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Travel Digest


I spent a few weeks on that island in 2007. It was in winter and I wasn't a tourist. I had a room in town called Vela Luka, a place you already saw on all these pictures.

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#2 Mikulov - Picturesque Town in South Moravia by @plantfuljourney

Mikulov is a charming city in South Moravia. I hadn't visited it before as it is quite far away from the place where my father lives. Last summer, we decided to travel across the region, and we couldn't miss coming to this place. I can now say that it is one of the most beautiful towns in Czech Republic. You wouldn't believe how many architectural and historical gems you can find in such a small place.

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#3 Ba Na Hills is not an amusement park, but a food court tour. by @lannabeiker

"Ba Na Hills is not an amusement park, but a food court tour." Here is a review I came across on the Internet from one of the visitors to the Ba Na Hills park. And, you know, he is absolutely right. You could say that. Only his review was negative, short, but capacious, on the topic that there was nothing to watch in the park, nothing to do, the food was disgusting, the wine was fake. And now I am repeating the same words consciously, but in the most positive sense.

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Thank you for the HONOR!!! Eeeeek!

Well deserved. Interesting whistled language you shared there!

thanks for the mention - and the other honorable ones look teasing, I will give a closer look tomorrow. job done well!

You are very welcome!

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This is really a great place to visit!

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