You must visit Pai !

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In northern Thailand there is an amazing laid back town/village called Pai and it's got to be one of my favorite places that I've been to so far !


There are so many things to see and do in Pai such as the Pai Canyon, hot springs, waterfalls, caves and just enjoying the laid back very chilled vibes the place has to offer.


The Pai Canyon is just breathtaking your able to wander around the trails and you have an outstanding view from every side. So many photo opportunities everywhere you look. I'd just recommend you don't go in the middle of the day as it will be so hot you'll be struggling to do anything. I've been told the best time to go is for sunrise of sunset if you want to really witness something special. I recorded a video during my time at the Pai Canyon so i'll be uploading that in the coming days to dtube. Be sure to follow me so you can find it :)


We went to some hot springs on our way back from Tham Lod Cave I wish I knew the name of the hot springs but I'm not certain. What I do know is that our tour guide took us to some hot springs that only local people were using which we all loved. I was the centre of attention again due to being the only white guy in the hot springs and everyone wanted a piece of me haha :) The springs were so warm and clear I was really impressed. Once I got out the hot springs I was immediately approached by groups of Thai girls wanting pictures. All part of being a white person in Asia I guess ......


We stayed at a hostel called Green Hostel and Skate Park and here we made some of our best travel friends ! It didn't matter that none of us knew how to skate so don't let the name of the place put you off staying here. I had one of the most memorable experiences ever staying in this hostel which was going to play football or soccer with the local Thai people. They do this every week and it was so much fun running around in the heat burning off all that Pad Thai you've been eating ! They also have an amazing tattoo artist who works at the hostel called Joe, be sure to check out his Instagram here to see all his art.


The main street in Pai is always filled with street food vendors every night you'll just want to try everything and my favorites that I saw along this street have got to be the spring rolls with banana inside and the Pad Thai. I'm going to be trying to search through all of my photos and make a blog post listing all of my favorite restaurants/street foods by country so you can add them to your lists of places to go.

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Certainly looks a great place for anyone visiting Thailand, the hot springs, waterfalls, caves and watching the sunrise all sound great. Need to add Pai to my bucket list now :)

Great post Ben, the landscape is just breathtaking!

Glad you liked it 😊

Landscape looks fab and getting up at 4am to watch the sunrise sounds great too, would love to visit Pai when i get to visit Thailand. Great photos too, thanks for sharing :)

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