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After 2 years, we were able to come back to our second home country... Taiwan.

Of course, we booked it as a promo ticket since these are the only airfare that which we could afford during 2017 which only costs 2100 PHP if I'm not mistaken. Our flight was almost midnight so we gathered at the airport in the evening.

Few minutes past midnight and we arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport!

Right after we arrived, we just loaded our EasyCard (card which you can use for paying transportation and stuff in convenience store) and rode the bus going to Taipei to check-in to our accomodation and rest for a while before we start our day. Note that Airport Line is not yet built that time and it's also midnight which is why we took the bus.

Our official DAY 1 starts here!

2017-09-11 09.16.58.jpg

Before we head out, we bought some breakfast down our hotel in a convenience store and ate it at the dinning area of our hotel.
(Food, accommodation, and transportation will be published on a separate post!)

2017-09-11 09.28.10.jpg

Time to explore the city! Our first stop is Elephant Mountain!

2017-09-11 10.14.01.jpg

From Taipei Main Station, we took the MRT RED line going to Xiangshan Station. At the station, you can take Exit 2 if you're going to walk for around 3-5 mins going to the jump-off of the mountain or take Exit 3 to rent a YouBike going there. Either way, it's just a short distance.

2017-09-11 11.19.35.jpg

Arriving at the jump-off, you will see a mark that has an Elephant and a Mountain painted on it.
To be able to reach the last viewpoint, it will take you 500 steps and another 100 steps to reach the top.

In between the trail, there are viewpoints which you can take pictures already as the view is already perfect on these viewpoints.

2017-09-11 11.39.29.jpg

Here's a photo of me, ready to take few more steps to reach the top!

2017-09-11 11.43.51.jpg

After a few minutes, we reached the top and the view is just overwhelming.

IMG_9190 (2).jpg

2017-09-11 12.37.08.jpg

After spending time at the top, we descended and took a break back at the jump off as we took again our bikes so others could practice those who doesn't know how to ride one.

Few minutes passed by and we left to our next destination... Beitou Park! From Xiangshan Station, we took the MRT Red line to Beitou then switch to a different mini Red line to Xinbeitou. The train ride was about an hour. Once you get off Xinbeitou station, you will see this area...

2017-09-11 16.36.54.jpg

There are signs that point you to Thermal Valley which was supposed to be our destination but it was under renovation when we went there although, the good thing was we were able to see Beitou Park!

2017-09-11 16.07.46.jpg

My friends and I just stayed in the park and appreciate the beauty of the park with its sulfuric scent which isn't a good smell in my opinion.

2017-09-11 16.18.19.jpg

We also went to the Public Library of Taipei in Beitou Branch and just took a quick peak as it is just a 2 story library. I wasn't able to take a picture of the place but it's a good place to chill and just do some work or school stuff as it has a peaceful environment.

2017-09-11 16.21.07.jpg

After this, we went straight to our accommodation and took a quick nap before we went out again in the evening.

When dinner time came, we headed out again and took ourselves back in Ximending. We took some souvenirs already after taking our dinner and explored the area while taking some pictures.

2017-09-11 21.12.20.jpg

2017-09-11 21.19.29.jpg

Fun fact, my profile picture in most of my social media accounts was taken here in Ximending:

2017-09-11 21.21.53.jpg

Thank you for reading the first part of my fourth travel blog.
I'll be posting more regarding my 2017 Taiwan trip on my next post.

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    Interesting walk along a river smelling of sulfur, the water is a lovely shade of blue @johnarvee12

    City life is not high on my wish list, visiting the great outdoors is what interests me so enjoyed your climb up the stairs to look down onto the city from a distance.

    I share the same sentiments with you! I’m more into the nature spots even outside the city but for a short trip like this, it’s hard to go out of the city as it will take time and won’t be able to use my time wisely to explore whats close to the area.

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    What a great article @johnarvee12, that was a fun tour, thank you! I know you used a selfie stick and I bet you didn’t look funny at all. 😉

    You have a gorgeous family, we hope to make a trip to Thailand before we return to the states in 2021. Dude, we’ve been gone since January and I haven’t seen a 7-11 for nearly a year.... can you please copy and paste me a large House Blend with two pumps of Caramel and one pump Vanilla?? 👍🏿

    And then hang tight real quick, my wife will be awake in about an hour, we’ll need you to copy and paste her order too. 😉

    Haha! Yeah tose are my friends who’s with me as well during our internship there in Taiwan. You might have mixed up this post with my Thailand posts 🤪 Thanks for dropping by!

    Friends, family. Tomato, tomawtow.

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    Yup, Saw it @lizanomadsoul. Thanks for adding it to the list. :)

    That looks like a great place to spend a night out with friends :D And the landscapes with nature are cool too!

    Yes! A day would not be enough to explore the whole city. Thanks for dropping by!

    Ang saya naman. Thanks for taking us on a great tour. Day one pa lang to ha 😁😁

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    May ilan pang posts haha! Thank you!


    te ves feliz, bueno para disfrutar el viaje con amigos

    Día feliz

    yes! thank you for dropping by. have a great week!

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