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RE: [Blog #50] Steem Meetup London | Gratitude | Back to Work

in #travellast year

I am so happy you made it to this meet-up man! I was sure our fellow London Steemians would not leave you stranded after all the crazy things you have been through lately but I was not sure if you felt like showing up there. Glad you did!! Thank you London folks, you are awesome!

Btw, I am quite confident we can also push you to the epic win in the Tomas´ yearly final ;) Looks like you finally have some exciting times ahead my friend! :)


Duuuuuuuuuude, Steemians are the best community ever, I've never seen something similar, no joke! We meet each other and it's like being near a long term friend.

I have my eyes on the contest, when is the end? I'll promote it!!!!!! It'll be epic as hell.

Oh yeah, it sometimes really feels like we are a kind of one big family :)

The contest will be open for a few more days. I am keeping an eye on it too, don´t worry. But yeah, you better ask for some further support, there are some big guys in the final too, they might "strike" in the very last hours or so. Go ahead and promote your entry in "the group" ;)

I'll work on it, I'm kinda away from skype as it slows down my old pc too much hahahahaha

No worries man, I just did a little promo for you in the skype group ;) However, your entry is not the leading one anymore :( We need get some more support for you.

I'll promote the heck out of it, just 1s