TRON (TRX): Ascending Right Triangle or Cup & Handle? Probably Both!

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TRON (TRX/USD) can be seen to be traversing within the boundaries of a triangle. The correction at large can also be labeled as an abc zigzag as the subwaves show. Price has breached out of the triangle and the implications of next steps can be assessed.

Closeup shows a potential second breakout of price from the Cup & Handle pattern. This could release the start of another round of impulse as shown by the white waves.

Patterns provide lots of clues on how future price pathway can be and if it jives well with Elliott Waves, the more powerful. The ascending right triangle shown below can be quite bullish. IF price travels as indicate by the blue line arrow; the trend reversal could be confirmed.

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Nice pist, any price predictions for this month?

Come on, let's see Tron go to the moon!🚀🚀🚀

TRX is in a great position to break out of the cup and handle and pop. Reason is the coin burn which is upcomng along with the platform launch... exciting times for TRX hodl'ers!!!

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Thank you sir! Needed to hear something good about Tron.


Thanks again Haejin


Loving your technical analysis! Keep it up!

bitcoin is a new thing, a more ngetrend in the world especially cyberspace, so many are interested to run it and try a new business that is very promising


Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #1

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Thanks haejin :-)

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E interesante y prometedor negocios con BITCOIN. Me gusta, en el futuro estará a nivel mundial


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Is it possible that tron (trx) could be added on coinbase?


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Tron is a good investment, but I think many coins will perform better. One coin am looking at currently that has a great potential and a working project is CanYaCoin which was inaugurated along 5 other in the JD(2nd largest e-commerce in China) blockchain accelerator program. Guys you need to check it out and do your own research.

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