Koh Phi Phi (Island Tour Highlights)

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After i had escaped the hustle and bustle of Bangkok i got a night bus down south towards the islands and heading on over to Koh Phi Phi. While i was there i did an island tour to a number of different islands and beaches including Maya Bay. I even managed to swim with a few little sharks whilst snorkeling.

If you want to know more information about the tour i'll be making a blog post soon detailing everything about the trip.

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very nicw adventure

Have you been ?

Book a flight 😉

Very cool post man. I'll be flying into Phuket tomorrow. Will be following you to see what other cool Thailand stuff you post.

Oooo enjoy yourself ! Ive got lots more Thailand stuff on the way - Maybe i'll write a post about Phuket and my experiences later

Would definitely love to know more about the trip!:)

Did you feel like there were too many tourists there?

Wasn't that bad we were there during the kings funeral which meant less people than normal.

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