Koh Phi Phi View Point

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Hi Steemit I'm finally getting round to writing about my favourite island in Thailand! The island of Koh Phi Phi has a special place in my heart maybe because it was one of the first tropical island paradises ive ever visited or due to its outstanding beauty ! I fell in love with this island as soon as I got off the boat ! The sun was shining the waves were crashing and the cliffs were outstanding.


One of my favorite things I did on this island was the hike up to the view point which gives you a view point over the whole island. The unique thing about this island is the small strip of land between the two mountainous regions on either side it just outstanding and something id never seen before and haven't seen again since leaving this island.

The hike is signposted through the island but here's a map showing you the rough route up to the top it will probably take you around 20 minutes to get to the top depending how many photos you take along the way haha. I know I took loads .... Once you've reached the top you will have to pay an entrance fee of 20 Baht and then you'll be allowed to proceed round the corner to the best view of the whole island. On the top there is also free WIFI which is pretty cool enabling you to share any photos you have taken straight away or even call your friends and family with a video call like I did.

Here's a collection of photos from the top ! And my blog on the island tour is on its way ive just been so busy editing other videos from Ankor Wat in Cambodia ;)








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Wow that is amazing to see how much it has changed just in 10 years. When I went to the very same view point, it didn't cost anything to go and look, the path was a simple mud + gravel, the jungle hadn't been cleared... oh yeah, but the monkeys were the same ;-) I really liked Koh Phi Phi too, it is where I first learnt to scuba dive. Great pic's @itsben. I recently wrote a travel post about Phi Phi from memories of that trip, it's past payout so I'm not vote begging here ;-) Check it out if ya fancy another perspective


It's always interesting to see how a place has changed ! I'll take a look later thanks for sharing 🌏

Always watch out for the monkeys! they snatched everything but it's amusing sometimes!! 😆

I love them most of the time haha but yep can be crazy animals !

That's a great viewpoint! I was there years ago but missed to hike and see that overlooking view. Another reason to go back to Thailand. :)

I loved it ,my Auntie did it last week ! Decided I had to make a post about it :)

Beautiful place and great photo shooting @itsben.
I was in Krabi-Thailand, also amazing, can't wait to come back there.
Thumbs up for the post,

I love Krabi also going to have some blogs on that location up in the next few weeks :)

Tonsai is woW,specially if you like climbing!!! Also Railey and Prahnam beach,the rise with chicken and pine apple over there......Mmmmm delicious.

Im glad you have a great time in Thailand. We live in Bangkok and we love getting away from the city to the county's gorgeous beaches. I have same scenery photo as you have from that place.

I love Bangkok also I'm busy preparing a post about it now 😊

Wooow, the landscape is stunning! Must be one of the most beautiful places in all Southeast Asia, right?

I love this place ! It's definitely got to be up there !

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Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable Mentions list in today's Travel Digest!

Thanks guys appreciate it 🌏 Lots more on the way !

WOW that view is stunning !! definitely worth the hike right up to the top, and will be adding Ko Phi Phi to my bucket list of places to visit :) :)

When are you going 😂

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