Sightseeing with BLBM #8 - A Little Walk Thru New Market In Auckland

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Hey Steemians

Welcome to a small piece of New Market which plays host to specialty stores, a mix of retail, business and residential with it's close proximity to Auckland CBD, State Integrated schools (They were once Private schools, but have now integrated with the state education system, but get to keep there special characteristics - like the hefty fees), with it's close proximity to Auckland CBD many professional family's favor this area to live and splurge

New Market has removed or demolished historic buildings to keep with the modern flavor of the area, many people do try to save these old buildings, don't think your gonna get a bargain you need to have at least a minimum junk change of a cool million plus to grab up moldy rotten houses to poor millions into them to bring them back to life.





Keeping Up With The Times

With finishing works on the 626 almost 20 years ago Westfield decided they would announce in early 2018 that they wanted to invest $790 Million into a new mall on 309 and 277 Broadway New Market.

They are hoping to open in 2019 with more than 200 stores over 5 levels to offer a shopping and retail experience.

There are still many stores still operating thru out New Market, while the mall is getting done, so what are some of the stores on offer -

Muse Boutique, Hallenstein Brothers, Country Road, Rodd & Gunn, Collected, Karen Walker, Lonely, Witchery, Mi Piaci, Juliette Hogan, Kate Sylester, Lonely, Mischief Shoes, World, Kathryn Wilson, Superette, moochi, Max, Workshop Denim, Timberland, Huffer, Ruby, Seed, Decjuba, Area51, Blak, Merchant 1948, Deadly Ponies, taylor boutique, Scarpa, flo&frankie, Barkers, Workshop, Storm, Icebreaker, Nacpac, Kathmandu, adidas, Players Sports, Shoe Clinic, Shoe Science, Dimples, KidRepublic, Wallace Cotton, Shut the Front Door, Collected, Tofu Shop, Wise Cicada, Zarbo, Sam's Chicken, Palazzo Italia, Skazka European Delicatessen, Japan Mart, Seafood Harbour and many more.
Resource NEWMARKET Magazine Edition 29. March 2018

New Market History Maori Beginnings

The Maori called this area, particularly the south of the current Newmarket, Te Tī Tūtahi, 'the cabbage tree standing alone' or 'the cabbage tree of singular importance', referring to a tree which stood on the corner of Mortimer Pass and Broadway (according to other references at the corner of Clovernook Road and Broadway) until 1908.[4] Some of the cabbage trees in the area are descended from this tree, after Alfred Buckland rescued a portion and replanted trees around Newmarket and as far away as Bucklands Beach.[4]

In the general area of Nuffield Street / Mahuru Street, no remnants today are visible of the Mahuru Spring, once sacred to the local Maori iwi. It is noted that the spring was named after the Maori word for the season of spring.[4]
Source of Resource wikipedia

What may just seem a place to shop it holds so much history, what we build now may not be here in years to come to make way for the ever changing modernism. With New Zealand being clean and green it be great to see more eco buildings in places like New Market.

What is your most enjoyable part of shopping?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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Thanks for the tour and information makes me a little home sick lol



Kia ora @tattoodjay your most welcome, with more VRC being developed in the world we might soon beable to walk in a VR world in the real world to combat home sickness.

Thank you so much for the tip.


Hi and yes that time is almost upon us boy technology is advancing so fast

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Awesome post @biglipsmama. I love old buildings and historical landmarks. I hope one day I can visit there as well. Have an awesomely blessed day. @adsactly


Hey @jeronimorubio Thanks for visiting.
Our history is a bit different as it was only about two hundred years since the Europeans came so we don't have as much history in buildings like America, we have natural landmarks of whats left like springs, healing waters, boiling mud, plants and the Maori traditions for us that is our history that needs to be protected.
That would be neat for both of you to visit here one day.

The place certainly looks different from when I was last there, many many moons ago.

I would have cried to see the historic buildings torn down.


That's the top part by the swimming pools, didn't take pictures further down, yeah New Market has changed alot.

1850's there was three hotels demolished, 1870 - 1920 two more other buildings were demolished one was a Brewery, a lot now have been extremely altered to what they were.
We saw some of the demolishing of the Lion Red Berwery that was sad it was so iconic on the corner.

I thought I took a photo of the new Lion Red Berwery, can't find it, may have to take another. It got built in another area of Auckland, saw that beening built, some sad stories about that also.


Oooh, you should write about the brewery :D


I'll have to add it to the list and take a picture when we next go past.

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