Trial by Comics winners for "Inks" and last fundamental theme announced!

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Hey, Steemit! I’m back from the Dark Pinup salt mines and the book is done […although, there was a few last minute calls and changes to the cover proof today, so maybe not “done”, done]. I had another major roadblock to make this next Trail by Comics post. The fundamentals series had to end with colors, which I no absolutely nothing about. I struggled through this like you cannot believe! @vermillionfox gave me one-on-one lessons [lucky] just to get to the point I’d have artwork for this week’s contest.

Okay, before we move on to the winners, let’s go through the formatilities. We have a very active Trial by Comics Discord channel. Announcements, #trialbycomics post promotion, general art post promotion, theme suggestions. Join us and keep the thriving comics and art community here on Steemit alive. Thank you to @bryan-imoff and @w0olf for tirelessly working to moderate the Trial by Comics Discord channel. Without further adieu, here are the winners of “Inks”!

First place, this week, goes to @cartoonistpandan for his incredible entry of The Darkness! I have the fondest memories of this comic when I was in my late teens. I bought The Darkness every month and held Marc Silvestri in almost as high regard as Todd McFarlane. @cartoonistpandan’s inks on this artwork summarize everything I love […and have ever loved] about a guy obsessed with comics through his child and adulthood. Awesome choice, and incredible work. 25.000 STEEM DOLLARS to you.

Second place goes to @sissyjill for her entry, “My entry for the art contest, "Trial by Comics”. I really loved this entry for it’s perfectly executed composition using the black inks to contrast the subject. Is this an original character, @sillyjill? I’m working on a few comic projects of my own and your choices in this work have inspired a few pages for me. Congratulations! 10.000 SBD to you.

Third place goes to @wanaf for his entry “Trial By Comics : Desert Sniper Inked”. I love the lose inked lines and composition for this, and as I’ve said a dozen times, progress photos mean so much to me and many of those other followers of Trial by Comics! This was a

Here are some of the other entries from incredible Steemit comic artists that all deserve a follow if you’re looking to fill your feed with brilliant creators!






As I mentioned at the top of the page, we are entering in to the last of three fundamental series and this week’s challenge is “Colors”. Flatting, texturing, shading, values. All of it. Just give us your best examples of coloring in the comic art/illustration realm. Process documentation always gets priority for winners, so keep that in mind. 

Deadline for “Colors” is Sunday, March 11th 5:00UTC 12:00a.m. CTS


• Up to three entries per trial round [weekly].

• Original artwork only 

• Winners will be chosen based on quality of work, submitted before deadline and ability to adhere to the weekly trial theme 

• Must resteem the contest post you’re participating in 

• Must include #trialbycomics hashtag [please note the change because this is how we will find your entry] 

As always, thank you all for keeping Trail by Comics alive and well. It’s astounding to me how prolific the #trialbycomics hashtag is when I search it. Hundreds of works of original art, every week! Join our Discord to share your work, theme suggestions or to sponsor the next challenge. For more comics, illustration and art, follow me here @kommienezuspadt. I post often. Have a great night!

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I gotta say @w0olf deserves all the credit for work in the Discord channel. I have been very lax in participating there! Give that man a raise!

Great entries this week as always! I’m with you on being a color neophyte. Looks like you got a good start on it!


Great! I love it, real good expression of emotions, and I love how you ave done the clothes!


Thank you my friend, Actually my problem in coloring, I'm so lack in color. Therefore I often drawing black and white.

First off, nice work in here all, there are some cool ones! Here is my entry to the contest, think I beat the deadline :)

This would be my 2nd entry for your contest air. I hope you will appreciate it

Hello everyone this is my entry


This is great @erdavid! You were really close in the runnings for "Inks".


Oh, what a surprise!, thanks for the comment, but I definitely know that I can do a better performance. And raise my level, I hope the contest continues in time.

My late entry! Hope you enjoy! I did, and also learned a lot about gradient maps.


Congratulations to the winners :-) Not sure if we need to post our entries in here but either way for completeness.
My trial by comics colour entry is here

Hi guys , here my entry:
Mutant Caverno - Trial by Comics - Colors

OMG! Of all the great works, it is my honor to be second place @kommienezuspadt. That was my fave character in an anime series. The whole art work was done by me. It took me some time to accomplish that because I am not that good at drawing and winning is an achievement I never expected. Thank you so much. And congratulations to @cartoonistpandan, and @wanaf for winning. You both deserve it.

Great post buddy

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Congrats on the completion of your book and also to the winners of the contest! I am going to do my best to join you all at your release party! Champagne for everyone!

Congratulations to the winners

Congrats to all.
thank you for your work Kommienezuspadt

How can I join the event sir? I only need to draw something ?

They sure put a lot of hard work and thinking for their comics and it looks good. Congratultions!


@gvincentjosephm yeah, the Steemit art community is an embarrassment of riches! So many talented people here. I love seeing the art that's submitted every week.

Awesome, congrat for all winner. I will participate again in color. Thank

Congrats to the winners!

Many congratulations to these friends @cartoonistpandan , @sissyjill y @wanaf. It is an honor to have won this contest. Greetings friends.


Thanks man.. :)

Congratulations @cartoonistpandan @sillyjill and @wanaf They did an excellent job <3


Thanks @gvand. Appreciate it :)

Whoah! It is a great honor for me to be part in the contest and with all the amazing talent and contestants.And having a same nostalgic league in late 90's comics era with you..:)) Thanks for your kind words Mr @kommienezuspadt..And congratulations to you on the compilation of the long awaited book, Dark Pinup.Highly respect with your dedication and hardwork.its going to be a well deserved success for you! :))

Good contest, congrats to all !!!

Just came across this contest so sorry if this is a dumb question but are digital artwork entries allowed?


Digital art entries are absolutely allowed @thilah! That's all I do. Maybe of our previous winners have been strictly digital artists.

Hey @kommienezuspadt , your book looks awesome :-)
The woman on the front cover is she from the TV show ink masters? Reminds me of her :-D

Wow , I am truly honored to be in the top 3. There were tons of amazing entries from everyone. It really shows there are some great artists on this platform. Special thanks to @kommienezuspadt for doing this contest. A mighty congratulations to @cartoonistpandan and @sissyjill for 1st and 2nd places respectively.

Congrats to the winners - wish you the best with all your future contests. It's been a slice.


Thank you for entering, as always @artwatch! Would you be up for guest judging? Maybe this one for "Colors"? [...not sure if you already planned on entering].


Would love to, but I have some fam-jam-life stuff that needs to be attended to this week - So I don't know if I can commit to anything for a bit.

Hi guys, my second entry
Dack Fayden - The Magic Gathering - Trial by Comics - Colors

Hy! I am a bot and I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for great post! I follow you!


Well, great! Thanks, bot.

Presentando mi trabajo mas oscuro hasta ahora