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(Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay)

Continuing the first part of our trip in Singapore...

We went to Gardens by the Bay. Here you can get inside for free. There are just specific places wherein you need to pay for a ticket just like the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which was about P905 if you get it on Klook. (You might want to use my referral link if you still don't have an account)

To get to Gardens by the Bay, the nearest MRT Station is the Bayfront Station which is accessible via Circle Line and Downtown Line. You can also get here via bus, taxi, or Grab.

The Gardens by the Bay is a big area like a size of a theme park. They offer a shuttle near from the MRT Station going to the place where Cloud Forest and Flower Dome is located. The shuttle fee is 3 SGD which is good for unlimited rides the whole day. Here's a picture of our tickets and me and my mom as we ride the shuttle.

As we get close to the area of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, we saw this great architecture from a far. This is the Cloud Forest.


We went first to the Flower Dome and upon lining up to the entrance, you'll see these animals.

Photo 29-04-2018, 2 57 44 PM.jpg

These flower wallpapers are lined up upon entry.

Photo 29-04-2018, 2 59 17 PM.jpg

And once you get in, the first thing you'll notice is the temperature. Lol. Because Singapore is a tropical country, when you get in here, you'll just feel like you are in heaven not only because of the temperature but also because of how much flowers are there.

Photo 29-04-2018, 3 01 07 PM.jpg

Of course aside from appreciating all these flowers and the place, we took lots of pictures too...

Photo 29-04-2018, 3 02 07 PM.jpg

Photo 29-04-2018, 3 12 03 PM.jpg

I did try to enhance my photography skills too because of the great flowers as my subject...

My mom has some photography skills too, though I had to fix it. Lol


I tried to have this picture to be the same as this one but I guess I didn't get it right for so many reason. LOL

(Source: Pop Inquirer)

Before we left the Flower Dome, we took a selfie...

Photo 29-04-2018, 3 21 10 PM.jpg

After visiting the Flower Dome, we then headed to Cloud Forest since the entrance is just across.

Upon entry, you'll be amazed with this indoor waterfalls...

Photo 29-04-2018, 3 25 26 PM.jpg

Check out this video to see more about the waterfalls:

We were already tired after visiting these two but we still needed to see the Supertree Grove since it's the most famous in Gardens by the Bay.

There's a lights and sound show here in this area that's why we went back here during the night. See how glowing are they during night time...

This was also the place where I saw the members of Fall Out Boy which I've also posted. Here's a link if you like to check it out: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

There are still lots of things to do in Gardens by the Bay. If you want to maximize your visit here, I suggest you explore the whole area because there are still so much to see aside from what I've shared. Unfortunately we only had a short visit in Singapore that's why we needed to leave and check out other tourist destinations aside from these.

📍 Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Singapore

📸 Photos are all mine

📸 Photos were taken using iPhone 7

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    I'm amazed at your photos especially your travels.

    wow.. ang ganda naman jan... gustong gusto ko makakita ng real tulips.. mahal daw jan sa singapore eh... kelangan ng malaki laking budget bago makapunta jan... :)

    Ang dami talagang klaseng flowers dyan!
    Yan din akala ko at sabi ng karamihan, pero if you do your research thoroughly, kayang kaya kapag budget traveler ka tulad namin hehe.

    Definitely needs to be in my bucket list. That waterfall is amazing! It definitely needs a one post only for this amazing place - architecture, flowers, colors - a photographers delight haha!

    You deserve the honorable mention as well. Good job!

    Hindi mo nagaya yung pix kasi iba kulay ng shirt mo haha!

    Thank you @leeart! Deserve nyo din na maging part ng travel experiences ko. :)

    Hindi mo nagaya yung pix kasi iba kulay ng shirt mo haha!

    HAHAHA Sobrang di ako full force sa paggaya dyan kasi I just tried to remember the pose, I didn't have the time to check it out again before posing hahaha.

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