Quick Trip Update: We made it to Slovenia!

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Hoooooorray readers! This will be a quick series to update during the cycling - The tough days!

Current Position: Lyon in France.

The trip restart in Austria after fighting the harsh weather in Hungary felt like a refreshment to both mind and body. The days became brighter and the sun showed up, even tough it was still cold. Over hills and muddy trails I made my way through the last bits of Austria and eventually into north of Slovenia. I didn't know what to expect, nor I had a clue of where I'd go, I just felt like exploring.


Seeing the sign on the border of Austria with Slovenia was one of the happiest moments on the whole trip, there was this sensation of accomplishment, of closing one more chapter of the winter cycling trip.

When I started in Poland I didn't know which direction I'd go on the map, I could go anywhere if the weather conditions would have allowed me. It's true, the freezing days of the winter were approaching fast, leaving me with only one option - to go south as fast as possible!

For some reason, while looking at the word map, Slovenia felt like the one place to go and it immediately turned into a major objective to be accomplished. How long would it take me to go from Poland to the coast of Slovenia? Would I make it further? Where would I go after that? All those answears I didn't have, but I knew that I wanted to reach Slovenia no matter what. And I did.

. . .

The Emptiness of the Winter

For the most part of the trip so far I had been cycling across cold and empty villages, all I could see was the smoke coming out of the chimneys and eventually some curious inhabitants looking at me suspisiously, as if I was some sort of different creature.

The smells were aways changing as I cycled through those small villages; some of them smelled like wood burning, some of them had a strong diesel smell, others a strong cow manure exaling from the farms nearby. This is one of the things a bicycle trip will provide if you one day decide to accept the challenge - you'll not only feel the slopes on the road, but you'll get to experience life in a slow paced way, with all its peculiar characteristics.

I picked these two pictures from a village before getting to Slovenia, because I think they somehow represent how empty those places were. Where's everyone? What do they do when winter comes?



Click image to enlarge!

And just like that I found myself in Slovenia, a small and exciting country that I was curious to discover. Will I go over the Alps or seek for warmth by the coast? Will the weather conditions force me to give up on this crazy idea of cycling during the winter? Am I still sane? We'll see on the next reports.

Come with me ladies and gentleman! Are you enjoying?

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

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Nice! It´s hard to catch you somewhere :)) Currently in Lyon.. I´ve studied there so it´s one of my favourites cities. Enjoy! :)

Hooooah, hhaaha yeah I'm moving fast and constantly @nikollettesunday. If I tell you that I'm in Lyon for two days and haven't even looked at the city? \o\o\ tomorrow I continue to Calais going straight through Paris, it'll take a few days though.

Hahaha - really proud of you @mrprofessor! Crazy cycler. In colder countries houses are reaaaaally cozy so many people stay inside on their couch under a blanket with a book near the fire... Lol. Hope you get some social interaction as well :-) Cheers and looking forward what you're going to do in lovely Slovenia!

Heeeeeeeey @soyrosa, that explains a lot! They could see me passing and invite me hahahahaha

But now I'm almost getting to the UK, we should do a Steem meetup somewhere in between, I'll stay there for quite some time.

Wow... now I'm curious to know what you found in Slovenia, whether the country met your expectations, if any, and... how the trip continued. (Though I already know you're in France already!)

Yeaaaaah hahaha I'm in France, all I can tell you in advance is that the Julian Alps are high! and the Alps are not gentle during the winter!

Hahaha, you're extreme, dude! I don't know why I assumed you'd ride along the Mediterranean.

I see you and your bike have truly become 2 into 1 now from your title. Great job!!!!

Heeeyho @livinguktaiwan, I believe we've always been, even though I haven't been treating the poor bike the way it should on the last two months.

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What an accomplishment. Glad you are getting further south and have a feeling of victory. It must be quite lonely for you at the moment.

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are you sure you are cycling and not flying? :D i can't catch the route that you are going :D
now if you went from slovenia to france, you went through the alps?
for a brazilian you should probably do this in the spring or summer :D

Suuup @bil.prag, it's because the posts are having a delay compared to my actual position, they are following the order I cycled but generally I'm uploading them from the future hahaahhaha.

At first I entered Italy, coming from Slovenia, through the coast. Then I cycled Italy from east to west along the Pó river and then I had to take a train from Turin to Lyon due to all the passages on the Rhone Alps being super severe to cross at this weather. Now I'm cycling again from Lyon to Paris.

It's so cool cycling in Europe where within a week you can go to different countries

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