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Heeeyho Readers! Bringing a quick post to express gratitude and some thoughts.

By this time you may have read or seen my big adventure across Europe by bicycle and how it ended; If not, this post contains the tragedy that happened a few days ago.

Even though it feels like a sad end for an exciting story, I can proudly and gratefuly say that the misery of that fateful night, when some bastard stole my bike, can be seen as some sort of destiny, somethig that was meant to happen, a new beginning.

The days after the robbery have been the most fantastic I've had during the whole trip so far. The truth is that, hadn't the bicycle been stolen, I wouldn't have met all the brazilian friends in London, who quickly received me in their busy house for two days giving me the best of the brazilian warmth. The days there were so busy that I didn't have much time to think about my bicycle.

Then @travelling-two and @soyrosa reached me, encouraging me to go to the London meetup and indroducing me to @redrica, who I jokinly say adopted me as part of her family, finding me a place to stay and carrying me all over the place in her car. You rock Red!

Destiny sometimes can be a dang bastard, but the amount of great things that have been happening on the past days, and the many new doors that are openning, greatly surprass the price of a fancy mountain bike. In a matter of a few days I went from travelling alone throughout 6 or 7 countries to meeting strangers that I now consider fundamental parts in my life.

Is Steem a valuable cryptocurrency? I don't know, but its community is 100% sure the best, the most carrying, the most united and sexy community on the whole crypto space. Thank you all so much!

The London Meetup


To finish the week in great shape and enthusiasm, nothing like meeting new Steemians with tons of wisdom and creative minds. There were so many great conversations that the day flew past at incredible speed. What a sexy group of Steemians!

I'm not really into people photography, but I managed to snap some sneaky peeky photos, some of them turned out to be quite funny.


@teodora, @redrica and the new Steemian @dougalporteous


Here's @steevc absolutely concentrated!


These two awesome dudes are @colossus39 and @adetorrent, there's a lot to learn from these dudes!


The dudes obviously checking something on the Steem chain.


I swear to god this pic was not staged.

It's a shame I don't have photos of the other sexy sexy Steemians that were present @susanlo (you see her a little bit on the last picture), @travelling-two (Sam), @ultravioletmag and @zoltarian. If you want to see them all check the other London Steem Meetup posts!

@adetorrent- https://steemit.com/steemians/@adetorrent/woo-woo-food

@dougalporteous- https://steemit.com/steemit/@dougalporteous/steemit-meetup

@steevc- https://steemit.com/steemit/@steevc/follow-friday-steemians-assemble

@teodora - https://steemit.com/meetup/@teodora/bow-to-my-dearest-friend-skills-oz5a1pyu

@travelling-two - https://steemit.com/actifit/@travelling-two/actifit-travelling-two-20190118t222822229z

There's also a video:

The Show Must Continue

With all the great stuff going on, I'm confident enough to get back to work on the Steem blockchain, so hands to work!

I'll continue to upload content that is delayed from the trip, there will be some awesome videos on the road. You can also expect some real time content around London (my current base for the next months). And don't bother if you see quite a few translation posts lost here and there in the middle of my travel posts.

As for the bicycle, I've got one to use for now, until my life gets better in terms of money. I plan to re-buy something similar to what I had in the future. Plans for 2019 are:

  • Be able to forward help and positivism to others, the same way I'm receiving
  • Earn bucks to upgrade video equipment
  • Bring even more crazyness to this channel
  • Give more attention to @cyclefeed

After aaaaaaaaaalll that being said, I'd like to thank everyone, from my family to friends, for being amazing. I won't quote the names, but you know who you are!

Let's wooooooooooooooooooooooooork!

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

Follow me to stay tuned for more craziness and tips.

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LOL, what the heck were we doing in those photos haha.

I don't know what Colossous was saying to have such an expression hahahahahah, funny as hell! Plus now we have the super power bug inside master joke now

Wowwwww nice pics!!! Hahaha it’s soooo nice to meet you! And I’m sure you can either get your bike back or get a new one soon!! thank you for introducing the photo-related stuff: you got amazing skills!! See you in the next meeting ;pp Cheers:)

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Weeeeeeehe @susanlo, the bike will be sorted for sure! I'm still in the learning proccess with camera stuff, but it's one hell of a nice thing to learn. If you ever feel like going for a photo run around London just reach me.

Yayyyy ok!! Thanks!! Hahaha :))

Posted using Partiko iOS

Wow beautiful pictures, I love the moments you captured, the camera love you and offers a lot of fun it seems 🤓 Good luck in London :)

Posted using Partiko Android

And the funny thing is that I've never been a camera guy, @teodora, but it's something that triggers creativity soooo much. Love love

Brilliant mate ! Didn't even realise you were taking these photos, so can vouch that they weren't staged !

The last one is the most natural of them all, it makes me happy looking at it hahaha each one of you had a reaction, so funny

Happy that at least something good came from the bike theft. The community is really great and this is one of the stories that can confirm that.
Good luck in future adventures!

I think it is all destiny in the end Bil, things must happen for a reason!

I am so happy you made it to this meet-up man! I was sure our fellow London Steemians would not leave you stranded after all the crazy things you have been through lately but I was not sure if you felt like showing up there. Glad you did!! Thank you London folks, you are awesome!

Btw, I am quite confident we can also push you to the epic win in the Tomas´ yearly final ;) Looks like you finally have some exciting times ahead my friend! :)

Duuuuuuuuuude, Steemians are the best community ever, I've never seen something similar, no joke! We meet each other and it's like being near a long term friend.

I have my eyes on the contest, when is the end? I'll promote it!!!!!! It'll be epic as hell.

Oh yeah, it sometimes really feels like we are a kind of one big family :)

The contest will be open for a few more days. I am keeping an eye on it too, don´t worry. But yeah, you better ask for some further support, there are some big guys in the final too, they might "strike" in the very last hours or so. Go ahead and promote your entry in "the group" ;)

I'll work on it, I'm kinda away from skype as it slows down my old pc too much hahahahaha

No worries man, I just did a little promo for you in the skype group ;) However, your entry is not the leading one anymore :( We need get some more support for you.

I'll promote the heck out of it, just 1s

Missed so much fun :(

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I'm sorry about your tragedy but I'm happy to see good things are coming :)

Yeaaaaah Gabs, there's always a reason for things to happen!

I hope some more good comes out of your misfortune and you can keep travelling. It was great to have you along on Friday.

Let's see how it goes @steevc, I'm trying to get a regular job to do along with Steem, if that happens I'll recover soon.

Yesss - I'm so glad you went and got in touch with all these lovely people! Hope you're still in London next meet-up, I might try to join that one :D Good luck dear @mrprofessor!

It was a blast! I may be around for sure, otherwise we'll have plenty of time to do another one or arrange something!

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You became my daily news @pennsif, awesome!

Go SteemFolk. I love the friendships here. So glad you have had people around to help and get you on track. Xxx

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Those dudes are amazing @riverflows!! Makes me wonder when we are going to meet, I feel it'll be so natural and epic.