Trial By Comic Color Entry #2 : Baby Groot With Colored Pencils And Crayons (Bilingual)

in trialbycomics •  9 months ago

Dear Steemian!!

I want to share my drawing with mixed media colored pencils and crayon . This work especially I created for entry #2 #trialbycomics theme color hosted by @kommienezuspadt. In this occasion, I drew a character of Baby Groot in Guardian Of The Galaxy vol 2. I like baby Groot because his is funny and adorable. So, I really interested to make this character to participate in this contest.

Saya ingin menunjukkan karya pencampuran media pensil warna dan crayon. Karya ini khusus saya buat untuk partisiapasi pada kontes trial by comic yang dibuat oleh kommienezuspadt. Pada kesempatan ini, saya menggambar karakter yaitu baby Groot di Film Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2.Saya sangat menyukai karakternya karena lucu dan mengemaskan. Oleh karena itu saya sangat tertarik untuk menggambar karakter ini.

Here is my entry


I made this character with colored pencils and crayons on my sketchbook. It's different like before I mixed media colored pencils dan makeup tool.

Saya membuat karakter ini menggunakan pensil warna dan crayon di sketchbook A4. Berbeda dengan sebelumnya yang menggunakan pensil warna dan alat make up.

I made a sketch first used mechanical pencil.

Seperti biasa, saya membuat sketsa terlebih dahulu sebelum menggambar dengan menggunankan pensil mekanik.


In this drawing, I started to made his head used colored pencils light brown and dark brown, black and green.

Pada gambar ini, saya mulai membuat kepalanya menggunakan pensil warna coklat muda, coklat tua, hitam dan hijau.



Next I shaded his costume used colored pensil red, orange, brown and black. I made it step by step until it was done.

Selanjutnya saya arsir kirimnya dengan pensil warna merah, orange, coklat dan hitam. Saya membuatnya tahap demi tahap hingga selesai.




Then, I continued by shading at his finger hand and his feet with same color like head.

Kemudian saya lanjutkan dengan mengarsir jari jari tangannya dan kakinya dengan warna yang sama seperti di bagian kepala.



After that, I made the background. Here I used full color of crayons.


Finally, I finished this drawing after spent time three hours.


That's all my process of making it. Thanks for visiting my blog and hopefully you like my work and got inspired. I'm happy if you are interested to try drawing like I did.

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Regard @huslein.slash


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Resteemed for all my followers to see the great talented artist that #thealliance has

Excellent job @huslein.slash


Thank you so much, I'm happy you like it.

Memanglah.... !


ya lagenyan lah bg. semangat hana abeh2

Wow! Groot is so cute


yeah, I think so. thanks

Awesome, upvoted, follow and resteem


Thank you so much

keren banget...mantap👍👍👍


Hehehe makasih bg, coba2 lebih berwarna aja ni..

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Full Color Inspiration, very good post, Friends

Beautiful drawing, keep up!


Thank you friend. Yeah of course

Jagoannn :)

THIS ONE IS AWESOME. Groot is such a fun project. :)


Thank you so much, all right. I'm have you like my work

I love groot! You definitely made an awesome depiction of him. I believe this is the first time that we have met, I am an ally at the alliance by the way. It's nice to meet such a great artist in the family.What other medium do you use besides colored pens? Do you also paint?


Wow thank you so much, nice to meet you fam and I'm happy you like it. Right know I still rarely to paint, I prefered drawing. But sometime I used coffee and watercolors to painting.

Wow, that's a great entry! Love the expression and the details on groot's face! :D Nice work bro!


Thank you so much @w0olf. I'm glad you like my work.