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About a year ago, I tried to travel by myself because I had this feeling of getting out of my comfort zone and try if I would be able to survive being out of town alone for a couple of days. So here's to start my travel blog in Sagada!

I rode a bus from Manila going to Banaue on a Thursday evening and after 9 hours of sitting & sleeping inside the bus, we arrived at Banaue on a Friday morning and immediately rode a van going to Sagada for another 3 hours (It included side trips and stopover for breakfast that would be posted on the last part of this blog series). After 12 hours of travelling, I finally arrived at Sagada!

2017-03-17 13.32.39.jpg

What I really fell in love most in Sagada was its cold weather which is colder than Baguio because of it is located on a higher altitude, geographically speaking. I can remember I saved this screenshot of what the weather was like during that time.

The first thing I did when I arrived there was to checkin somewhere. Did I mention that I didn't book any accomodation before going to this trip? It's because upon looking for accomodations online, I came across this blog that says it's cheaper to just book when you're already there than doing a reservation. But during on my way there, I was scared that I might not be able to find a place so while I was riding the bus, I looked again for accomodation and I tried to contact some. Gladly during the morning of my arrival, someone replied to me and gave me directions on how to get to their place.

2017-03-17 12.29.32.jpg

2017-03-17 13.34.34.jpg

Look at the view of this place! I really felt comfortable right away when I saw this relaxing view in my place. It was a single bed room that has bathroom inside and includes shower heater because when you're there, you won't be able to take a bath with the coldness of their normal water even in the afternoon, the water is still cold. So here's what my room looked like (I wasn't able to take a photo of the room itself). There also a cabinet inside that room.

017-03-20 11.34.43.jpg

2017-03-18 15.05.28.jpg

For my accomodation, it's name is Kanip-Aw Pines Lodge and I had it for just P350/night. And my overall rating for my accomodation is 8/10. Here's more photo of me inside my accomodation.

2017-03-20 11.44.12.jpg

2017-03-20 11.33.44.jpg

And I took a rest for about an hour and went out already to go for some adventures... to be posted next!

2017-03-17 12.27.06.jpg

📍 Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

📸 Photos are all mine

📸 Photos were taken using iPhone 7

Thanks for reading!


Nice! Solo travel, I'm also planning to have one soon (char lang, mga next year pa). Kailangan pa i-prepare ang self mentally, haha! Pero, okay talaga ang place, in fairness :D

True! Wag basta basta magtravel magisa! Haha planuhin mabuti and be open for options!

The place wherein you stayed is so wonderful and the price is cheap compared to how amaing the accomodation is. I just wish I have enough time in Luzon so i could travel to Sagada. 😊

Where are you from? It’s worth the stay to be honest!

Ang ganda sa sagada!!! Gusto ko rinnnnn makapunta jan! Kaso hanggang laging baguio lang ako :( hahaha. Ang ganda rin ng ambiance sa Kanip-Aw pines lodge, very pinoy.

Ipon for extra budget since mas malayo! And I suggest na sa Banaue na din kayo dumaan para ma tick off na din yun sa travel list haha! Then just do a side trip pauwi ulit sa Baguio naman para super sulit!

huy nabother ako sa battery mo. lobat na! hahaha! ang tapang mo besh, prang d ko kaya magtravel magisa. pero bet ko yung ganyang weather ❤❤

uso na powerbank nyan! Hahahhaa 1st time ko to! Andyan naman si boyfie mo haha
Tru sobrang babalikan ko yung ganung weather

Yay solo travel... i am not sure if I could travel by my own.. i need someone to be with while moving around

You might wanna try someday! Daming lessons learned when you try to be independent while travelling haha!

Such an amazing view just outside your window. And the accommodation price is so affordable as well.

It’s the reason why I booked here! It’s so peace and quiet and has its relaxing view! Yup most of the accommodations here are cheap depending what type are you looking for.

mura lang pala accomodations dyan? plan namin magsagada soon. :)

Oo! Altho mga 3 min walk to from the Tourism Office pero malapit lang sya! And mura talaga

ok lang yan samin nga tag 30 mins nilalakad namin e :D Thanks sa info.. well wait for the next part of your sagada adventure :)

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