Insult Trump, Not Me

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Do Dinh said Trump might go bankrupt. But why don't you say that about Bill Gates or other rich people? Dinh said I was targeting him too much, too unfairly. But Dinh targeted Trump, too. Equality demands equal targeting or lack thereof. For over 71 years, Trump has been not only not bankrupt but actually the opposite by more than we can ever imagine. Personally, Trump has never been bankrupt, homeless, without money, food, work, shelter, life. Around 5 out of over 500 Trump companies have gone bankrupt a few times out of a course of many decades which goes back to his poor (NOT RICH) grandparents whom came to the USA in the early 1900's or so, just a century ago or so, from Germany. 2017-09-11 MONDAY 9 AM PURIO Q1 HCM VN FG OR USA JOEYARNOLDVN

Do Dinh said that his culture was different than cultures in different countries. People say this as a way to like agree to disagree and stuff. People often say the culture thing when they are trying to get out of a fight, a debate, and when they are trying to not think about the details of the other positions, the other views. Culture should be preserved & prioritized as much as we can. Our country and family should be first beyond and over other things and countries. Every country excels better throughout anthropology, the course of mankind history, when they do that regardless and way beyond culture, religion, geography, government, views, perspectives, customs, traditions, genders, ages, orientation, and so on.

Do Dinh said I insulted him when I told that he was going against his own Vietnamese culture as a Vietnamese person being born and raised in his own country, this country that I'm living in as an Oregon born American back in 1985. Anything that hurts your country is against your country and culture and people. It is better to come together as people in order to work and study and play and grow and debate and explore and compete and everything else with each other and for each other. We do better as people as we learn from the best. Vietnamese love Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Warren Buffet, Jesus, Buddha, many people, as in so many people, BUT NOT TRUMP, except for maybe a few who may kind of say, allegedly to some extent, that they maybe kind of like how Donald John Trump is like a business man and maybe we are like kind of jealous of this filthy rich pig man dude named Trump. We have so much injected hatred for some people like Trump even as we do not know Trump as much as we think and that is too bad.

Can Insult TRUMP but not me said DO DINH FB CHAT.png Screenshot at 2017-09-11 00-47-45.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-11 00-46-29.pngVN debate to gary 01.png
VN 2017-09-11 MONDAY 1240 AM ICT OTC update on VN and edu and MAGA and the art of debate and MOLYNEUX and disagreeing is ok.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-11 00-40-37.pngsteemit 02.pngSTEEMIT 01.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-11 00-23-14.pnggab jsa.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-11 00-19-14.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-11 00-02-31.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-56-43.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-56-38.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-56-32.pngSTEFAN MOLYNEUX ok.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-43-03.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-42-44.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-41-54.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-36-56.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-36-43.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-34-32.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-32-40.pnggeoengineeringwatch dot org.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-28-41.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-25-33.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-21-46.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-18-47.pngDave Morehead.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-10-54.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-10-44.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-10-31.pnggirl IT.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-09-47.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-07-12.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-04-43.pngculture.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-01-05.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 23-00-11.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-58-39.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-56-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-55-09.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-55-09.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-48-24.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-48-18.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-48-13.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-48-07.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-48-02.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-58.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-45.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-41.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-33.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-30.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-47-17.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-34-57.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-14-13.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-35-56.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-40-58.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-29-12.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-28-12.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-28-00.pngit girl lake.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 22-35-56.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-11-12.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-10-50.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-08-10.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-08-34.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 21-08-52.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-43-40.pngIT POST.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-44-10.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-43-54.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-41-23.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-44-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-41-57.pngBEST PSOT.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-17-01.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-10 20-00-37.png

We are taught to hate rich people like Trump too much. We are taught things subliminally, psychologically, covertly, slowly, through education, media, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Bill Gates, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Hitler Soros, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, the TOO LEFT mass media, the fake news, alleged science extension applications, alleged theology, hijacked religions, evolution, bias, modified history, medicine, through technocracy, plutocracy, corporatism, monopolism, oligarchy crony capitalism, globalization, bad versions of globalism, Satanism, Luciferianism, communism, socialism, hypothetical utopia, Freudianism, Marxism, and so, on and so forth.

This is my update right now on the nine eleven holiday, 2017-09-11, Monday, 9 AM ICT at Purio in HCM, and I am the Original Oatmeal and this is some original spell or original jab or original jibble or ripple of words and rants which I tend to do since I was ten years old back in the year 1995 in Oregon and I want to give myself an update. I keep a dream diary on Blogspot which, like YouTube, is owned by evil Google. People are suing Google. Europe sued or is suing Google this year, 2017, for many billions of dollars, and that is BILLIONS and BILLIONS with a B as in BABY and Facebook is pretty bad too and I want to tell people about the bad centralized systems that the world has and I use Facebook and Google and many things and ghettos because that is where the people are. I am watching through the Psych show which has eight seasons. I looked at the new movie, IT, which I downloaded from Pirate Bay which may or may not be illegal which can later get me thrown in jail perhaps for breaking so called laws of some countries or whatever. I will have to go to jail then but what I do are not really crimes or should not be crimes. I may make lists of things I watch and eat and where I go and other outlines and lists and so forth on Steemit, Minds, Medium, Gab, and as many places as possible with a priority and emphasis more so and first off upon more decentralized platforms with less unfair censorships and other things that might be too bad and stuff. I will continue sharing stuff from places like here, Steemit, to places like Facebook, but it is better not to make Facebook too much of an isolated home. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. I'm at Purio right now. I'm going to McDonald's now, probably. I could go to other places. After that, I plan to go to OTC. And I have that normal schedule for now in 2017. I am not using my phone a lot. I am on my laptop all of the time. I have been eating two times a day but I want to eat maybe 5 times a day. I want to go back to playing basketball. I want to find a room or office or a private place where I can make videos and do live streams. I want to find ways to get paid to make videos or to write or to teach more or maybe other things. I have been making about $200 USD per month or maybe sometimes a little more this year, 2017, and I have been spending about that much or more per month on average as well and I was making more in 2016 on average and I had some savings and I kind of spend some of my savings sometimes and I bought some crypto for the first time in June 2017 and I wrote about that a few times already on Steemit and other places. I am learning each day. I watched all of Bones and finished all 12 seasons of that like last month. I will try to keep track of what I have watched more better int he future and I will try to move a lot of my stuff from Blogspot and Facebook and more to places like Steemit. I will try to work on my 44 tapes and other video projects too. I am a very busy man and I will stop writing now for a second to take a shower and stuff. Maybe I should buy a new laptop cord because that sometimes does not work.


feels like a bit of a culture clash right there. im on neither side. haha

hope all is well man

@kevbot, I am offended by your comment. Being on neither side actually means you are not on my side and that means you are not on my side. My side is your side even if you deny that.

If you were on my side, you would say you were on my side. But you do not want to talk about it. I am now mad at you too. You are kind of attacking me like people attack Trump. Whether you know it or not, mister Kevbot, what you say is kind of bad or maybe incomplete. I am on the side of debate. You are not on the side of debate? I am on the side of democracy, the republic, of independence for individuals, nations, families, for more freedoms, rights, liberties, choices, decisions, freewill, and so on and so forth, and less taxes and smaller government and many great things and for family first and country first and your religion or no religion and culture and traditions and values and beliefs and faith and practices and habits and ideas and whatever that you do first. I believe that people should be given more choices in what they want to do. I believe it is better when we are able to do what we want to do and to live as we want to live as much as possible. That is my side. Why would that not be your side as well?

I'm sure Trump loves snowflakes. :)

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