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My Official Steem Witness Application

Yep, it’s an application. Although many would think you can simply throw together a server, add security, install the necessary configurations, sync up with the blockchain, and build blocks from day one... that’s not really the case. Actually, becoming a Steem Witness is SO MUCH more than that. I need YOU in order to build blocks for YOU... and keep this blockchain secure and going strong!

That’s why we call this a witness application… not an announcement. Please give me a few minutes of your time and allow me to prove my case :)

Why Would You Want to Vote For Me?

I started thinking, why would people want to vote for me? What do I bring to the table? There are so many great witnesses already who have built incredible projects and have accomplished so much. Many of them helped me to get where I am today, whether that was from using their applications, or just following along with their blogs.

Here's what sets me apart...

I genuinely care about Steemit, Steem, and the future of our blockchain. I’ve been in love with the platform and the community from day one. And I have been 100% involved with the Steem blockchain for the last 7 months. In that short amount of time I've developed a strong relationship with many Steemians from all over the world, and have even started an initiative to ensure that the "little guys" don't go unnoticed.

10 Reasons Why I Feel I Deserve Your Vote:

  • I spend most of my days on the blockchain learning about Steem, the people (and the politics), and I also share in the discussion of things we feel could be improved.
  • I've powered up almost 6,000 Steem since I joined, spending roughly $16,000 USD to do so. I plan to add another $10,000 - $20,000 by the end of 2018.
  • My channel is full of information about using the various Steem dapps and educating people about our blockchain and how to be a great content creator.
  • I've joined numerous witness forums, and I'm now participating in all Witness-related rooms and discords so that I can stay connected with other witnesses and be prepared for blockchain updates/security patches, etc.
  • I created the @minnowfund initiative back in early April which aims to help new Steemians grow faster through upvote support, visibility, Steem Power delegation, and education. We've already delegated 650 SP!
  • I provide an upvote service via the @brandonfrye upvote bot which helps people promote their posts for higher visibility and possible ROI. The service also pays out delegators 90% of the incoming bids. Learn more here
  • My YouTube videos have brought on hundreds, if not thousands, of new Steemians.
  • I respond to at least 99% of all comments on my posts whether it be written responses or in video format. Reason being is I believe in the power of building community and supporting other users. That's what Steemit is all about, right? This is why I do the Weekly Comment Catch-Up every Friday. I don't want to miss the opportunity to make a connection with anybody.
  • My college studies included Web Design, Network Security, Linux OS, Database Management, Programming, etc. I also owned a web design business for a short period of time. Just adding this in here so you know I'm capable of managing these servers lol.
  • As I mentioned before, I have put my heart and soul into this blockchain since day one. It's given me so much and so I would like to give back as much as possible. This feels like a great way to do that.

And... today is my birthday! Seriously, June 11th is my birthday and this year I turn a ripe 21 35 years old. So your vote would be the perfect gift :)

Witness & Seed Setup

Both my seed and witness server have the same specs and configurations. And yes, I decided to setup a seed as well, which helps to ensure that all witnesses can access the blockchain and sync up quickly. This is something worth mentioning as it shows my intentions of fully supporting the blockchain. I plan to be here long-term and I hope you do too!

Server Specs:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 - 4c/8t - 3.8GHz /4.2GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
Storage: 2x450GB SSD NVMe
OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS
Network: 1gbit/s
Location: North America

Security and Other Notes: Added firewall (URW), disabled root login, disable password login, changed SSH port, etc. Utilizing NTP to ensure time synchronization (and no missed blocks). Lots of other technical stuff you’re probably not interested in lol.

I should also note that the blockchain is growing larger and larger by the day, and I'm prepared to upgrade my servers at a moment's notice and with minimal downtime.

Shoutout To Those Who Helped Me

I have to give credit where credit is due, and the following people either directly, or indirectly, helped me get everything setup. Special kudos to @yehey who took the time to walk me through some issues on his discord channel!

@yehey, @pfunk, @themarkymark, @jerrybanfield, @drakos, @quochuy, @perduta, @krnel, @furion, and @k10yoga (my girlfriend who totally surprised me by purchasing one of the servers for my birthday!)

So... Can I Get Your Vote!?

If you'd like to support everything I'm doing here on the blockchain, I would love to have your vote! All you have to do is go over to, scroll to the bottom, and insert my name (brandonfrye) into the box. Then just click vote!

Be sure to refresh your page to make sure the vote sticks. If you're not logged in with your Active key, it will kick back the vote.

Thanks for reading, giving me your support, and making this the best birthday ever!!


I've powered up over 6,000 Steem since I joined, spending roughly $16,000 USD to do so.

I see only 4.5k SP on your account and 700 SP on @minnowfund. Do you have other account too?

Great question. Yes, I have 4,512 here, 645 SP with @travelpreneur, 790 with @minnowfund, and 20 with @brandonfryeroi. So I'm shy by about 33 SP. I'll update the post though to say "close to 6,000 SP". Thanks for asking as I want to be as transparent as possible.

Hiya @brandonfrye you have my support on this, i loved delegating to your bot and I was 100% happy with your answered to my questions. I am 100% with you buddy and I wish you all the best in this.
To me voting for you on this is a no brainer and I will vouch for you and to show my support I have also resteemed this post.
Good luck. :D

Oh an happy birthday buddy, it is my daughters 5th birthday today too, she was born at 1.05 am uk time. :D

Thank you @artonmysleeve, I'm glad to have your support for both witness and @minnowfund. Tell your daughter Happy Birthday! June 11th is a great day for a birthday. :)

Its 12 days after mine so its been a stressful couple of weeks, if you have kids you will know that, haha.
I'm just glad she is in bed now it give me and the wife time to tidy the house as there is paper and toys everywhere.
kids for you hehe

Let's start with a huge Happy Birthday and follow it up with a congratulations on your decision! You do great work and I look forward to seeing everything you have in store for us in the future!

You just scored mine and any of the kind people who've set me as their proxy vote for witness. I love the promotion you've done for Steem as well as your @minnowfund project. I personally feel they have been a huge success for the platform.

I would be extremely interested if you made a video documenting your journey to become a block producing witness. I think the series would be extremely beneficial for anyone learning how the Steem chain really works not to mention being a great tool for anyone else looking to set up a witness node even as a back up witness.

I appreciate your support and all the kind words you've shared here, @patrickulrich. And I actually think that's a great idea and something that's much needed in 2018. I ended up following about 3 different tutorials, lol. Some were from 2 years ago. The only issue is that you can't update Steemit posts after 7 days, so if something changes (and they will) then you would I guess need to leave a comment on the article and upvote it, which I could do.

Anyways, I would be happy to share the steps I took with everyone and encourage others (who have some experience) to create their own witness. It really feels good to have mine up!

Here's a shock! You got my vote LOL

Much needed in this space. So awesome to see you take the bull by the horns and launch this application.

Thought 2018 was big, well it just got bigger!

BTW Happy born day.....35 is a great age. Because it's all downhill from there man lol

Haha, thanks my man! And thanks for being an ear when I couldn't contain myself to hold this in any longer LOL. I had to share it with someone.

Oh for sure. I was telling my group in Telegram...This is a witness we should all get behind simply because he practices what he preaches! Keep crushing it man, you've got our support!!

Happy Birthday and voted Have a great day

Thanks @ericburgoyne, I really appreciate it!

Voted - Good Luck!

Much appreciated @paulnulty!!

I gave you my vote already! How much is required for you to officially become a witness?

Thanks @vagrantone! And technically I am already a witness. But I'll need more votes in order to start producing blocks. Votes are calculated by how much SP (stake) is behind them. But every vote counts!

hey @brandonfrye v. happy to have just voted for you. You've been a big help in the past, and would certainly do a great job.

Thank you @ade-greenwise, I really appreciate the support!! :)

Voted for you. Well deserved considering that your videos are great for on boarding new users!

Hey @jdh7190, I don't think the vote stuck. Might have not been signed in with your Active key. But thank you so much for the support, and congratulations on your @minnowfund win this week!! :)

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 11.21.06 AM.png

I just tried again, I think it worked b\c I see it stick on my witnesses page, could you check again?

Yep that worked, Thanks again @jdh7190!

@ianaltosaar might find this useful! Brandon already has my vote and support!

Thanks, @famigliacurione. And I appreciate the support! :)



Nice!! Thanks man. I appreciate all the support. You guys rock!!!

I almost forgot it, happy birthday man, I wish you that your projects come true, and as successful as until now, 👍

Oh thanks!! No better way to celebrate than with you guys. 😁🎉

Oh thanks!! No better way to celebrate than with you guys. 😁🎉

After reading @meno 's post about Jerry Banfield's recently troubling behavior (which is reminding me way too much of the whole bellyrub fiasco even though it's not identical...), I just withdrew my witness vote. I was never a big fan of Jerry's but thought his enthusiasm and interest indicated he would stick with the platform and maintain his blocks. At this point, though, what I'm most looking at in witness votes is someone who will concientiously do their bit and not take off without warning if they start on a new scheme or Steemit just gets too hot to hold them.

You have another vote, Brandon: keep up a good server!

@lturner, I'm with you on that. Very questionable behavior coming from Jerry which I hope will pass. But I definitely appreciate you giving me your vote, and I can assure you that I'm here for the long haul.

I've found a home here with this community and have been giving Steem my 100% for the last few months. So it only made sense for me to (literally) support the blockchain. I also feel that I have the same interests at heart as the community and will let that guide my decision process moving forward as a witness.

Thank you for the support!

Happy Birthday @brandonfrye. I hope it rains bacon and votes today! Not too sure if you deserve the bacon... but as far as the votes go... you absolutely deserve those! I appreciate all you have been doing on Steemit and urge you to keep up the good work! It would be remiss of me to sign-off without acknowledging @k10yoga. Afterall, a man is only as successful as the woman who stands beside him.

Haha, thank you so very much, @faraicelebr8! And I agree completely, @k10yoga has been super supportive with everything that I've been doing. Everybody deserves somebody like her.

Here's to a very bright future here on Steem!!

I actually waited so long for this , you sure have my vote. Happy Birthday! (hope that's not late though...)

Oh no, definitely not too late. Thanks for your ongoing support. It means so much to me! :)

Happy Birthday, Brandon. I know you have at least one vote:)

Thanks @prydefoltz, the support has been overwhelming. This community rocks!!! But I already knew that, lol. I appreciate you all sooo very much. :)

Done! You are my first vote! The little time me being here has shown me that you have the community’s interest in mind! Thanks!

Awesome!! Thanks for the support and I appreciate the kind words. :)

Wow! There goes waiting for the vacation! Love the initiative and exciting drive you have! Consider it done from me ! Wish you the best!

Lol, yeah I wanted to get the ball rolling. I'm also going to be adding text/email alerts to my setup so my server will let me know if there are any issues. Technology is amazing these days.

Thanks for your vote. Here's to a very bright future here on Steemit!!

you ABSOLUTELY....have my vote! just voted! please keep it coming brandon!!!!!

Thank you so much for the support @rawutah. Btw, I think you accidentally just removed your vote for me lol.


Might have to do it again. But thanks again!!

Happy birthday .


i like your work. Great Job

I'm glad to hear that! You are very much welcome.

Happy Birthday Man
May Your Every wish Come True

happy birthday!!!!!

Thanks @rawutah, it's been a busy day here getting ready for my trip. But all in all it's been a nice birthday with lots of well wishes. :) Btw, I noticed that your vote for me was removed. Probably an accident or something. But you can go to to do it again. I really appreciate your vote. It makes a big difference.

yup lol! i voted twice...accidentally. the second time it removed the vote. thanks for the heads up! just voted again. should be good now. have a great trip!!!!!

Haha, no worries. I figured it was an accident and if I didn't say anything you'd never know. Thanks again! :)

Good luck with your application - you'd make a great witness and I hope many vote for you!

Thanks for the kind words, @oraclefrequency. I'm glad to have the opportunity to be a witness and look forward to further helping the community!

Wow great steemit CV @brandonfrye hahahah plus i really love what @minnowfund is doing. It is a great innitiative which i really appreciate. So i think you got me. Happy birthday.

Thanks @hermannsol, thanks for the support. Here's to very bright 2018!!

Welcome and Cheers to that..

I voted for you! Good luck! Enjoying and learning from all of your videos.

happy birthday @brandonfrye and voted......good decision
..nice day

Happy Birthday🎂 to you dear @brandonfrye. I wish you a healthy and a peaceful life.🎉

As I told you before in your another post comment, "I'll vote for you." Yes, it's done. I appreciate your work. Thanks for the post.

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Voted for you Brandon! Good luck! :)

Thanks @mrchef111, I appreciate your support!! :)

You are very welcome Brandon!

Happy birthday and voted and now I follow you!
I recommend you enter to my profile!! :D

I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends