here), who are meeting via email and skype. [email protected] We are simply tired of remaining "fish in a barrel". The solution lies at the county level... and believe me, 1-3% (3-10million), can become quite a wrecking crew.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

The founders of the Constitution dealt with a very different set of issues than today. They were all wealthy landowners, freemasons, and were part of the original underground revolutionary movements that the freemasons were just getting underway at that time. Additionally, they were largely non-Christian, but rather Deists. This falls in line with their freemasonic affiliation.

What this means is that the freemasonic efforts of the time were supporting them in breaking away from royalty and starting new republics as part of their plans to end nobility and the Church. Jefferson was likely Bavarian Illuminati and Benjamin Franklin was a known member of the Hellfire Club.

Today, the freemasonic agenda is at a completely different stage. Today it is about creating a single global government and the fight is for keeping sovereignty and individual rights and freedoms. Then they were fighting with the cabal's tide and today we are fighting against it.

This doesn't mean that we can't win, but it needs that the masses are awoken as I've stated above. The sleeping masses will otherwise continue to vote (actively or passively) to nullify individual rights and sovereignty far faster than we can defend these rights. This definitely requires the masses to be turned to stop this progression.

if you take the time to email me, I will explain where your position is based in a false premise. We do NOT need the masses. Christ never designed things this way. He explains how the "straight is narrow" and very few find their way through. Yes? the "masses are asses."

Sorry, I don't actually mean all the masses, I mean the educated few that can influence the masses. You're right, you'll never get all of the sheep, but you do need the ones that can influence them appropriately and this is at least 5% of the populace

they need your help to bring it into reality. they can do nothing without us going along.

i now think the one of the best practices we can do, perhaps more important than anything we do outside (even trying to talk to people) is to raise our own consciousness level thru meditation. the more we are quiet in mind, the more source that flows thru us, and all those around us are effected by that energy, and I now believe it is more powerful than anything I could say to these people.

but paramount, is that I remain calm and centered in my awareness of my connection to God and all things. Whenever worry should raise its ugly head, focus on the infinite nature of God, the all presence, all powerful and there is no force to oppose it.

in doing so I believe I help to bring that into reality, I believe there is a consensus reality we all democratically take part in, and our consciousness level effects our 'voting power' .. I follow David R. Hawkins work which uses the scale of explanation of the scale .. stating the love is much more powerful than fear, that one person in love is more powerful than thousands in fear. so we don't need that many of us to 'oppose' this crap.

personally, I don't just believe this stuff, I swear I see things change around me for the better in the places I go. I've literally had many experiences where something improved and it just happened after I arrived. My ego wants to inflate at this, but the ego is not doing it, it is the lack of ego.

sorry for the long post, hope you find value in it. peace brother.

I agree with you, it does make a big difference. I would personally argue that we need to both internal and external work though. This means an internal transformation that has a "ho'oponopono" affect upon the world around us, and an external transformation that directly helps others to wake up through supporting them with developing an understanding that they would not otherwise manage themselves.

indeed. and I am fulfilling that role now, I hope. doing my best to be an example, and speak to those that I feel I should.

Thanks for the comment.

Every once in a while there is a post on Steemit that fully covers a topic better than anyone else has done.!

From now on if anyone say chump is anything other that a zionist puppet I'm just going to post a link to this.

Great work.

Thanks a lot! Very much appreciated..

Thx, been looking for more content like this to follow. I called the q-anon as soon as I read his first tweet. Many Yt'ers I liked (SGT) this q-anon cryptic garbage and spend their whole video beating off into a bucket, as to find what the lastest cryptic tweet actually means. It's pathetic....Followed!!

Excellent. Thanks a lot

U bet, keep it up!

Alex Jones sold out a long time ago too....;)

Long ago.. I haven't seen any decent content from him in years, just loud-mouthed, domineering "interviews" where he cuts off everyone with anything decent to say so he can incessantly scream his ridiculous banter

When I cut my teeth on "the truth" I watched him daily.....started to give me anxiety & heartburn! lol. Then most of it was all garbage anyway ;)

Great article, cheers. It's sad that so many crave heroes which is why the system serves them up, like Trump and Q etc. and even sadder that people keep falling for it.

I don't think that it's necessarily bad that people want to have heroes. Sure they should rather try to be heroes themselves in some way, but at least they at some level admire what is best in humanity. The real issue in my view is 1) the system that is fully designed to manipulate and con people into believing that corrupt stooges should be their heroes and 2) the perpetual ignorant non-questioning acceptance of the ridiculous narratives people that keep lapping up time and time again.

Basically, fool others once shame on you, fool others incessantly, shame on the idiots that never wake up to it..

I totally agree, nothing wrong with admiring the good qualities in others, i was just referring to the system knowing that people crave heroes and so they serve up phony ones for them, it's just sad seeing people fall for those fake heroes without doing any research into the background of such characters.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. Clearly we were saying the same thing..

I've become quite convinced it's part of a much larger psy-op to get the masses to keep trusting the government "just a bit longer"


But- a part of me still has hope! If we start seeing high-level arrests SOON- within the next month or two we'll know for sure.

I'll be more than happy to see arrests and to be proven wrong, however, even if arrests are made it will still most likely be just a limited hangout to clean up some of the old mess that is the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic Party. I'd be happy to be wrong here as well, but looking at Trump's history and current swamp associates, I really doubt it.

Freakin amazing article and series!


I've been saying for a long time that this Trump 4D Chess & Q-Anon savior BS is one giant Psy-Op.

I just stumbled upon your article yesterday and was very impressed by a lot of it contents which is backed up and well documented. The Burning Platform article is an eye-opener as well.

I wanted to re-steem this Part 1 but the re-steem button is not there (maybe after a certain amount of days we cannot do so). So I've re-steemed Part 3.

I am also a guy who likes to back up his writing based on facts and references and have produced a number of series on my blog; I invite you to have a look if you have time.

Anyway, thank you for producing this quality work. I am definitely following you now.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Thanks so much for the incredibly positive support. It's really great to hear positive messages when the vast majority of the Steem community pretty much ignore these types of exposés and vote up cat pics into the hundreds of SBD instead.

I will definitely have a look at your blog as well. I too appreciate well researched and documented information so it's always great to find (and support) more excellent researchers on Steemit.

Thanks again!

Good points. Good post. I didn't have time today but was going to make a small post about AJ's War Room show last night - with Owen Shroyer. He interviews Steve Pacienik and they both agree that BB is full-o-shite. This is all noteworthy and refreshing b/c we all know it's territory AJ refuses to enter.

Thanks very much for the positive feedback.

I'm getting to the point where I'm assuming that those not raising these questions at this point are either A) not all that bright or B) controlled opposition. I get that a number of them (e.g. Sean at SGT Report) want hope so badly that they are willing to swallow this elaborate psy-op, but it is getting SO obvious that I just don't get how they cannot see the forest for the trees. Especially for Sean at SGT that even talks about the Zionist agenda and 911 Mossad involvement in other videos. Frankly this makes me a bit suspicious.

Regarding Alex Jones, it's signed, sealed, and delivered that he is acting as a gatekeeper and controlled opposition at this point. You just need to look at his regular guests and his twisting of narratives to match the Trump neo-con BS. He's even now changed the narrative to follow Trump with dancing Arabs on 911 rather than the dancing Mossad agents which the Feds caught, interrogated, and freed as referenced in the videos below.

By the way, I wouldn't trust Pieczenik either. This is in my view a good cop / bad cop schtick. I've caught Pieczenik in the past pushing Zionist BS as well, but he does it in a much more subtle way. He's a very smart and highly trained counter-intelligence operative that doesn't pull the same blatant, loud-mouthed tactics as Jones. As an example, he was on Info Wars once praising Henry Morgenthau Jr. and the Morgenthau Plan at the end of WW2. If you don't know what that is, then you should have a read here.

Oh, I've seen most of the content from AJ and know he's being told. He even admitted that a certain intel agency visited him. It's not a US one - tho he, no doubt, has seen lots of them too. I don't trust any of them. I just like to see them have to admit stuff because it's so obvious. We can use their talking poiints for our own agenda - which is telling the truth. I look at it like this: there are a lot of media companies on the fence and even spewing propaganda and misinfo. But, they make some legit points very often. We can agree on quite a bit. We can take what we can get from controlled opp and use it to bolster real independents.

Cherry picking is always worth doing because there is always truth mixed in with the lies. The trick of course is to be able to spot which is which.

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