Dahu Park, Pingxi and Shifen Old Street [Day 2 in Taipei 2017] | Travel Blog 4-B

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It was our second day and we're excited to explore the city which we haven't been to before. Our first stop was Dahu Park. The closest train station here is Dahu Station along the brown line which passes by the Songshan Airport in Taipei. It took us an hour to get here as we need to switch MRT from green line to brown line. Our route was from Taipei Main Station, we alight the train at Nanjing Fuxing Station and rode the brown line going to Dahu.

2017-09-12 10.30.52.jpg

2017-09-12 10.44.05.jpg

Dahu Park is huge and it's easier to roam around with bike although parks in Taiwan don't let you use it inside but you can only put it in the entrance of the park. So we needed to walk to explore the park. See pictures below on what the park looks like as well as our group pictures.

2017-09-12 10.31.15.jpg

2017-09-12 11.02.06.jpg

2017-09-12 11.08.56.jpg

2017-09-12 11.33.15.jpg

2017-09-12 11.39.32.jpg

2017-09-12 11.42.30.jpg

I even got myself some solo pictures taken by my friends:

2017-09-12 11.10.53.jpg

2017-09-12 11.35.34.jpg

After this, we went back to the station and took the brown line to Muzhua Station where we rode a bus 795 going to Pingxi Old Street which was our second destination.

Pingxi is a famous Old Street as well in Taiwan which offers variety of foods and souvenirs.

2017-09-12 15.10.57.jpg

2017-09-12 15.26.28.jpg

I saw these cute small woods with Chinese writings on it and asked my friend to take me a picture with it as a background.

2017-09-12 15.28.17.jpg

We already knew that sky lantern experience is usually done in Shifen which is why we already took our chance on doing it here as there are less people here than in Shifen. See how we designed and let the lantern fly on the video below:

2017-09-12 16.56.57.jpg

After we fly the lantern, we took some pictures while waiting for the TRA or the provincial train for us to get to Shifen Old Street.

2017-09-12 15.59.36.jpg

2017-09-12 16.08.34.jpg

It was just a 10 minute ride to Shifen Station.

2017-09-12 18.00.36.jpg

2017-09-12 16.44.47.jpg

We already did the sky lantern so we just explore the area going to the Shifen Waterfalls

2017-09-12 16.45.18.jpg

As we continue walking to the bus stop to Shifen Waterfalls, we pass by this hanging bridge and took ourselves some pictures.

2017-09-12 16.46.39.jpg

2017-09-12 16.54.49.jpg

Upon arriving at the bus stop, we were informed by some drivers waiting there are the waterfalls is already closed because it's already late in the afternoon.

2017-09-12 17.23.35.jpg

So we just went back to the Station and waited for the train going back to Taipei City so we could take some rest and go to a night market. But as we were walking back to the station, I saw this picture of the waterfall and just took a picture with me so I could get a souvenir. LOL

2017-09-12 17.12.58.jpg

While waiting for the train, we took again some pictures and look how messy we already were that time and yet we still went to night market afterwards.

2017-09-12 18.08.37.jpg

2017-09-12 18.03.39.jpg

Taiwan food and night markets will be shared on a different post.

That's all for now and thank you for reading!

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