Koh Rong Secret Beach Guide

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Hi Steemit here's a post that showcases my favorite beach in Cambodia ! Last week we were on an island just off the coast of Cambodia called Koh Rong Sanloem and its got to be one of the most beautiful islands I've been to ! The water is crystal clear and you even have stunning white sand which squeaked as your heels rubbed against it. It may get beaten in a few weeks when I make my way over to the Philippines but we'll have to wait and see.


On the island we stayed at a hostel called Yellow Moon and just along from this hostel is a beach (about 200metres) and if you walk all the way to the end of this beach and follow the path up through the forest you'll eventually reach another even better beach called Circle Beach. I do prefer to call the beach secret beach though as it was close to being empty when we were there ! Total Paradise !


There are no shops near this beach so you should bring all the food and water you need for the day with you and then you can just relax in one of the hammocks dotted along the beach or go for a swim in the crystal clear waters.


Here's a map showing the route to the beach :


I'm also going to be uploading a video about this beach which may already be up by the time you read this article. (I'll post a link here when the video is up)

Enjoy the beach !! Feel free to post any questions down below and I'll be sure to answer them for you. Another post will be up tomorrow for you to enjoy :)

Thanks for reading,

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The scenery is very beautiful, want to swim there..

I loved swimming here ! Was so clear you could see everything :)

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