Green Lantern finished colors for Trial by comics

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I had missed a few trial by comics and when I saw the "Colors" trial going on I wanted to participate with a picture I had been meaning to color for awhile.

I did the pencils, inks and colors for this one so all the work is mine. Sadly never took a pic of the pencils because I mostly didn't when I drew on paper.

Had a lot of fun with the colors on this. I wanted to stick to what you would traditionally see in a comic book format as far as the style went. Saw this a contest a bit late or there would be other things going on with this picture but I am pretty happy with it overall.

I included some of the process shots of the coloring going on as well. Was done in Corel Painter on a Wacom Cintiq. Hope you enjoy!


Put the flat colors in first on gloves and most of the body and added some highlights to just get a feel for how I was going to color it.


Was happy how the body came out since that part of the costume is white and white can be bland sometimes. Lot of the body work is done with the selection tool then highlighted or darkened inside the selection so that some of the edges remain "crisp". These shrunk down versions lose a lot of the details so that can be hard to notice.

Threw in a background color to start to see it as a whole and wanted to come up with something for the energy. The inked look wasn't cutting it for me, I wanted a bit more pop. I also added some subtle shading on thighs and shoulders in the black areas so they weren't so flat.


Roughed in the planet and started to tweak the background to have some depth. Wasn't sure what I was going to do with the energy coming off the ring yet.


Played with space, added some stars and a bit of "galactic depth" lol


Took out the black line around planet and started to work on the fist. That was way more of a pain that it should have been figuring that out.


Cleaned up a bunch of loose ends! added more to the energy ring and finished it up.


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One of my favorite superheroes. it looks amazing!


Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment. Lots of fun to color because of all the glow he has going on as a character. He is a fave of mine as well.

Damn dude this is dope... super clean colors here, and loving that glow from the gun. Really feels like he's floating out in space and all that jazz hahaha


Thanks man I appreciate it! One of these things I just wanna keep working on it but gotta stop at some point lol

Oh, god. I'm having like vietnam flashbacks to trying to color this thing in MS paint.


LOL I remember you telling me about that. I don't envy attempting that!


Dude, I literally spent like 5 or 6 hours on that god damn thing and I just felt like my computer was sucking my soul away. I'm pretty sure I dropped what I had done in your last post on this if you never got to see it. It wasn't even that terrible looking considering what I was using, but yeah, fuck MS paint.

This looks really cool! The colors look great. I do digital art as well if you'd like to check out some of my stuff. :)



Glad you like! and thanks for swinging by to take a look.


Of course! I followed you as well. :)

Dear friend! Next time also use #artzone and follow @artzone to get an upvote on your quality posts!

Cool colour scheme! :)

Amazing! That green glow outline against the dark sky and the warm pop of the planet really makes it come to life.