[vlog #28] My2018: Just a normal day | Is travelling different from being at home?

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Hooray Steemians! @anomadsoul and @blocktrades ask us: How is your normal day?

The year of 2018 is almost gone and throughout the many days that have passed some of them were exciting and full of activities, but it's not always like that, the normal days are still there for the most part. Actually, many people think that travelling will solve their problems; we all want to get out of that 9-5 routine, right?

The Steemian @anomadsoul, with sponsorship of @blocktrades ask us to show or ilustrate how our normal day in 2018 was. I found this to be a fantastic idea and completely jumped in as soon as I saw it, the reason is simple.

I'm on the road since the SteemFest 3, wich by itself is not normal at all, especially on a bicycle, but that's what I wanna show on the video. Is it really anormal? Or it's as ordinary as anyones life on this world of ours? Believe me, life on the road can be as normal as being in our home town, there are days where we'll do nothing exciting but to sit on a hostel and work. What makes it slightly different is that you are working on a different environment. With that being said, let's show how a normal day on the road is, Enjoy!

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How is your normal day in 2018?

You can show also participate on this amazing contest by @anomadsoul and @blocktrades by visiting the following post:

CONTEST! My2018: Just a normal day | 100 Steem in Prizes

The Rules:

The rules to participate are very simple:

  • Do not use Steemit.com to post your entry. We have plenty of options like @esteem, @busy, @partiko, @steeve, @steempeak, @exhaust and @engrave so use one of them. Let's support the different DApps of our Steemcosystem!
  • It can be a video, a set of pictures, a narration or however you want to depict your normal day. -
  • Just bear in mind, the more visual your post is, the better chance it has to win.
  • You have to Resteem this post (Let´s get to more Steemians! I want to know how is a normal day all over the world, don´t you?)
  • Please use the tags blocktradescontest & my2018

The entry must be submitted before the 27th of December at 23:59 PST and the winners will be announced on the 28th.

Show that you support the contest hosts and vote for @blocktrades as one of your witness ^~

Did you like this video? How is your normal day?

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

Follow me to stay tuned for more craziness and tips.

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hahah politely asking for harddrive/new laptop :D THat's exactly the look I use dto give to my parents :D

Hahahahah sometimes it works, let's see! by the way, are you in Insbruck? If yes, I'll figure out a train from Venice to there. I kinda lost motivation for cycling atm

Forget it, I just checked and it's way too expensive

Yupp, those trains are crazy expensive here :/ and Im in Greece from tomorrow till 13th January, volunteering in refugee camp....Don't plan on going there? I'll be in Athens

That sounds cool, man! I'd joing on the task, but I'm running out of Visa so I'm heading to the UK.

Good post… I have another cycling/touring question for you… At some point, can you comment on your stove/fuel situation… How do you make coffee??… Ha ha

Posted using Partiko iOS

Sure, there's one video I should be uploading in the future where my kitchen appears. It's basically a small stove with one of those propane bottles with a thread. There's just one thing that I'll get as soon as I can, wich is a thermal bottle, so I can store coffee/hot water for a day.

Btw an awesome X-Mas (delayed) and New Year as well, for you, Capt. and your families!

Hey there @mrprofessor, wow you have been getting around, and thanks for showing us that most supermarkets are the same, selling the same old things. So how long do you plan to stay in Slovenia? and what are your plans afterwards, so many questions for you, but I hope you are well and glad you got some chocolate to get you through the rainy days, it works well for me too xxxx

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