Facebook = DOD/DARPA

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Did you know that back in 2003 the DOD/Darpa was developing a project called lifelog?
Lifelog was a social media platform where users could connect and share all kind of stuff from their personal life.

Strangely Lifelog was cancelled on 02/04/2014, that is the same date that Facebook started!
Now it is not uncommon that the DOD is outsourcing it’s project to private contractors.
Why? Well they can deny everything , because the project is not theirs plus private companies have company secrecy that surpass any FOIA.

Now ask yourself the following question: Would a platform such as Facebook , that is pretty much the wet dream of every secret government agency be cancelled so that a creepy wizkid can step in and take control? Of course not!

If you think this is far fetched, than don’t forget that the Oracle Database started as a CIA project.


The internet was invented to exchange top secret research between DoD sponsored projects at different colleges... The NSA invented Cryptography... Real Life is a conspiracy... get used to it... lol

You are correct! In fact my first dwellings on the internet was through an dial-up line via the university of Twente in the Netherlands. Back than it only supported e-mail and IRC. Browsers where not even there yet. This was somewhere in 1991.

Good information for us