Cambais Falls (Philippines)

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One of my favorite places that I've visited in the Philippines so far is on the island of Cebu and is called Cambais falls. Its located right by a small town called Alegria up in the mountains high up above the town. We booked a motorbike driver to take the two of us up there for 800 Pesos, he also functioned as a guide showing us the spots that were safe to jump from which was really useful and made the experience magical. You could definitely rent a motorbike from somebody down in the town or even up the road in Alegria but you may struggle to know the best jumping spots especially if your not experienced !


The drive up through the mountains was awesome you could see all the way out into the ocean over across to another island. We passed through so many local villages and everyone wanted to wave and say hello to these two strange white people travelling up the mountain. I don't think this town in particular sees much tourism and I was made to feel like a celebrity ahah everyone just wanted to ask about us.


Once we arrived at the falls we had to pay an entrance conservation fee of 50 Pesos each. Once we had paid this our driver took us to the top waterfall which he called ''number 3''. This was our favorite and the one where we spent the most time, we both lost track of how long we spent here. Anddddd what made it even better was that we were the only people around ! Our driver showed me where I could jump from and we continued to take photos and videos for hours. Even a little posing session from within the down poor of water from up above.


We spent so long at ''Number 3'' that eventually our driver directed us down the waterfalls so we could explore all of them before it got dark haha. Waterfall ''Number 1'' was also outstanding the water was just so blue ! It was incredible the pictures really don't do it justice ..... I guess you'll have to visit to see its true beauty ;)


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Popular posts:
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A little slice of paradise, it looks incredible.