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(Fort Siloso Skywalk @ Sentosa Island)

Continuing the second part of our trip in Singapore...

It's our Day 2 and we started the day by exploring a chill place which is a garden. A combination of Chinese and Japanese garden although we only went to Chinese Garden because the place was too big and even if it was still morning, the weather was too hot already and there were no shades along the way so we rested after we took pictures.


The place was very clean. This was also the farthest place (from our hotel that) we've been on our Singapore trip and we took MRT to get here. It was just the first few trips that we opted to take the train because the nearest MRT Station was 600m away from the hotel so I tried to check if a bus stop was closer so then we tried it (during our first day going back to the Gardens by the Bay during the night). So here's a photo of me as we rode the bus for the first time in Singapore:


Some of the buses there were double deckers so we tried to wait for that kind of bus and tried to ride on the upper level. Here's the view in front of a double decker bus from the upper level...


Going back to our second day, after the Chinese Garden, we took MRT to go to our next destination which was Chinatown. There were lots of shops there (forgot to take a photo again lol) so you can go shopping here for pasalubongs and souvenirs although our main agenda here was to get to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.


We then headed to another temple which was the Sri Mariamman Temple. I looked fresh here because of the sunlight. LOL


We passed by this man having a cart who sells ice cream sandwich which is famous in Singapore so we tried it. It was 1.10 SGD (Although my friend who went also in SG told me the cheapest was 1.00 SGD). I picked Coffee flavor while my mom picked pandan (can't remember if that was it).


After that, we took our lunch at Mcdonald's near the MRT station then went back to the hotel to take a nap...

Continuing back the trip, we headed to Sentosa which was our last stop. We took the bus from our hotel to the mall nearest to the entrance of Sentosa Island.

To get to Sentosa Island, the most common and convenient way is to take the Express Train. If you have been to airports with AirTrain/SkyTrain, that is the closest thing to describe the train going to Sentosa Island. The fee is 4SGD roundtrip. I'm not sure though if that could be used as unlimited pass for the day or not. You can also get there via bus, taxi or Grab. It is also accessible by walking through the boardwalk although it would make you tired once you get to the island because the boardwalk is about 1-2 KM.

Our first stop was the Fort Siloso Skywalk, there's an entrance fee it think to the Fort Siloso itself but going up to the Skywalk if free. It's more of an observation deck so we took some pictures...

(Sentosa Island Beaches)

After that, we headed to some beaches.

(Siloso Beach)

View from the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Photo 30-04-2018, 6 29 14 PM.jpg
(Palawan Beach)

In Sentosa Island, located here is the one of the famous travel destination in Singapore which is the Universal Studios Singapore. We didn't get inside because it wasn't on our itinerary and we only had a short visit so it's not ideal to get there.

Photo 30-04-2018, 7 10 18 PM.jpg

Here are also some of the places you can see inside Sentosa... a smaller version of Merlion and the Candylicious trees

And the differnt kinds of m&m's! Chocolate overload!

Photo 30-04-2018, 7 15 27 PM.jpg

After taking lots of pictures, we then waited for another lights and sound show or called The Crane Show which was just in waterfront Sentosa.

There are so much to do and see in Sentosa Island. We didn't try any activities because it costs a lot. If you want to maximize your visit here, I strongly suggest to save a lot of money because there are lots of activities that you would want to try when you get there and they cost a lot. Lol.

Our Day 3 was just a shopping time for my mom. We went to Mustafa Centre which is a huge grocery with lots of merchendise too. Bags, shoes, clothes, perfumes, chocolates, gadgets... almost everything is there. After shopping we then packed our stuff and went to the airport and waited for our flight.

If you're curious how much we spent on our 3 day trip excluding the shopping and air fare, we only spent around 13000 PHP for our accomodation, food, transportation and attactions. It's like just 6500 PHP per person! If you've been to Singapore, you wouldn't believe how we survived with just spending that amount.

And that concludes my Singapore Trip [Travel Blog #2]! I hope you had fun and learned something from what I've shared. If you have questions, let me know by leaving a comment below.

📍 Singapore, Singapore

📸 Photos are all mine

📸 Photos were taken using iPhone 7

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  • Thanks for reading!


    Ang ganda ng post. Ganda ng mga photos. Everything about it is a feast to the eyes. I like how you captured what is beautiful and colorful about Singapore.

    Yun beach, talagang kunting tao? May nagpost din about that at ganun din sabi. Weekend na un ha pero walang tao.

    Pang @ocd-resteem eto at @curie na rin :D

    true pang curie too!

    I'm not that aware pa how those works po hehe, but I guess those are compliments right? I look into it so I can (probably) use it to my future posts. Hehe thanks @junebride @leeart!

    Thank you! Super worth it to be in Singapore. You don't need to worry that much sa expenses if you really just look for attractions na free and budget friendly food. :)

    With regards to Sentosa beaches, I guess ganyan lang talaga yung tao.

    For me as a Filipino, I would not be that fond of going out of country just to swim to other country's beaches (except Phuket! and Europe probably)
    Plus the fact that it's a MAN-MADE beach made me thought of just go there to for sightseeing.

    But I think it's free to dive in and swim!

    I always thought SG is expensive as per those who worked there. Maybe for a tour it isn't.

    The beach I tried was Padang Padang in Bali. It was just an hour or so swim. I was afraid of getting sunburn haha!

    I guess the cost of living is high.

    Yeah. I would want to go to a beach in Bali when I go there. And I’ll take note of Padang Padang. Thank you!

    Welcome to SG! Found you on @steemitworldmap's latest digest! :D
    Hope you had fun and had alot of rather good food hehe

    Thank you @seanytan for welcoming me (although it's late haha).
    I did! The place was so clean, peaceful and lots of things to do and see! Would definitely comeback within 5 years!

    travel travel nlang oh!! hahaha masarap ba ung icecream sandwich beshi? or overrated lang? ang mura ng nagastos nyo bongga! ❤

    Super budget kami beshi! Buti naresearch ko lahat before going there. But there's a lot to try that costs $$$ talaga. Haha. Must try yung ice cream sandwich! Don't expect too much but masarap sya. Tsaka 1 SGD lang!

    Kung may Dora ang nga kids, may @johnarvee12 ang Steemit!

    Haha! Di pa naman ata ganon kadami napupuntahan ko unlike ni Dora. hehe thanks @bloghound :)

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    the Crane show looks awesome, I never seen something like that (although I am near to SG but SG is hella expensive to go there) :S

    It actually was! I envy you though because, you can just travel by land, whenever you want to to go to SG! You must stay on your budget and do thorough researching so you don't spend that much!

    Interesting Singapore! The Crane show is amazing!

    It was, indeed! Lots of different attractions to see! The show was amazing too, I would recommend it to everyone who's going to Sentosa Island :)

    Gusto ko nung ice cream sandwich and m&m!!! 💛💛💛 ganda ng mga shots mo😊

    Thanks po @joninacalara AHHAHAHAAHAH. Madami m&m dito huy HAHA. Bili ka na din ice cream sa convenience store!

    Yayamanin tlga! Hahaha ang daming pangtravel. :)

    Haha utang utang na alng yung iba hehe; Ipon ipon lang din! :D

    Hahaha. kakainggit dami na travel goals. Sama mo nman kami haha

    Haha pwede pero kkb HAHA

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