Good Morning Vietnam!!

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Okay, so maybe it's not morning here in Vietnam. But good morning America, from Vietnam!

It's actually 11pm here and I'm laying on the bed after a day of exploring the lively city of Ho Chi Minh. I can still hear the buzzing of motorbikes in my head from our afternoon of crossing busy roads. And the smell of Pho and hoison sauce still cling to our clothes. Yep, it's time to take a shower and snooze before another fun-filled day of adventures tomorrow, starting with a trip to The Independence Palace and ending with a tour of Củ Chi tunnels.

But before I hop in the shower, I wanted to share with you guys everything we did today!

Time to Grab Some Lunch

Our day started late (as I mentioned on my last post). So instead of waking up to breakfast, we headed off to lunch. We found a cozy little spot right by the museum we were going to next. I had roasted jicama in some sort of curry sauce with brown rice on the side. I also got my first taste of Vietnamese coffee.. and is that stuff strong!!



War Remnants Museum

Near the top of our list of things to see here was the War Remnants Museum. It's one thing to hear the history of the Vietnam war through a war documentary on Netlix... and another to visit the actual country and get their side of the story.


I actually watched two documentaries on the Vietnam War before heading to SouthEast Asia. Neither of the documentaries even mentioned the use of Dioxin (Agent Orange) on civilians in Vietnam. This deadly chemical was sprayed over 4.5 million acres of land in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 and its deadly neurological effects has caused death and disease for the last 4 generations of Vietnamese families, causing cancer, diabetes, Hodgkin's disease, birth defects, etc.


The documentaries also didn't mention how innocent families were ripped from their homes, tortured, water-boarded, and shot. Or that they were taken up in helicopters, tortured, and pushed out to their deaths. Or that prisoners were dragged by their legs from the back of tanks. Nope, wouldn't want to mention any of that in a US-based Vietnam war documentary.


And although the US has caused much pain for the Vietnamese people, one thing that I've noticed is the friendliness in which the Vietnamese have treated us during our stay. From the time we got on the plane to head to Vietnam, they have wanted to chat it up with us to the point where it's almost annoying, lol. To say that they're friendly is a complete understatement. From our interaction with the Vietnamese people it's hard to believe the conflict that surrounded this region just 50 short years ago.

Ben Thanh Market

Next we headed out to the market. We had heard that the market was something not to be missed during a visit to Ho Chi Minh. And after arriving we understood. This place was alive!



And I did pick up a pretty sweet shirt. :)


Saigon Skydeck

Next we headed over to the Saigon Skydeck which overlooks the entire city. We went up to the 49th floor for an aerial view. Did I mention that neither Kristen or I like heights that much? lol



Well, that was our day. More fun awaits tomorrow! But for now, I need to hit the shower and head to bed. Hope you guys have a great day and I look forward to sharing more on the next post.


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Cute ride! You can see that these people remember the history of what they experienced but have managed to overcome it and move on. The city looks beautiful and full of life. regards

They really have. And they're completely open to talk about it as well. We've only been here about 24 hours but have loved every minute of it.

Congratulations @marynet! You've won today's random comment upvote. You will receive the upvote here in the next 20 minutes or so. Thanks for your comments and sharing in the conversation here. :)

Thank you very much very kind! Good surprise!

That food looks amazing!

The best part of traveling is hiking up 10 000 steps to take a selfie on the top of something famous. LOL. You have put me in the mood for some salad rolls. Fortunately, there is a place around the corner and it's downhill both ways:)

Great post, Brandon:)

Haha yes. I know we're going to experience that in Thailand with the temples built way up on the mountains. Add the hiking with the heat and humidity, plus monkeys trying to steal your stuff... yeah, should be fun LOL.

That is a sweet shirt! Great work cranking out these posts. I love it. I gotta visit Vietnam now.

Thanks. It's been a little challenging after a long day to put the posts together. But they're totally worth it. Not only do I get to share the journey with you guys, but I'll also have a journal to look back on.

Nice place .. Enjoy :)

From the pics, the market does look very lively... I imagine it was an experience filled with fun!

So awesome! Truly seems like another world for those of us here in the Americas.

Hey Brandon if you pass by Taiwan, let me know. You can find me on FB or Discord :)

Saigon Skydeck ......somehow, I just read it, " Saigon kick" a movie or something , silly me

Welcome to Vietnam ^^