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Recently I spent two days at St.Peterburg's the New Year Fair that was held at Expoforum; harvested a tonne of interesting stuff that I probably will be filling my blog in forthcoming weeks or months. (And a lot of food images! Surprise, surprise -- tasty meals are the must for all Russians as a part of celebrating the New Year coming).

In this blog I will share the pictures of the glass blown toys, used for decorating the Christmas Tree. It will be a long post, beware. Happily its almost pure images and no long-reads. Probably more pictures will go to post #2. Ok, ready? go!

All images are mine. All images are available for purchase in hi-res.



Photographer's self-portrait. Look carefully, and you will see me!


Художники искали вдохновение в народном стиле, в лубке, в народном творчестве. Конечно, не обошлось без такого эксклюзива, как балалайки, самовары, матрёшки. Многие игрушки - персонажи русских сказок: Емеля, Старик и Золотая Рыбка, Красная шапочка...
Artists-creators sought inspiration in folk style 'lubok', in Russian folk art. Of course, it could not do without such an Russian exclusive as balalaika, samovar, nested dolls (aka Russian dolls). Many toys were developed from the characters of Russian fairy tales: Emelya, Golden Fish, Red Riding Hood...



Some toys were made in the shape of fruits. My baby especially enjoyed the Pomegranate toy.


Продавец была супер клевая! помогательная и улыбчивая; в конце концов я осмелился попросить разрешения зайти за прилавок, чтобы фотографировать самые дорогие игрушки, стоящие на полках - и легко получил его! (но не стал долго злоупотреблять этим).
The seller was super cool, helpful and smiling; in the end, I dared to ask permission to go behind the counter to make close-up shots of the most expensive toys on the shelves - and easily got it! (But I did not abused it and didnt stay there a long time).
Вот так выглядел прилавок. На вид не очень много всего, а на деле - целая вселенная! Здесь можно было провести пол-дня (при условии, что у вас есть камера!)
This is how the counter looked like. Not that much, right? But in fact - it was a whole universe! One could easily spend several hours here (provided that he has a camera, ofc!)



Весь прилавок был заставлен коробками -- все можно было потрогать и выбрать. Самые дешевые стоили $3. Более дорогие изделия, упакованные в коробки, располагались на полках за спиной продавца. Чтобы их рассмотреть, приходилось обращаться к продавцу.
All of the counter, at the hand distance was lined up with boxes - everything could be touched and chosen. The cheapest toys were priced at $3. More expensive stuff, packed in separate boxes, was stocked on the shelves behind the seller's back. One could pick them up and decide with the seller's assistance.



The ball toys were located beyond the customers'hands, too. / Украшения в виде шаров также находились дальше, чем длина рук покупателей.



The boxes are full of amazing stuff!


el 131.jpg

el 129.jpg The smallest toys were presented in these boxes: a squirrel with a nut, deer baby Bambi, ducks, kitties and dogs...


el_6449.jpg Golden cones -- simple and elegant!

Ducks and puppies. Touchy!


There was also a bestseller here - a golden walnut. Actually it was sold out, I noticed only one left.

made in Russia

Возможно, вам будет интересно сделать небольшой исторический экскурс. Магазин представил продукцию всего двух производителей: нижегородской ф-ки "Ариэль" и клинской ф-ки "Ёлочка".
In case you may be interested in a short historical excursion, the store presented the stuff from two manufacturers only: the factory 'Ariel' from Nizhny Novgorod and the 'Yolochka' factory from Klin.
История фабрики "Ариэль" началась в Нижнем Новгороде в 1936 году. Несмотря на все зигзаги истории, традиции не умерли! Фабрика процветает, создает прекрасные произведения искусства и имеет международную известность. При фабрике открыт музей, а также организуются туристские туры для желающих познакомиться со старинным ремеслом стеклодувов. Инет-магазин:
The history of 'Ariel' factory began in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in 1936. Despite all the zigzags of history, tradition has not died! The factory flourishes and, as you may see, manufactures beautiful works of art that gather international fame and awards. There is a museum established within it, also the tourist tours have been organized for those wishing to get acquainted with the ancient craft of glassblowers. Online-store:
Вторую половину ассортимента составила продукция клинской фабрики "Ёлочка". Эта фабрика хранит традиции стеклодувов-ремесленников с 1848 года!
'Yolochka' glassblowing factory from the city of Klin made the 2nd half of the assortment. This factory has kept the tradition of glass-blowing artisans since 1848!


I will add to the post some more close-ups... and the rest will go to the next post -- part two.


Some of the toys were combined all together in special boxes, aka 'collectible gift set'.


el_6466 mouse.jpg

Personally, I was amazed to see the toys in the shape of an old typewriter and a Zinger sewing machine!

el_6383.jpg Red (riding) Hood girl and the Mushroom Daddy.

The Golden fish -- who executes any three wishes, according to the Russian tales.

The toy in a shape of Balalayka.


A Gingerbread House toy.

Toys from the 'Bullfinches' set / Голубые игрушки из коллекции 'Снегири'.

A Young Beauty and an Old Granny.

The Hunter.

The Owls.

The Brave Hussar Soldier, and a Princess (probably his bride?)

my purchase

The story probably would be incomplete and imperfect without telling what I have brought home, right? Unfortunately, not too much (and that's why I took so many pictures -- to have this beauty in digital if I can't possess it in real). Like many other families, we have a tradition to add each year at least one new toy to our Christmas decorations collection. This year I went after this one: a small deer baby, the name is Bambi! It is very tiny, less than 3 cm. Despite its size, it was costy: 250 roubles (apparently $4; some bigger and more expensive toys were priced at $15-25). Anyway, it was impossible not to fall in love with her! And my wife totally approved my choice.

k5bgp6.jpg all images taken with Canon 5D + Sigma 50mm 1.4, Canon 16-35mm

location: ExpoForum, St.Petersburg, Russia
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Thanks for visiting my blog! Resteem would be much appreciated -- help more folks see the beauty.


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Wow so many beautiful ornaments it would be hard to choose!
The little deer, owl and Balalayka. The three wish fish is very cool also!
Awesome to see so many treasures @qwerrie! :-)

thank you, happy to share! part 2 will follow too!

Они напоминают старые добрые ёлочные игрушки. Помимо стеклянных были и разные небьющиеся. Кое что ещё осталось))

"напоминают", только и всего? по-моему один в один такие же. по духу, не в деталях... и на лицо -- наши, не китайские, не голливудские...

По фото судить трудно, надо в руках подержать)

ну, выставка уже всё, закруглилась. оленёнок остался в наличии, может при встрече как нибудь удастся подержать в рках.

So much detail! Beautiful decorations and very good photos. :)

These are all great photos! It really does justice to these ornaments.

grand merci. !BEER ?!

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Oh my goodness, I love every one of these and your photos are fabulous!
!tipu curate

happy, thank you very much for saying this ))))))

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It’s an awesome walk through those amazing and beautiful Christmas toys. Love them!
I saw you at the portrait shot hahaha , you over the red ball, cool!
Great shots and story dear @qwerrie it’s worth the time 😉
Big hugs over there ❤️

there is a lot of cool art here, I think
glad you enjoyed it


let me share some dark !BEER with you, my friend.

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Мне олененок приглянулся еще на этой фотке

И тут в конце поста оказывается, что вы именно его и купили))

ага! я на нем остановился из-за цвета, размера и цены, и он нравится, действительно красивый и не самый заезженный сюжет. здорово!

Очень всё понравилось. Особенно впечатлила "Золотая рыбка" и "Балалайка"!

ага, спасибо. много красивых работ, все с любовью сделаны. будет еще часть 2, с персонажами типа Емеля, Старик с Рыбкой. мне они очень понравились, прямо таки наши, русские герои.

Сколько интересный игрушек!!!!

и заметьте, отечественный производитель! не китайский ароматный стелька!


а то ж!

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thank you.

Oh wow! I want that fig one! And the typewriter machine :D
Love the shaped ones. We used to have lots of them. But since its glass they broke over time. Now my sister buys one or two new every year to add up to her collection. Totally awesome :)

@tipu curate

fig one? what is fig one, the very 1st image?..

yes, they broke each year... we suffer from it too. so, nice to have manufacturers that do them 'the same as before' :=)

Oh my this is like Heaven for a christmas tree ! or for @dswigle ! 😄
The Bambi is a lovely choice for this year add...I remember having see him on your previous post 😊
I also love the pomegranate, and I find it very original to have fruits as decorations for a tree, indeed...LoL

I find it very original to have fruits as decorations for a tree

...which is often a spruce or a pine :=)

this didnt come to my mind, actually. you are right -- it is a funny twist! (or maybe better say: a little pervertion?) personally, I prefer the little neatly-made ones, like the Bambi, the golden walnut, stuff like this. dont like big ones... but there are absolutely cool big toys - characters of the fairy-tales there.

Barbara, may I suggest you a pint of dark !DERANGED !BEER
do your gnome Luigi used to use stuff like that? :))

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They all look beautiful! Which reminds me: I need to make my very own matryoshka christmas tree ornament!

why not? just do it, this shape is not complex.

Merry Christmas to your family!

Each one of the ornaments is a work of art and the photographs you took are gifts in themselves!

The delicately crafted ornaments remind me of the ones my parents had when I was a little girl. The balalayka is one of my favorites! I like your tradition of adding a new one each year!

Looking forward to seeing part 2 of your story! @qwerrie

glad to hear that. part two will follow, I promise you!

Sounds good!👍🎄