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It's finally the day of the #SteemLondon meetup organised by @redrica. We're at the Whole Foods Market in Kensington where we have set up base in the food court. I got here about 2pm and there were a few already chatting. People have come and gone through the afternoon. It's a great opportunity to just talk to fellow #Steemians. Not all the conversations are about Steem. There's been some politics and philosophy too as well as photographers comparing gear.

My photos are not great, but I hope the others have better.



Here's a list of who I've seen so far:

@redrica organised this event
@mrprofessor cycled from Steemfest, but had his bike stolen in London
@ultravioletmag is an artist and vegan food blogger
@adetorrent is possibly someone you already know
@dougalporteous just joined Steem. He's into paragliding and art
@susanlo blogs about food, travel and other things. She comes from Hong Kong
@travelling-two is a fellow runner
@Zoltarian is from Turkey. He came along with his brother who isn't on Steem yet.
@colossus39 is a photographer into graffiti, but he's not posted recently.
@teodora is another traveller based in London

I had to try the food too. There's quite a variety, but I went for noodles.


London probably has a higher density of Steemians than many cities, but anyone can try to organise something. Just get the word out and find people. Bring Steem into the real world.

Steem on!


Happy to meet you all. Look forward to seeing you at next meeting...

Amazing day @steevc, I like how the Steemians can talk about absolutely any topic, I'm learning a lot from you all.

Btw, we should meet to play some guitar! I'm not like really that great of a player and mostly into electric, but I can throw some notes.

I play electric too, but I'm out in the middle of nowhere. Luckily I have found some local musicians to play with.

Great to meet you Steve!!! Look forward to seeing you next time hahaha!!! Enjoy your weekend :))

Lovely to meet you too. These events are always fun. I'm sure we will meet again

That's a big meet up, and it looks like you are all having a great time at it! The big smoke is a bit too far down South from my Northern home - unless I have some business that way but I never stay too long.

That's really appalling that @mrprofessor had his bicycle stolen after cycling all the way from Steemfest - sad times and it really makes we wonder where the respect for fellow human beings went.

Thanks for sharing all the account names, I'm going to check them all out now - looks like an awesome collection of Steemians.

#thealliance #witness

It's really sad indeed @c0ff33a, but now, after all the good things that have been happening I'm starting to see it differently. I'm starting to realise that maybe it's destiny, as if the bike was meant to be stolen afterall, for a reason.

Maybe I wouldn't be around all these amazing people if the bicycle hadn't been stolen; maybe it was just an event to mark a new beginning.

Yay for steem meetups!

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It was nice meeting you Steve. My visit was short than most, but it was still great to meet new Steemians and get a feel for the London community. Hope to be there for the next meet up or at least the one after! 😊

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I can't get to all the London events, but I'm sure our paths will cross again

Hey so happy seeing you again :)

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Likewise. Always a pleasure

how you doing @steevc, I am in the UK too, Sheffield, last year we had a few meet ups to do with steem and like you I met some great steemians while there and learned a lot.
Looking at holding another one in a few months if your interested? and if your current steemian friends are up for it too they are welcome.
Will let you know more closer to the time as it is in the air at the minute.

I can see you all enjoyed yourself and I also hope to see you guys soon


That's a bit of a trek, but I'll see if I can make it. @lloyddavis is organising another in the Midlands in a couple of months.

Has @pennsif got you on his UK Steemians list?

He has buddy, I listened in on waves last night for a bit as I had to go to hospital with my daughter, so missed most of it.

When it comes to the time I will let you know, I was thinking about having a UK party in a hotel, with bring a guest, you know so we can introduce them to the great world of steemit/steem.


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Awesome! You guys are what makes steemit UK strong! It is not all about the platform, real connections behind it make it a wonderful experience!

I haven't been to a Whole Foods in forever, but they always seem to have some interesting stuff. That is really cool that you were able to get together with some fellow Steemians and hang out like that.

I didn't even look around the rest of the store, but then I wasn't looking to buy anything. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

I was there in spirit, but the capital is just too far for me. SteemCamp next.

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