I travel the world #206: Hōzōmon

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Japanese New Year

This is the first time that I was able to experience Japanese New Year in Japan. The New Years Festival in Japan start on 1st of January and runs until 3rd of January (Most Japanese taking a long holiday up to the 8th of January). It is like Christmas and kids receive little envelopes with money from their relatives. 

Everybody goes through the Hōzōmon Gates for Oshogatsu

If you have been to Tokyo, you have been here too, just it was packed, usually there are not so many people!

Many wearing masks in Japan, sign of people with a cold

Facts about Hōzōmon

The Hozōmon (宝蔵門 "Treasure-House Gate"?) is the inner of two large entrance gates that ultimately leads to the Sensō-ji (the outer being the Kaminarimon) in Asakusa, Tokyo. A two-story gate (nijūmon),  the Hōzōmon's second story houses many of the Sensō-ji's treasures. The  first story houses two statues, three lanterns and two large sandals.  It stands 22.7 metres (74 ft) tall, 21 metres (69 ft) wide, and 8 metres  (26 ft) deep.[1]  SOURCE

One more great thing is the tradition of eating Mochi (a Japanese rice cake). I love Mochi despite it having having insane calories, it is so tasty.

Do you like Mochi ???

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en trevli och bra resan

I thought the mask was only used for the allergies, like in spring time. I was there for the cherry blossom period some years ago, and I really got help from the mask.

HNY btw!


no the mask is there to not protect y our self. but the people surrounding you. this is japanese kindness...

I don't know Mochi at all.

The photos just looks amazing!


I will make a post explaining mochi for your soon than ;)


Thank you very much

It's always nice to experience a different new year.

You have been to Japan already this year. If you come to Japan again,Please let me know.