We Made it to Shanghai. And Had an Awesome First Day! 😁✈️

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Our First Day in Shanghai

After a very long 13 hour flight from LAX to Shanghai, we've finally made it to China! Our plan of sleeping most of the flight to make the time pass by quicker was not so successful. Even after drinking a Dream Water (pictured below), I may have slept a total of 4 hours. And unfortunately, the one thing that usually consumes most of my time, wasn't available: the internet. But oh well, this is what traveling is all about. It's not as much about the destination as it is the journey.


Anyways, the good news is we made it to Shanghai a little early... and with a little sleep. Next step was to grab the Maglev (levitating high speed train) to the metro. We were glad we took the Maglev because it's somewhat of a marvel, and it got us to the connecting metro in record time. The speeds of this train reached over 300 Kilometers a hour which was pretty insane!



We finally made it to our hotel in the heart of Shanghai. I snapped a few pics on the way in which I'll post below. We plopped on our beds for a few and elevated our legs to reset our adrenals. And as you'll notice from the pics, yes somehow they booked our room with two twin beds instead of a queen 😐 But honestly, we're just glad to be laying down somewhere lol.



Next we decided to grab a quick breakfast at our hotel because we were pretty much starving and wanted to make a quick meal of it. A nap was on our minds, so no need in spending all morning finding the perfect breakfast spot. We would take whatever they would give us.... and we did!


Wondering what in the world that is? Your guess is as good as ours. But it was actually pretty good! I believe the white doughy thing was a roll made of some sort of rice flour. And you eat that alongside rice porridge and spicy, pickled ginger and garlic. There were also some sort of fried sweet breads (which reminded Kristen of Mexican churros), yogurt, and packaged buns and sweet french bread. So although it wasn't exactly the breakfast we had in mind, it worked out okay with our appetites.

Now it was time for a LONG overdue nap. We gave ourselves two hours to catch up on sleep before heading out into town to see the sights. We also have heard SO MUCH about the famous Shanghai fried dumplings (specifically Din Tai Fung's restaurant) so that will be our target dinner location.

Our first stop was Yuyuan Garden which sits in central Shanghai. We explored the markets and grabbed a snack before heading over to the Yuyuan Garden Tea House which serves traditional Chinese teas with quail eggs and tofu. We decided to pass on the eggs, but the tea was perfect.





Next we visited the Old City Wall at Dajing Road. This is the oldest part of Shanghai and dates back to 1554 during the Ming Dynasty. We grabbed a couple of pics here and moved on.


Then we took the metro over to the financial district which is full of sky scrapers and some very interesting architecture. One building in particular we wanted to see was the Oriental Pearl Tower. We were going to go up in it but the wait was two hours.. and by this time our jetlag was seriously setting in. Perhaps when we come back through Shanghai on our way home we'll try to go up in it again.



After that it was time for dinner. And we finally got to try those tasty dumplings everyone has told us about. I have to say, we weren't disappointed. And they totally made up for this morning's breakfast. Seriously though, you have to try these things when you come to Shanghai.



We really wanted to head back out tonight and see the skyline lit up at night as it's one of the most impressive skylines in all of China. But we just couldn't work up the energy. That'll also have to wait until we swing back through in a few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed following along with our first day in China. We're going to rest up tonight so we're fully charged tomorrow. Here's to finally getting a full night of Zzzzzs.. 🛌🏼😴


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Hope you're good @brandonfrye

Hey @jr11, yes we're good. Thanks for checking!

And you're the winner of the random comment upvote from this post.. so congrats!! Your upvote will come in the next voting round. So stay tuned. :)

Awesome brother. thank you. Glad everything is good.

13 long hours! I am glad you guys had a safe trip. Shanghai looks really beautiful, it will be an amazing place to visit. And those snacks? they look really appetizing, and the dumplings too. You guys sure had a blast. Thanks for taking us along with you!

Longest flight I've been on so far. But so far it's been worth it. Gonna be rough the next couple of days getting over the jetlag lol. Thanks for reading and following along. :)

Oh, sure! But that's gonna last only a few days... It's my pleasure!

Wow, you guys already did so much after the long journey! Enjoy!

Yeah, hit the ground running here! Lol we were feeling it by the end of the day though. 🤪

Wow amazing!! Glad you made it there safely! I am a bit jealous! I want to go to China! lol Can't wait to see more pics of your awesome adventure!

You would probably LOVE the cuisine. So far it’s nothing like American Chinese food. Those dumplings were killer! Getting some more today.

I am sure I would!! haha I even like Panda Express! lol Enjoy! Take lots of pictures of the food! hahaha

Awesome pictures!

The buns look like Bao. You can find an Americanized version of that at Costco. (Filled with pork)

Also those dumpling are so tasty. There’s a restaurant out here called Din Tai Fung that serves those and people go crazy. The wait for tables is usually more than hour.

I figured out what they were. They’re called steamed rolls. And I think some of them are filled with stuff. Not bad.

And that’s interesting there’s a Din Tai Fung there! Wonder if it’s by the same people. 🤔

Yep! Tasty!

If you’re okay with me asking, what’s the story behind your tattoos? Have you told that story in a previous post?

I actually have a few tattoos. Most I got while traveling. I’m really considering another on this trip.

But you’re probably referring to the one on my arm which reads From Sorrow to Serenity. Hard to explain it here but I’ll just say that life today is much better than it used to be. 😁

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Looks like you two are having an fantastic time. I totally envy you, your world-travelling ways. Quail eggs are delicious, much better than hen eggs and they are to my knowledge free-range. I ate them instead of hen eggs when I was in Japan. More yolk to whites ratio.

Travels safe:)

We really are. And we’re just getting started! 😄 Were feeling much better today (8am here). That jet lag is brutal! 🤪

Shanghai looks great. And it doesn´t look so crowded. Is this just on the picture? Have a great time. Resteemed

Nice man, glad to hear you got there safely.

Pics are cool man. Really nice to see China through the lens but I bet it's even more impressive in person.