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I should have posted this first but I wanted to focus first on the Sagada travel that's why this has been the last post for my 1st travel compilation. Previous blog urls are listed at the end of this post.


As you all know, my travel destination was Sagada but before you reach Sagada, you might wanna have your side trip either in Baguio or Banaue. In my case, I took Banaue since I've been to Baguio when I was a child. So upon arriving via bus to Banaue Bus Terminal, a lot of van were lined up going to Sagada. Aside from going to Sagada, it had a side trip to different rice terraces view points along the way and since it's very early during that time, they took us to a breakfast place.


The food was good, nothing special, just a normal breakfast place. The place is great since there's already a view of rice fields and a couple of houses from the restaurant where I was sitting.


After breakfast, we headed to the Banaue View Point which was the first rice field view site that we've been to.


This was taken by one of my co-passengers along the way to Sagada. The most famous rice field in the Philippines which is the Banaue Rice Terraces was that view but I was a bit disappointed because I was not the same as I expected it to be just like what we can see in postcards. I actually lowered my expectations since I know how things work in the Philippines from seeing it online versus seeing it with your own eyes but this was really disappointing to see. Although I guess, it's also not yet planted that time that's why it wasn't on it's greatest form.


The view point also has these stones formed into a bench for photo opportunities with the rice fields as the view.

On this view point, a souvenir shop can also be located. I also came across this old lady who was hand weaving a cloth by doing the traditional way. I guess that was added as an item to the store for sale.

Our last stop for this side trip was the Bayyo Rice Terraces.


This is located in Bontoc already on the way to Sagada.

bayyo (2).jpg

This is the best rice field that I've seen so far (I haven't been to Batad yet). Although there were already lots of houses beside the rice field, the view still looked perfect as the rice field was clearly nice during my visit. I wonder how rice field looks like if it's on their full bloom or ready for harvest. I bet it would be much nicer and could be their best form.

After few minutes after eating breakfast and stopping by to two different view points, we then proceeded to go to Sagada.

Photo 17-03-2017, 10 12 36 AM.jpg

The whole trip took more than 3 hours including the side trip. If I can recall it, the fare including the side trips was P300 from Banaue Terminal to Sagada. Not bad for a comfortable ride and few good side trips though!

This is just a short travel post since it was just only a side trip for my Sagada Travel which I posted.

I'll be posting my Singapore trip on the next few days!

📍 Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines

📸 Photos are all mine

📸 Photos were taken using iPhone 7

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